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World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

Greetings tankers! Our spies have dug up the early details on the upcoming Patch 7.5 from the Russian World of Tanks site. Despite my hopes we will not be seeing the British tanks just yet, although we will have: Maps, Tanks and Award/Medals. What exactly should we expect? Read on.

World of Tanks

The German answer to everything, even bigger guns.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test #2

Attention tankers! The new Public Test for Patch 7.4 is live. Starting today and lasting till the 12th of June. There will be slight differences between the 1st Public test and the current one. So if you feel like testing out the new vehicles, contributing to World of Tanks, or anything else for that matter, check the official announcement for installation details.

World of Tanks

Fine tuning the French tanks before their final release.

World of Battleships E3 2012 Teaser-Trailer

In case you were not aware of it, aside from World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes there is also World of Battleships slowly swimming to shore (or away from it?) Although we did not have a chance to grasp any in-game screenshots, and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the gameplay we at least have a new Teaser Trailer. By the looks of it, ships of the Empire of Japan getting pounded into fine paste by American planes and ships. That is at least a clear suggestion that both American and Japanese Ships/Planes will be present in the game. I am certain more sides will be added to the conflict, though which exactly? Perhaps the Germans, Italians, French, British? I would not mind a bit of the Soviet fleet either.

I would not say though that the trailer does not reveal anything. One element during the trailer which awoke my attention was a torpedo, swimming toward one of the ships, causing an explosion. Torpedoes were used by surface ships, as well as submarines. Although it could be possible that submarines will be available I would sooner bet than ships will have access to such weapons. This opens up a lot of question about detection of such attacks, countering enemy bombers and much, much more. I cannot rest aside the feeling that World of Battleships will play a lot like Navy Field, in some respects. We will have radio upgrades, gun upgrades, trainable crew, etc. When faced with enemy fighters or bombers there will be AI controlled AA guns, and we might have an option of firing “AA” shells from our main guns. The formula cannot differ much from World of Tanks when it comes to “management”, but I am curious how will the battles themselves play out. Time will tell, for now, onto dramatic music and explosions!

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test

We are getting very close to the final release of Patch 7.4 for World of Tanks. In case you refuse to wait, why not participate in the Public Test? Not only will you have a chance to see all the new features, but also help the Devs, by providing helpful feedback and comments. After all, World of Tank would not be as great as it is if the world of the people did not influence it, from time to time. Check the official announcement for the details on downloading and installing the test client, or read below.

French D2 Tank

Rapid testing of current and future French tanks is under way. The wine cooling system is better than ever.

World of Tanks: The British are coming

Finally, after a long wait, the British tanks are coming. We do not know when will they appear, but at least we get to see some of them, together with a fancy trailer and a brand new Brit Tank-Tree. Although we do not have any in-game details about these tanks, we can always look to history for some answers, or at least suggestions. Without further stalling, set your mind accordingly, and let us jump head first into the British Tank Tree.

Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta!

The time has finally come. Heroes & Generals enters Closed Beta, to the joy of everybody and anybody who wants to play this great upcoming title. What is so special about Heroes & Generals? It has both FPS and Strategy elements. As a Hero you take part in battles, customize your characters and earn badges. As a General you order your Groups, cooperating with the other Generals to achieve victory in the war. Although still in development Heroes & Generals shines brightly. The graphics are astonishing, the combat is intense, yet everything flows. You are not restricted entirely to one role. You could be a rifleman, a panzer crewman, perhaps a warplane pilot. As the game develops more elements will be introduced, offering more choices, rewards and in some cases, complexity. Be part of the distinguished group of people who will help shape Heroes & Generals and sign up for the Closed Beta, today!

Heroes & Generals

"Quick! Rush to the Beta!"

World of Warplanes Closed Beta Announced

Great news for anybody who enjoys the skies in a bomber or fighter. World of Warplanes announced a Closed Beta today. According to the official article, after the 31st of May more people are to be recruited into testing, with a higher priority put on those who were not yet “hired”.

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

Heroes & Generals Pre-Beta Preview

A long time ago I played Battleground Europe. A massive MMO where the Axis and Allies fought in the Western Front, and everything was under the control of countless players. From the lowliest Rifleman to the High-Ranking Marshalls, there was no question of Moderators intervening in the events that unfolded, and the climatic battles bought me over, for some time at least. When I heard of Heroes & Generals, by Reto-Moto, I thought “Battleground Europe?”, but that thought was quickly washed away as more news unfolded. Recently I took part in the Heroes & Generals special Press Event and I would want to tell you about this upcoming great title, which should be worth your time if you enjoy a mix of Battleground Europe, with Battlefield 1942 and a strategy game which does not come to my mind yet.

Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Game Modes explained

Patch 7.4 holds plenty of promise, not only due to its upgraded French Tank-Tree but also two new game modes and a number of other Premium tanks. In this article I would wish to write about the two new upcoming game modes for Patch 7.4, both of which are currently being tested by the World of Tanks team. Despite their simple ideas I see that a new call for SPGs and tactical thinking will arise. Why? Read on.

World War 2

"And then, we shall attack... here." Source: WWII in Color

Twelve Sky 2 Starter Pack Giveaway!

Heard of Twelve Sky 2 and wanted to give it a go? You are in a bit of luck then. We have a plenty of starter packs to hands out. There is a catch however, and the rules will be explained below.

Edit: This Giveaway has already ended. :(

Twelve Sky 2 Giveaway