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Interview with Tarn “Toady One” Adams on Dwarf Fortress

The Fortress was coming along nicely. We recently placed fresh Cage Traps in the area to create a Zoo for the populace, and offer more Trade Goods to the merchants. We were surprised when one of our first catches was a giant toad which persistantly claimed to be called Tarn Adams. At first we wanted to make it the centre-piece of our zoo, but after we caught a marauding dragon we had to find a different use for him. He could not be tamed, nor added as a pet, so we eventually decided to throw him inside the magma chamber interview him. This is what we learned…

Giant Toad

The interview cost us many brave dwarves…

Crusader Kings II – The Guide to Happiness

You might be wondering, “What the blazes is a Guide to Happiness?”. The aim of this Guide is to provide tips and hints on how to keep your nation “Happy”. Crusader Kings II often sets your ruler, and thus you, in a difficult situation when it comes to keeping your entire nation content. If the Peasants are content the Lord could be unhappy, and vice versa. There are numerous factors which influence a character’s disposition toward somebody else. Although it will never guarantee peace completely, at least you can place a higher demand on your subjects when you need it most. It is very easy to turn a strong reign into complete anarchy, only because you neglected one of the social groups.

This Guide will be divided into a number of subsections, so jump to the part which interests you most.

Crusader Kings II

One of the easiest ways to gain to the support of the Clergy and Pope is by taking part in a Crusade. It does not have to succeed, but you have to make a sufficient effort.

Heroes and Generals – Come Out and Play Video

Hello Commanders and Soldiers! The Reto-Moto Team has released a new Heroes and Generals trailer today, and to be honest, I absolutely love it! Among the actors you will not only see your average “Joe” and “Hans” (among the “Computer Soldiers), but also a rich selection of developers and Community members, all taking part in heated combat. It is an interesting idea, because you have to use a bit of your imagination to cover up the lack of uniforms and weapons, yet it all comes together nicely, including the hilarious “Hellcat Destruction” scene or the final scene (I shall not spoil it for you).

Heroes and Generals

“Let’s get to work.”

Heroes and Generals – “Bradley” Video

Heroes and Generals is going into a new build of its Beta testing. New content has been added since the beginning of the Beta, including changes to the Town Map, balancing to the Weapons and Modifications, etc. One of the key changes is the addition of the Rifleman for any starting player. This is important for anybody who did not play the game yet, and might buy the wrong Class. The Video below includes all of this information, and more. Explanations about the Modifications might prove highly useful to anybody who is curious about them.

In our Pre-Beta Preview article we offer you some of the juicy details about the game itself, including both the “General” and “Hero” perspectives.

Dwarf Fortress, where Legends are born.

Dwarf Fortress is not only a strategy game or an RPG. It is also a game where from the seemingly random collection of events you can write out your own Epic. A story to which you will be coming back to, share with other players, and thus, in essence, lure in even more people toward Dwarf Fortress. In this article I would wish to share three stories that stood out in my eyes. Here I want to be clear, there are many more great stories and events, described by countless players. Sieges, travels, mystery, perhaps a bit of romance. Some of them will catch your attention more than others, but let me start from the one that made me return to Dwarf Fortress after a long pause.

Dwarf Fortress

The Death of Ashmalice. Author: Taran. Source:

Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta!

The time has finally come. Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta, to the joy of everybody and anybody who wants to play this great upcoming title. What is so special about Heroes & Generals? It has both FPS and Strategy elements. As a Hero you take part in battles, customize your characters and earn badges. As a General you order your Groups, cooperating with the other Generals to achieve victory in the war. Although still in development Heroes & Generals shines brightly. The graphics are astonishing, the combat is intense, yet everything flows. You are not restricted entirely to one role. You could be a rifleman, a panzer crewman, perhaps a warplane pilot. As the game develops more elements will be introduced, offering more choices, rewards and in some cases, complexity. Be part of the distinguished group of people who will help shape Heroes & Generals and sign up for the Closed Beta, today!

Heroes & Generals

"Quick! Rush to the Beta!"

I played Dwarf Fortress, and I felt I won.

Dwarf Fortress is the single most demanding strategy game I ever had to play. Of course, there are “easy” starts, under the right circumstances, but I always chose my own starting spots. My first go at Dwarf Fortress was two years ago, and I was honestly helpless. I could not figure out farming, construction or management, even with the help of the Wiki. Maybe I was too lazy to understand the Wiki or I lacked the intellect boost chip I installed over the winter, but today I felt as if I won. There is no such thing as “Winning” a game in Dwarf Fortress. Instead, you can survive for a very long time and eventually see what will cause your downfall this time. Demons? Goblin Invasion? Starvation? I would say it is up to you, but in fact what makes you lose in Dwarf Fortress is not under your control.

Dwarf Fortress

Location, location, location!

Warlock: Master of the Arcane Starter Guide

In Warlock: Master of the Arcane you could easily get off the wrong foot. You might construct the wrong buildings, train the wrong units, research the wrong spells. After a while you find that formula which suits you best, and which you will use over and over again. Later the situation might change, as you adjust your overall strategy and city/army building, but a good start is the most crucial part of any game.

In this guide I would want to talk about the beginning of any game you could have, in Warlock: Master of the Arcane. I will bring you attention to a number of priorities you should have, and what to pay attention to.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane

Your very first decisions might be the most important ones.

Naval War: Arctic Circle Review

I enjoy the 2nd World War for a number of reasons. A lot of the technology we have available today, was not present at that time. You did not have long-range missiles, jet fighters, satellite images or Spy Planes. You were down on all fours wondering whether the force to your left was still your ally, or already the enemy. Everything was crude and basic, with tanks making their first proper appearance via Blitzkrieg. Naval warfare also took a wide turn with the use of Aircraft Carriers, and the development of even deadlier Battleships. Even though planes played a crucial role during Naval warfare the ships themselves still held a role. When I played Navy Fleet I could gaze upon different giants of the Époque, firing off their salvos at incoming enemy ships, while smaller ships tried to protect them from torpedoes or enemy planes. What Naval War: Arctic Circle managed to do is snap me out of this dream world into the harsh reality of Modern Warfare.

Despite this awakening, Naval War: Arctic Warfare suffers greatly from a number of problems I will explain in detail. A game with a great concept, but with a sub-par performance.

Naval War

Heroes & Generals Pre-Beta Preview

A long time ago I played Battleground Europe. A massive MMO where the Axis and Allies fought in the Western Front, and everything was under the control of countless players. From the lowliest Rifleman to the High-Ranking Marshalls, there was no question of Moderators intervening in the events that unfolded, and the climatic battles bought me over, for some time at least. When I heard of Heroes & Generals, by Reto-Moto, I thought “Battleground Europe?”, but that thought was quickly washed away as more news unfolded. Recently I took part in the Heroes & Generals special Press Event and I would want to tell you about this upcoming great title, which should be worth your time if you enjoy a mix of Battleground Europe, with Battlefield 1942 and a strategy game which does not come to my mind yet.

Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals