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The Sword and the Pistol: The Shogun 2 Guide to Technological Warfare

You might be thinking, “Where did the old Guide go?”. After countless hours of battling in Avatar Conquest I decided to revise the entire Guide, to include more Hints, Tips and useful knowledge, replacing, through trial and error, my previous conclusions from Shogun 2 with something fresh and much more complex. The aim of this Guide is to look at how you can defeat a Fall of the Samurai Army, in Avatar Conquest, with the use of Core Shogun 2 units (without any DLC or additional Expansion Units). While I am aware this is a difficult task it is by no means impossible. You simple need to consider your options, and then choose the one which is most likely to work. Let’s jump head-first into Shogun 2 Tradition vs Technology Warfare.

Shogun 2

Technology or Tradition?

King Arthur II: The Procrastinator’s Survival Guide

Yes, I started playing King Arthur II when it was released in Jaunary 2012. No, it didn’t take me that long to finish it. Maybe, I could be a bit lazy in getting something written about it. Probably, it was because King Arthur II presents such an enigma wrapped inside a riddle rolled inside a burrito.

King Arthur 2

Balor is touted as a one-eyed monster in the game. After seeing the picture, I can only say that it’s flagrant false advertising.

Toy Soldiers Gameplay Video

What is Toy Soldiers? A tower defense game. In theory that is all that there is to it, but in turn we would then ignore the fact that we can take direct control of our turrets and (during some missions) also take control of tanks or planes. Depending on the campaign you choose you might play as the Germans, British, French or “Somewhat Sci-Fi Germans”. The two main campaigns (German and British) have 12 maps each, while the French and Sci-Fi campaigns have only three each (which is a bummer, I wish the French one was longer).

Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome Released

Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome was released on the 15th of October, together with Patch 1.07. The big question, why buy and download Legacy of Rome? Is it worth the £4 (6$)? Is it like Sword of Islam? A lot of questions, and we will attempt to tackle all of them.

Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome aims at providing you with an enhanced Orthodox experience. Now when you play as the Byzantine Empire (or any nation following the Orthodox  faith) you will have a few more options, differently looking models for your Council, and in general more things to do if you got bored with the Catholic and Islamic faiths. There are two big scoops of “joy” for you however. One of them is focused around the Byzantine Empire itself, while the other is focused on the things that are added to the game, together with Legacy of Rome. So even if you do not like playing as an Orthodox nation the other additions to the game might greatly appeal to you.

Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome

It’s all a bit sketchy…

Zafehouse: Diaries – 10 Tips – To survive those 10 seconds longer

Zafehouse: Diaries is similar, in certain respects, to FTL: Faster Than Light. There are numerous ways of tackling a problem, and although you victory or loss depends on countless factors (one of the major ones being luck) it pays to know the game, its mechanics and often what is the best thing to do, and why. In this short Tip List I aim at providing such knowledge, so that whenever you give Zafehouse: Diaries a try you might feel slightly more confident. This will not always let you survive that much longer, but maybe bring you an inch closer to the Choppah.

Zafehouse: Diaries

How do you turn five angry survivors with barely any equipment into “winners”?

Zafehouse: Diaries Review

If zombie movies taught me something about the zombie apocalypses it’s that an equal foe to the zombies will be other people. The guy you just rescued from the zombies might kill you a minute later, just to take your gear. You group might be assaulted by bandits, forced into hiding or even slavery. Zombies seems like such a petty problem when you think of all the rivalries people can have among themselves, it seems almost absurd. Shouldn’t there be a feeling of unity? Working together? In theory, yes, in practice? Why should that guy have a gun and me not? Why should she be in charge, when I know better? It all comes down to a truth (not the truth) that people tend to be complete asses. Zombie Survival Games show that, from time to time, but the one example that will sting my mind for a long time is Zafehouse: Diaries.

Zafehouse: Diaries is a Zombie Survival Management Game. Your task is to manage your survival group, composed of five random individuals, and get to da choppah. The problem? You have no idea where or when it lands. To make matters worse, you lost your radio and frequency to reach the chopper on. So, you are stuck in a house with five people who tend to hate each other’s guts, and you have to not only organise them, but survive and gather the necessary scraps of information to escape. Sounds like a bucket of fun, doesn’t it?

Zafehouse: Diaries

Game Title

Zafehouse: Diaries Review

If you were hoping for fancy 3D graphics you will be disappointed with Zafehouse: Diaries. Is it ugly? Not at all. Of course, some would argue that in terms of “looks” it is as complex as a flash game, but I welcome this graphic layout. Its simple and pleasing to the eyes. Moving around pebbles denoting your survivors on a roughly drawn town map feels climatic. Although there is some music and sounds I do not feel they influence the overall state of the game. They add to it, but it’s not as if the Music has a couple hour soundtrack to keep us going. It’s enough and does the job right (the sounds that is).

Your controls involve the use of your mouse, however there are a number of very handy keyboard shortcuts that help you scroll between different menus and survivors. It can be a bit confusing at times, and even though there is a manual available on-line an up-start gamer might find everything a bit unintuitive. Is the game tough? The controls, once you realise what they are, make it simpler, however the game itself is hard. This is not a walk in the park, and you will often be shocked how a perfectly planned out safehouse is turned into a ruin.

Let us talk about the mechanics a bit. Your survivors each have different traits. These traits influence such things like Combat, Cooking, Medical Care, Searching or Barricading and Upgrading. Aside from these practical traits each character will have a huge Negative Trait, resulting in him or her, for example, not liking a specific Social Class or Gender. So, even though you have a team of qualified survivors you could end up having half the group disliking the other half, because on one end you have the “Poor” and on the other the “Rich”. What is wrong about people disliking each other? At the very least they will scoff at each other, while working. Then, as things escalate, they could get into fights, resulting in crippling injuries. Even worse some individuals might plot against specific members of your group. So, instead of a big family you end up with different cliques of backstabbers. Even though there are zombies banging at their doors you are bound to discover somebody smashed a laptop on somebody else’s head.

Zafehouse: Diaries

Almost like in a Soap Opera people like or hate each other. Throughout your adventures your survivors could have sudden mood swings turn their backs on one another… Almost like in real life.

This “Social” aspect of the game is the most troublesome (in a good way). A well working group (it is possible to make them work together, trust me on that) will achieve great things, and if you are lucky/experienced enough your entire group might even escape! However, it takes one rotten apple for the entire group to dissolve into chaos. Certain events, and your own management can create bonds between people, which will then create a web. Thanks to this web you can unite your group, but if you neglect this, you might have a big problem winning the game.

Aside from the Social element you also have all the other “tid bits”. Combat, Medical Care, Food, Safehouse building, and so on, and so forth. Firstly let’s talk about Safehouses. You can, in essence, take over and fortify any building you like. Your survivors, can perform different tasks within the building, depending on the available resources. Their effectiveness in specific tasks depends on their available tools and traits. Of course, assigning multiple survivors to the same task should speed things up, but it could cause the opposite, especially if the survivors dislike each other. A Safehouse can be Secured, then Fortified, using furniture available within that specific location. If you feel you need even more protection you can set traps. Once your Safehouse is indeed safe you can perform other actions. For example, hand one of the survivors a Rifle and tell him to clear zombies from surrounding buildings and streets. Order another survivor to produce edible meals. Maybe, if you feel the need to, tell your survivors to purge the area around the Safehouse?

The FTL: Faster Than Light Survival Guide

How hard can commanding a Spaceship be? If it was anything like what we are faced in FTL: Faster Than Light it would be left for only the most skilled and determined individuals. This game is not fooling around when it comes to slapping you around with missiles, lasers and drones. At one moment you can feel confident in your upgraded ship, only to end up in a Storm, with half your power, boarded, on fire, and leaking oxygen. I cannot even describe how many times I lost what I thought was an excellent setup to a surprisingly efficient foe, and my own mistakes. How to survive in FTL: Faster Than Light then? There are a few things to be aware of so that you cope a bit better, but they will by no means guarantee success. I only hope that by reading this guide you will have an easier time reaching zone 8. What happens after that? Let’s just say you are either that confident of victory, or you will be starting from square one all over again.

Once you are done here, why not check out our 5 Point Tip List for FTL?

We now also have a guide to some of the new tid-bits in the Advanced Edition of FTL.

FTL: Faster Than Light

If you are both very lucky and skilled you could be faced with the very same pleasure of defeating the Rebel flagship! Of course, more often than not, it will be the opposite.

Europa Universalis 3: Chronicles Review

Ever felt like you wanted to start off as a smaller nation and rise to greatness? That is most certainly possible in Europa Universalis 3, in more than a single way. When I played EU 2 I would often play as Poland, and try to colonize North America, which I usually succeeded in doing. In terms of complexity EU2 was on the level of Hearts of Iron 2, which roughly translated into “Not THAT demanding, for a Paradox game.”. What of Europa Universalis 3? Let me just say that my dream of a Global Polish Empire was quickly slapped out of my mind, when my neighbors turned out to have way more willing allies than I did. So, yes. EU 3 will be more challenging than EU 2, but after a while I got the hang of the game again. My fourth or fifth playthrough ended up with a powerful Hansa Sea Empire, whose only problem was Inflation.

In order to get a better idea of what the Chronicle pack offers to you I will recall the key events within my Hanseatic Empire. There were the ups and downs, times of war and peace. Overall though, I had a swell time (and I have yet to conclude that long “round”). If you want to skip the story keep scrolling down until you see “What about Europa Universalis 3?”.

Europa Universalis 3

“I do not care! I want those elephants loaded immediately!”

Hearts of Iron 3: Collection Review

My meeting with the Hearts of Iron series began with Hearts of Iron 1. It was an intriguing experience to say the least. I could play as any nation, and either follow the “set path” of the 2nd World War, or make my own history. When I bought Hearts of Iron 2 I was incredibly happy by the introduced changes, and the nicer graphics. I could still do the same things I could do in Hearts of Iron 1, but with slightly more complexity, and  much more fun. Today we have Hearts of Iron 3, and I can honestly say that in terms of complexity it is like Hearts of Iron 1 and 2 combined. On the other hand, Hearts of Iron 3 does not strangle you with a cable cord. It is the friendliest grand strategy game I have ever played. What does Hearts of Iron 3: Collection bring to the table?

Hearts of Iron 3: Collection

It quickly became apparent that France was nothing like in the brochure.

Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam Review

Crusader Kings II is a complex Grand Strategy game, where Intrigue and Politics reach new heights and complexity. You have betrayals, civil war, back-stabbing, assassinations, and much, much more. At the same time you have to maintain your kingdom, fight your wars and stay on the good side of the church. Initially you only had an option of playing as either Orthodox and Catholic rulers. You could had played as a Count, Duke, King or Emperor of any “nation”, starting in any desired year during the Medieval Times. It is a game I praise highly, because never before was I forced to keep such a careful watch not only on my enemies, but also on my own Lords and even Family. Numerous events shape your character, his attributes, traits and relations with other Lords. You could be a loved and respected ruler (who dies from assassination), or a Cruel War-monger (who dies in a Civil War). Now comes the question, what does Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam add to Crusader Kings, and is it any good?

Crusader Kings II

“No! I did not want the Dean of Elsey! I said DLC!”