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Ghost Recon: Online has only three classes. It might not seem like much, but with each class you have a decent choice in equipment, allowing you to customize your “Ghost” in any way you like.  In this guide we will discuss the different classes in Ghost Recon: Online, their strengths and weaknesses. We will also look over their Devices and potential strategies. Hopefully with this guide you will learn that every class can multi-task, in a number of ways.

Ghost Recon: Online – On Equipment

Before we start, let us talk briefly about equipment. All classes start with core equipment, meaning a pistol and two basic primary weapons. These primary weapons tend to be sub-par in a number of ways. For example, the M24 sniper rifle even when scoring head shots will never do enough damage to kill anybody, unless it is a critical hit. The next “up” sniper rifle from that can, and it will kill both Specialists and Recons with single shots. It could kill Assaults, but with a bit more effort. In the same way the different shotguns, assault rifles and LMGs are much improved on higher levels. The basic shotgun does decent damage, and has a decent firing rate, but a very long reload time makes it troublesome to use during a heated firefight. In turn the M246 SAW is such an improvement over the basic LMG that I am amazed it’s only a level 5 weapon.

What I mean to say is that Ghost Recon: Online does call for weapon investment, and a lot of it. If you use only your basic guns prepare to grit your teeth from anger, a lot. Even buying the “next best” gun is a huge improvement over your basic weapon. If you choose to play as one class the decision of which weapons to buy will be simplified.

As to Devices, more expensive Devices and mods are of course better, but sometimes the higher cost is not necessary. Weapons have a major influence over combat. More expensive Devices and Mods also can, but not to the same degree.

It is important to note that once you unlock a new series of weapons you will be free to test them for two games against other players (a sort of trial period). However, if you are curious about the handling of a weapon, especially with different Mods you purchase for it, you can take any weapon for a test drive and fire it at dummies on the firing range. It is important to note that each “Dummy” has a specific health value, depending on their class. In other words, if you are curious how good your weapon might be against a recon, or whether a single headshot will give you a kill, you just have to target the correct dummy. This way you can plan which weapon you feel most confident with and save up for it.

While Devices are unlocked at level 5 you do not obtain free Squad Bonuses at level 8. Those have to be purchased at 5,000 RP a piece. Hopefully this guide will help you decide which ones are better, and which are worse.

Ghost Recon

Stealth, the essence of Recon.

Ghost Recon: Online – Recon

The Recon has the least “Armor” (health) out of all the three classes. He can choose between an SMG and Sniper Rifle. His two devices are the cloak and Oracle, while his Squad buffs are “Shot” detection and “Sprint” detection.

The SMG is a very deadly weapon at close range. Its quick rate of fire, combined with a decent ammo amount allows the Recon to spray any opponent with a hail of lead. The problem with the SMG is that while it fires rapidly its individual shots are not that powerful. Because of this it can, at best, cope against targets at a medium range. Although they are capable of single shots the lack of punch means you have to score headshots.

The Sniper Rifle should not need any explanation. They are all very accurate and powerful weapons. However, while each individual shot does a lot of damage they have a slow rate of fire. In that sense a Sniper Rifle should not be used up close, because it will most certainly not cope as well as the SMG.

The Cloak allows for the Recon to hide in plain sight for a very limited duration. The faster you move the more distorted your cloak becomes, so if you sprint the cloak will not hide you too well. Of course, the enemy has to pay attention to his surroundings, since even when running you can run past or hide from enemies. The Oracle can still detect you, while the Blackout will shut off your cloak.

The Oracle scans the area that you are observing, highlighting all and any enemies within a certain range. The Oracle works like a “Wave”. In order for it to scan its full length you have to use up more energy, but that means that you could scan for enemies right behind a wall, and you will use up much less energy then. The Oracle can spot cloaked Recons, making it a very useful tool for spotting flankers, ambushers and reporting to your team enemy positions.

The Recon has access to two similar, yet different, squad bonuses. The first allows you to report enemy gun shots. This will highlight the enemy position and the gun that was fired. The default range is 50 meters for this, so it’s a pretty decent tool. The other is “Sprint” detection, meaning any running enemy will be highlighted as well, but the default range here is only ten meters, very short. In order for allies to see what you see they have to be “connected” to you. If they stand within a certain range of you there will be lines connected to each of you. This could create a long web, thus allowing all to benefit from these bonuses.

You have a bit of room with your Recon. You may choose for the “obvious” sets, such as the Oracle + Sniper Rifles and SMG + Cloak, since those are the standard sets. However, if you feel adventurous, you can mix these sets together, especially with different weapon attachments. For example, you could take a higher level Sniper Rifle and change it into a Medium rather than Long Range weapon, adjust its scope to better suit close combat. Why? If the Sniper Rifle is Automatic you will be able to quickly gun down enemies, assuming you get the drop on them and not the other way around.

In turn, an SMG with an Oracle allows you to be an active part of the main strike team, since you can use it to check around corners or down corridors for enemy troops. A Sniper could do the same thing, but the use of the Oracle would be much heavier (Snipers tend to be far back), thus making you lose much more energy. The SMG is suited for short to medium range fights, you cannot turn it into an effective Sniper rifle, although you can fire single shots accurately. The problem is that the SMG’s strength is not single shots but “Sprays”.

Overall, Recon is a very good class to use if you enjoy either long distance fights or plenty of sneaking. Furthermore your Oracle ability can greatly help out the team, by detecting enemy troops when defending or attacking. The Squad bonuses are not as good as with other classes but they can provide information for your team as well.


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