Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta!

The time has finally come. Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta, to the joy of everybody and anybody who wants to play this great upcoming title. What is so special about Heroes & Generals? It has both FPS and Strategy elements. As a Hero you take part in battles, customize your characters and earn badges. As a General you order your Groups, cooperating with the other Generals to achieve victory in the war. Although still in development Heroes & Generals shines brightly. The graphics are astonishing, the combat is intense, yet everything flows. You are not restricted entirely to one role. You could be a rifleman, a panzer crewman, perhaps a warplane pilot. As the game develops more elements will be introduced, offering more choices, rewards and in some cases, complexity. Be part of the distinguished group of people who will help shape Heroes & Generals and sign up for the Closed Beta, today!

Heroes & Generals

"Quick! Rush to the Beta!"

Why Heroes & Generals? There are other games!

You could sit down to Battlefield 1942, or Red Orchestra 2, but I know of only one other game which offers both a Strategic and FPS elements. Unlike all the other games I know, Heroes & Generals will not rip out your brain. Instead, you will have time to learn and practice. Taking part in missions with your fellow players, be it on the defense or attack. Although an ordinary player will have the opportunity to enjoy some quality FPS action, the strategic minds will be the ones making sure each battle is won, through the assets they deploy.

Just like I stated in my Pre-Beta Preview, Heroes & Generals is a fine blend. It has just enough cream and sugar. It’s not overly sweet, nor sour. It is just perfect. Since you operate through a browser, the game files downloading to your PC/Laptop automatically, you will not be faced with lengthy and troublesome installations. Instead, while you wait for the maps and files to download you can already, as a General, control your units on the map.

It has the climate, it has the fun, and it has the ease of control every game should have. Although I give much praise here, remember that the game is in its early Beta. It might not work on full Specs on your PC, nor will you be saved from the occasional bug or problem. Then again, that’s the aim of the Beta. Rooting out all the problems and bugs, so that the final release is flawless. The question is, will you help the developers with this task?

Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command

Also worth mentioning is the upcoming iPad App. In essence, imagine that you will be able to control your armies, during a game, from your comfy armchair, or while eating your breakfast. Control will come from long finger strokes against the screen, while you gaze with anticipation at the evolving situation at the front. It might not be available yet, but the idea will certainly allow you to keep track of events, without having to sit at your laptop or PC all the time. Especially since a Campaign could last only a few hours, or a few days.

Heroes & Generals

Command at your finger tips.

Make the game you want to play

Heroes & Generals is not just a “Dev” project. With the help of players, such as you, will Heroes & Generals become the game it is meant to be. A World War 2 Strategy/FPS Hybrid. It might lack extreme realism, but once in a while you want to lose yourself in something that will remind you of Battlefield 1942, only with up to date graphics, and much, much more content.

See you on the front.

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