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Mud, Sweat and Tears. Off-Road Drive Review.

Do you like racing games?I was a fan of a few myself, although not a devout racing game player. Myself and my friend both enjoyed playing challenging racing games which high levels of difficulty, realism and customization which only an expert in car mechanics would understand (I was not one of those people). We created a term for people who do not play and understand realistic and demanding racing games. “Children of NFS” (Need for Speed). This came about because the vast majority of NFS games are, in essence, Arcade in feeling and playability. Cars have incredible handling at almost all times, they can do stunt jumps despite their mass not allowing them realistically to do so, etc. What is Off-Road Drive then? It is most certainly not a game for “Children of NFS”.

Off-road Drive

One of “those” situations. You hold 2nd place, about to finish your first lap... and then mud. Hopefully, you did everything that was necessary to reach the other end of this trap!

Pedal to the Metal! Post Apocalyptic Mayhem Review

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem is in simplest terms, racing in cars, with guns.Everything is happening in a Post-Apocalyptic setting, though what caused the downfall of humanity is as good a guess on my side as on yours. If you hoped for an in-depth story you are in for a disappointment. The same goes for thinking that you will have a chance to customize your car, or that there will be a few multiplayer game modes to pick from. Despite this, the game is still fun, enjoyable and light on the heart and mind. How? Ready on.

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem

Post Apocalyptic Mayhem