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Last Stand: Dead Zone – Not A Normal Facebook Game

If you are familiar with Flash Games, especially Zombie Flash Games, then I am certain at some point you played or heard of the Last Stand Series. They are three separate Flash Games, each one focusing around the life of a poor lone Survivor who tries to escape from the horrors of the Zombie Apocalypse. First he is holed up in a Fast Food Joint. Then, he has to travel between different locations, scavenging for fuel and supplies to reach Union City. In the third game of the Series the theme from a “Tower Defense” and Management game was shifted to a Survival RPG, where you create your own character and end up in Union City, trying to find your wife in a zombie infested hell hole. All three Flash Games were excellent. While not always challenging they provided a lot of entertainment to a zombie genre fan. Then I stumbled on the next Last Stand game… in a place I did not expect to find it, Facebook.

Last Stand: Dead Zone

While this is not my own Safehouse, you can see what yours can grow up to be! Also, here you can see how the Survivors are protecting their home from a Zombie Attack.

League of Legends: I am a Predator!

There are a few games that I did not play when they were popular (at least, when there seemed to be a craze around them). With LoL this was the case as well. I had so many other things to do and the game mode did not appeal to me the same way an ordinary RTS or RPG normally would. Over the past few weeks I have been jumping into the world of Free to Play MMOs and among them was League of Legends. League of Legends is what I would call an RPG/RTS Hybrid. From what I read it was initially a Custom Game Mod for Warcraft 3 that has evolved into two major titles, League of Legends and Dota 2. I opted for the options that I was more familiar with (a lot of my friends were playing League of Legends). So, what was it like?

League of Legends

Even a a creature of the Void needs to dress the part.

Wargame: European Escalation – Basic Game Guide

Wargame: European Escalation is an interesting blend of World in Conflict and R.U.S.E. It is an RTS game where you play as either a NATO or Warsaw PACT Commander and play either a singleplayer campaign, Skirmish or Online game with other Commanders. Unlike in a lot of RTS games you do not construct your own base, and you only deploy the units you researched beforehand. To get a fuller explanation of what Wargame: European Escalation is about I wrote this Guide that will hopefully grant you all the insight you need, on the basic level at least. It will not be a full Guide, describing all the possible units and combinations, but allow you to build your own force and understand the victory conditions and controls within the game.

Wargame: European Escalation

Will you be ready?

10 Tips to Rule Effectively in Tropico 4

Tropico. You would think that ruling a Caribbean Paradise is an easy job. All you have to do is sit back in your comfy chair, while soaking some exotic drink, from time to time telling your army to prod the people to work more. It’s far more demanding than that, both in life and in Tropico 4. Tropico 4 is not just about making money, it is also about keeping your people happy, and that is by no means an easy task. Unhappy people mean Revolts and Rebels. A disgruntled Military means a Coup d’etat. A frustrated USA or USSR means invasion. You have to watch out for multiple things, that could mean the difference between your small island’s survival or ultimate downfall.

This short list of tips aims at providing you with some ideas to keep your nation prosperous and happy. It is by no means a full Guide, but if you are stuck, or need the extra push I do hope you will find it here. Looking for something more expansive? We now have a Tropico 4 Guide for Industrialists, as well as one for the Modern Capitalists!

Tropico 4

The fate of your island, at your fingertips.

World of Tanks: Generals Announced

Here I was, driving through Malinovka in my Tiger I when my radioman informed me of World of Tanks: Generals. I was so perplexed that by mistake I ran myself into the bog and sunk. It was one of those news I did not expect or hear of before, and upon checking the Announcement site I was intrigued by the idea, yet somewhat worried at the same time.

World of Tanks: Generals

Some Art from the game. Must be for a Defense Bonus card.

How Dark Souls Revolutionizes Death

It took me a while to bolster up my strength to take on the game renowned for an unbelievable amount of difficulty, Dark Souls. After my experience with its challenging predecessor, Demon’s Souls, I was more than hesitant to pick up Bandai’s next installment of the epic saga. I ignored the onset of fear as I stared at the ominous figure on the front of the box just before I started my descent into darkness by purchasing it


You gotta pay the toll to get through. How much does it cost? Oh…I don’t know. Just give me everything you have and let’s call it a day.

Company of Heroes 2 – Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

Recently a new trailer for Company of Heroes 2 was released. Throughout most of it we do not get to observe any in-game action. What we do get is some facts and numbers about the 2nd World War. At first the focus is on the Western Front, where we are told what were the losses for the Americans during D-Day and further. Then we are told of the Eastern Front, and how many more losses they suffered (half a million as opposed to 11 million troops and 15 million civilians). The morale of the trailer is that we should not forget about the sacrifice of those people, to stop the spread of the Axis forces east.

I might not be a qualified historian, but the way the Trailer is presented made it feel more like a Propaganda movie reel than an actual trailer. It is easy to forget about the reasons for such high losses (not all of them were a result of Nazi murder), the fanatical, often blind, devotion to the Soviet Union. I do not mean to make it sound in a negative way, but when I recall the facts that Stalingrad and Leningrad were not evacuated, so that the Red Army soldiers would fight for a “living city”, and not a dead one, speaks a bit of how the leaders viewed the populace.

Crusader Kings II – 10 General Tips

Was everything easier in the past? Crusader Kings II, if it could, would say “I beg to differ.” It is an incredibly demanding Medieval experience, even if it does lack Dragons, Wizards and other Fey creatures. What makes it complex and at times difficult is the stunning AI, the scheming of your Lords (and not only) as well as the problematic (in a good way) Diplomatic system. There are very few games that made me realize that it is possible for the AI to create dastardly schemes to get rid of you (in a way). One such case, among many, was when the brother of my ruler killed all the other heirs by assassination in order to take the throne for himself, but because he quickly became unpopular (he had a terrible character, go figure) his other relatives started a Civil War to dislodge themselves from the kingdom.

That, and much more, you can find in Crusader Kings II, but what should we do in order to keep some control over the happenings in your Kingdom? Read on.

Crusader Kings II

My highly successful ruler. Not only did he bring up a sizable family, but also achieve both Prestige and Piety, not counting his military and financial success.

Company of Heroes 2 Announced!

As I looked over the list of different World War 2 themed games that I had I could not make up my mind. I prowled through the internet looking for some note worthy news or games, and then it happened. Company of Heroes 2 was announced, and according to the promises on the main site it is meant to be a better and improved Company of Heroes, yet different.

Company of Heroes 2

Game Logo.

The Guild 2, what went wrong?

The Guild 2 was a game unlike any other that I played. It has a blend of Roleplay and Economics, combined with intrigue and politics, all tied up into a top-down almost RTS like view. You could become anybody you wanted, in theory. As a rogue you could had started your own Thieves Guild, Pirate band, Mercenary group or invest in Pubs. As a Scholar you could had become a man of a Church, Doctor or… magician. Even the seemingly two “generic” choices of Craftsman and Patron were spiced up with what you could do on the side. Sure, you might had a perfectly legitimate Pub, or Blacksmith business, but secretly you could have an army of goons, ready to demolish the competition. That was the charm of The Guild 2. Not just the legitimate “You are better than me” economy style gameplay, but also “I killed off your family, ruined your reputation and ended you.” intrigue, crime and politics gameplay.

What went wrong with this title that it obtained average marks, and was often received poorly by critics? Let’s find out.

The Guild 2: Renaissance

“Where is everybody?”