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FTL: Faster Than Light – Advanced Edition Mini-Guide

The FTL Advanced Mode unlocks new equipment, systems, race and ships. In this guide we will discuss some of these new changes so that you can see what manner of new possibilities you have when it comes to your FTL Games, in Advanced Mode. Personally I found these new additions to expand the possibilities of your ship, even if sometimes obtaining the necessary bits and pieces can be expensive or time consuming. This guide will be devided into a number of sections, focusing primarily on the new Systems, the Lanius Race, the new player ship and the new weapons at your disposal. If you are looking for a guide focused on the core, vanilla game please follow this link to our general FTL Guide.


The Mantis Cruiser Type C is a bit difficult to use. It lacks any offensive weapons, and instead comes with two types of bombs that are meant to stun enemies and hinder their movement. It is a very difficult ship to use at first.

10 Prison Architect Beginner Tips

Prison Architect was an adventure for me, and for my guards, and lastly for my prisoners. I cannot count how many riots I had to suppress, how difficult it was for me to manage even a small prison, and during some games how to make a profit. All of that is behind me, especially since I had to do a bit of troubleshooting of my own, when I was faced with a number of unknown or strange problems. This short Tips List aims at providing answers to many different questions regarding Prison Architect, and I hope that in the process you will have a much easier time playing this game.

10 Dwarf Fortress Beginner Tips – Part 1

You could say a lot of things about Dwarf Fortress, and not one of them would even mention the word “Easy”, other than “Easily crushed” or “Easily lost”. Dwarf Fortress is a learning experience, since you discover something a bit different each time you play. Sometime it is hard to learn, when you are not certain what you did wrong. This short Guide aims at shedding some light to the most common issues I had, which I managed to resolve. These will come from many different “areas” from Dwarf Fortress, but I hope each of you will find something for yourself.

Dwarf Fortress

“Dig… Dig… Dig…”

Game Dev Tycoon – Let’s Make Games!

Game Dev Tycoon is something I would call a “light simulation”. You are the head of your own Video Game Development Studio and what you do from there is entirely up to you… sort of. You start with four set Gaming Topics, and a very limited number of design options and you make games. At first from your Garage, eventually moving to a humongous Studio/Office. From Zero to Hero, that sort of thing. Along the way you will research new design techniques, making your games even more awesome. You will improve the skills of your workers (and yourself) to specialize in different design areas… Eventually, you might decide to make your own “Super Game”, with a million dollar budget, for your own Console, while your R&D Department will help boost Hype around your new title. It all sounds colorful, doesn’t it? It’s a somewhat bumpy road, but still a pleasant one.

Game Dev Tycoon

Microsoft started off in a Garage, you will too!

Tropico 4: Modern Economy Guide

Just like in real-life your Island can adapt to a number of possible “Economic Systems”. We have the “3rd World” Agricultural/Mining/Base Resource Economies, Developing Industrial, and more Modern “Service Based” Economies. Tropico 4 follows a similar idea. You can have an Economy based around Agriculture, Heavy Industry and/or Tourism. Some of these are more profitable than others, depending on your circumstances. However, with the Modern Times DLC you have access to a more “Service” based Economy (not forgetting Tourism, but that’s a different type of Service Provider). This short guide aims at showing how you can boost your existing Economy, slowly switching from Industry and Agriculture into what we would call a “Modern” Economy. There are still many benefits to holding on to your previous income sources, but these “Modern” options allow you to exploit your island further than before.

If you are looking for something different, why not check our short 10 Tip List, or our Guide to Industry?

Tropico 4

Berets never go out of fashion.

Tropico 4: The Industrialist Guide

In Tropico 4, as mentioned in our short “10 Point Guide”, you have a number of different methods to make money. They all boil down to two options however, the “Industry” and Tourism. I have been personally a fan of Industry over Tourism due to having a more steady hand on supply, production and sales. In Tourism while a high Tourism Rating will provide you with the maximum possible number of tourists the revenue can fluctuate quickly, and during periods of certain forms of crisis you may lose a substantial amount of tourists. That is not to say that having a strong Industrial Empire means you are unstoppable. There are Random Event that can, and will, sabotage your production or cut your profits substantially. However, unlike the Tourist industry, the production of goods and raw materials can be easily increased. It is very hard to increase your Tourism income during, let us say, the Llama Flu. This Guide is dedicated to Industry, and its many different aspects.

You might also be interested in our “Modern Economy” Guide, although most of the tips and observations present there come from the Modern Times DLC.

Tropico 4

Just as important as your “Strategy” you also have your President. With the right Feats you can give your Economy a much needed boost.

Shogun 2: Creative Assembly must Learn

I love the Total War Series, and although the Community is divided in regards to Avatar Conquest in Shogun 2, how you earn and level troops, etc. I am a fan of this new bold system, and I hope Creative Assembly will stick to it. What raised my concern, especially with the new Rome coming out, is how Creative Assembly handles DLC material. Now, in terms of the Singleplayer campaign I see no problems. When I bought Fall of the Samurai I got a free Clan Pack that added another faction to play as in the Main Campaign. I tried the different Clans and when I gave the DLC Clan a go I found it well balanced, and not an overwhelming force with some unfair advantage. While I miss the days of Rome: Total War, where you would unlock new Factions as you conquered them in today’s day and age it seems normal for a company to release countless DLCs, effectively making you choke out more cash in order to have a full game experience. This is not the problem as such, the problem is how Creative Assembly deals with Multiplayer.

Shogun 2

Technology or Tradition?

Crusader Kings 2: The Republic – 10 Handy Tips

Being in the Merchant Trade is not easy. Somebody will try to kill you, or worse, they will want to steal your income. What can you do to stop this? How to stay on top? How to become a Monopoly? Sadly there is no full-proof method of “winning” in The Republic but there are ways of knowing your weapons, and how a lot of the game functions, so that you are not behind your AI opponents. While not a fully conclusive Guide these Ten Tips will attempt to be as thorough for you as possible, granting you much needed knowledge on the Republic DLC. If you are after our Review for this DLC follow this link. Otherwise, read on!

Crusader Kings 2

How to achieve Greatness? Success? Money? Suppose having a lot of boats is a start…

Crusader Kings 2: Republic DLC Review

When I heard of the Republic DLC for Crusader Kings 2 I went back to the days of the Guild 2. Starting as a lowly peasant and moving your way up to a ranking official or even noble. From Zero to a Master Merchant (or thief). I like playing as a merchant, because of the freedom of choice I have when it comes to earning money and then using it. Another game which made me fit the DLC to its setting was Patrician 2. Basing yourself in one home port and then traveling between ports, buying, selling and opening up all manner manufacturers. To what end? Wealth. Huge, unimaginable wealth. This rule repeats itself in the Republic DLC. You have one aim, become as obscenely wealthy as possible, and stay that way. Is that easy? You would think so, since you would be playing a Merchant. It’s not, far from it, it can be a small nightmare. Allow me to tell you why.

Crusader Kings 2

Become the President of a Republic. Wear the nicest hat!

Shadowrun Returns: Soon

You wait your habitual long count of twenty after the door slams, staring up at the crazed ceiling with the odd bullethole and the deep, scorched scar leftover from the Maiden Handgrenaten case. Licksy’s signature mélange of BO and nicostix still assails your nostrils when it’s done. The air exchanger where the lower lobe of your left lung used to be does its job finally. You’d been mentally willing it not to wheeze while the dwarf fixer was in your office—for someone with such delicate feelings you’d think he’d do more to keep in clean clothes.

Cold, hard nuyen in the bank. Time to celebrate.

You tip your size 25 boots off your pre-fab desk and reach for the bottom drawer. The creak that erupts from your straining chair is echoed by the creaking of bones. Goblinization hit you harder than most. When the other juves in school were worrying about getting hair on their wedding tackle you were worrying about hiding the tusks and 80 kilos of extra muscle. Humanis policlub had ties with Shatogunda Corp back then, and the best you could hope for was Dad’s contract being terminated when they found out. That didn’t much matter when Dad turned out to be an ork too. You’d think a megacorp headed by a millennia-old dragon would be more willing to tolerate those caught in the fallout of magic returning to the world.

No synth-drek for you this time. Real bourbon. The hard stuff, still in the vacuum-sealed cylinder, is your reward. It glistens like red gold as it eases into the shot glass. That glass is smaller than your yellowed thumbnail, but the night is still young, the fires out in the Sprawl and gunshots closer to your little stomping ground have only just begun—take your time savoring it.

“Seems a little out of your price range,” a wry, feminine voice says.

In a flash, your Ares roomsweeper is out from under the desk, the bottle protectively in your other hand. Only then does the shot glass shatter against the bare ferrocrete floor. A willowy figure is standing in the corner, inspecting the hung pictures and clippings that are all you have to show for twenty years beating the harsh pavement as if the fragging mammoth of a battle shotgun isn’t even there. Long, silky black hair sweeps down a synthleather overcoat. High-heeled jackboots and slender, delicate hands are all you can see protruding from its folds. Too stiff to be decorative. Too scarred to be a corp-brat slumming it. Armored.

You hadn’t heard her come in. And that just didn’t happen. Not good.

“Dish,” you rumble, and set the bottle back in its protective sheathe. It’s meant to be disarming, but the smile out of the corner of her high-boned face tells you she knows you’re freeing your hands for action.

Blinding fast, she turns. Wired reflexes. You flick the shotgun into full-auto mode and let the ominous hum it emits speak for you.

“You’re Jack Hardt? Private investigator?” she asks, moving her hair out of her black, almond eyes. The chrome of a datajack glistens at her temple, but you’re more wary of the chrome peeking from the end of her left fist. Flick razors. She’s too high tech for a lowlife razorgirl.

“And you’re no five nuyen and a hit street samurai,” you return.

You stumble over your chair to keep her out of blade range as she sweeps forward to drop ceremoniously in front of your desk. Her eyes are looking for weakness, laughing and roving over the beaten up 2.5 meter rawboned body that fate deemed fit to bless and curse you with. She tips her head slightly in respect when she finds none.

“Feel free to speculate on what I am not,” she says, then switches to Navajo, a language from a past no one living knew of. “But it would be better for us if you did not think on what I am.”

The words sink in, and the controlled tension eases from your frame just as your heart grows heavier. The roomsweeper is placed carefully on the desk between you two, and you right your chair to sit down.

“So you’re putting together a run?” you sigh.

Her graceful head dips, and you see the tips of her ears peeking through her hair for the first time, confirming your suspicions.

“How much?” you ask.