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Twelve Sky 2 Summer Giveaway!

The sun is scorching this year. I am sitting in my swimming shorts with a makeshift pool right next to me, to jump in before I completely melt into a puddle. To say the least, Summer is harsh this year. Imagine what your Twelve Sky 2 characters must be feeling. Would you want to walk around in a full set of metal armor or tight leathers? Did not think so. Take part in the Twelve Sky 2 Summer Giveaway and give your character a pair of shades and a swim suit to cool off during the summer. How to get your Summer Pack? Check below.

Edit: This Giveaway has already ended. :(

Twelve Sky 2

Get a tan, enjoy the sun and those drinks with little umbrellas.

Twelve Sky 2 Starter Pack Giveaway!

Heard of Twelve Sky 2 and wanted to give it a go? You are in a bit of luck then. We have a plenty of starter packs to hands out. There is a catch however, and the rules will be explained below.

Edit: This Giveaway has already ended. :(

Twelve Sky 2 Giveaway

Virtonomics giveaways from AlterGamer!

Today we’ve got a Virtonomics giveaway! For those of you unfamiliar with that Free to Play MMO, it is a business simulator. If you’ve enjoyed Capitalism, Monopoly or games and books from Robert Kiosaki, or enjoy being a businessman, give it a try! You can even earn real money!

Our Virtonomics giveaway:

(also called contest for managers winning pack)

Start your business now! Try and see, how succesful you would be as a businessman

In order to make things a bit easier and give you a bit of a competitive advantage, here is our giveaway. If you subscribe to our newsletter, like our Facebook page or follow our Twitter or StumbleUpon accounts, we will give you 50 000 000$ (and yes, the zeros are fine here). For comparison, in Virtonomics you initially get 5 000 000$ in assets. This should enable you to win the contest for managers – and winning it is a huge advantage later on!

To make it easier for you, here are the magic buttons: