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Warframe: Space Ninjas, in Space

Another day another Free to Play game. A few months ago I saw advertisements of Warframe but the gun/blade wielding warriors fighting some strange beasts did not appeal to me overly. Some time ago I watched a number of videos with EatMyDiction1, where him and his pals played Warframe, and I got slightly more interested. Recently, I decided to give it a go myself, and I am both pleasantly surprised and somewhat disappointed. For a Free to Play game Warframe has a bit to offer, but is it enough to keep me interested? Or for that matter, is it enough for you?


Space Ninjas! (With Guns)

War Thunder: The Guide to Stukas

The Stuka is one of the major symbols of the German Blitzkrieg during World War 2. It is a Dive Bomber which had one denoting feature, the siren. When the Stuka dived in for the kill there would be a terrorizing wail accompanying it, causing panic. As stated, the Stuka is a Bomber, and while historically it had a wider selection of possible bomb load-outs in War Thunder the choice in Stuka Bombs depends more on the model, rather than your “unlocks”. In this Guide we will explore the different Stuka Models available in War Thunder, together with their respective strengths and weaknesses.

War Thunder

The Stuka G-1 or G-2. You can identify them by the oddly shaped cannons.

War Thunder: I Love This Game

Another day, another Free to Play MMO… Although is this technically an MMO? Hard to tell. War Thunder is what one could call “World of Tanks”, but with Planes instead of tanks. Both War Thunder and War of Warplanes were announced more or less at the same time and I had the pleasure of playing both games. Now, I know it will be very hard not to compare World of Warplanes and War Thunder, especially since both are in their respective Betas. While I enjoyed World of Warplanes I enjoy War Thunder much more and in this article I will tell you why.

War Thunder

Somebody is about to get a nasty surprise…

Neverwinter: Undead, Rats, Orcs…

In my mad “Free MMO” spree this time I would like to talk about Neverwinter. The name Neverwinter is that of a city in the world of Faerun, in the Forgotten Realms setting. The Pen and Paper game, Dungeons and Dragons, is what people typically see when playing any game set in this universe (Dungeons and Dragons Online was set in a different setting). I am the “old-fashioned” fan of the 3rd and 3.5 Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, while Neverwinter is set in the 4th Edition. My first reaction when playing a mage in Neverwinter was that they deliberately made the Wizard more action oriented. Turns out, at least so my friends told me, this is what a 4th Edition Mage is meant to be… But before I spill the beans, let’s talk a bit about Neverwinter first.


Spoiler: You kill this guy, very, very early on.

Lifecycle of an MMORPG

The history of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games) dates back to 1997 with Ultima Online. MMORPGs didn’t reach mainstream culture until 2004 with the release of World of Warcraft. The expansive nature of it, the wealth of activities with which players can amuse themselves, and the quality of its execution made it an unprecedented phenomenon. In 2007, its worldwide subscriptions peaked at twelve million players. Then interest began to wane until the release of the newest expansion Mists of Pandaria.

Though its lifespan has been greater than any MMORPG to date, even a powerhouse like World of Warcraft succumbs to the pitfalls and inherent faults that an MMORPG can present. It too will die one day. In order to preserve future MMORPGs, it is vital that game developers and gamers alike understand how an MMORPG gains strength and how it loses it. And while I cannot account for all the variances between MMORPGS, I have attempted to present you with what knowledge half a lifetime of experience can give in this arena.

SWTOR: This IS the game you’re looking for

“Chrysophase, you towering paragon of intellectual fecundity and hirsute masculinity,” those of you suffering from severe cranial trauma might say. “Don’t you know Star Wars: The Old Republic was released for public consumption way back in December of 2011? Why are you bothering to review this now? It’s practically a fossil by game industry standards.”

“Well, my surprisingly articulate friends,” I say to you, preparing to heave the second brick, “In an age when the average attention span is no longer than it takes to read a caption on a humorous picture of an exploited cat, SWTOR is indeed dated. But other MMORPGs far older are still alive and kicking. World of Warcraft: Kung Fu Panda edition is raking in players hand over fist, and it was first launched in the days before known history, when ancient gamers were reduced to sitting at their tower PCs and logging onto the internet using a hardline. Imagine the depravity of paying for one’s own internet. Dinosaurs roamed the earth. People were smart and phones were dumb, rather than vice versa, back in the halcyon days of 2004. And now that SWTOR is offering free trials and is implementing a real-cash for game tokens system, examining the light side, dark side, and long-term viability of the game may be in order.”

World of Tanks – Public Test of Version 7.5

If you wanted to find out what will Version 7.5 of World of Tanks look like, with its infamous Tier X TDs and Medium tanks now you have the opportunity to do so. Starting today, and lasting for an unknown length of time, you will have an opportunity to test a lot of the new content, as well as check out some other changes that are present in this Public Test Version. There has been some re-balancing, but not only of the Higher Tiers, but also of lower tiers. Also, take note that new maps will also be added, called Seaport, Highway and Quiet Beach.

In order to take part in the Public Test you have to visit the official announcement and follow the instructions there. Download the Test client, install it in a separate location to where your main game is, and then patch it up. You will have access to the different tanks you have on your basic account but you will be unable to pass on any experience or credits gained during the test to your main account (you also do not suffer any costs). On top of that you will receive gold in order to experiment with new tanks/equipment, as well as your overall experience and credit income will be higher.

Check below for the full list of changes. Take note, the test servers are a bit sluggish, so if you want to take part in the Public Test you must be mildly patient! While you are testing do not forget to leave some useful comments and point out any bugs or glitches, so that the final release of Version 7.5 will be as good as it can.

List of changes between 7.4 and 7.5 patches:

  • Added 3 new maps: Seaport, Highway, Quiet Beach.
  • Added new tier X medium tanks: Е-50 Ausf.M, Т-62А, M48A1
  • Added new tier X tank destroyers: JagdPz E-100, Object 268, AMX 50 Foch 155, T110E3, T110E4
  • Added new tier V French light tank: ELC AMX
  • Added new tier VIII German tank destroyer: Jagdpanther II
  • The following French light and medium tanks have moved one tier up: AMX 12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90, Lorraine 40t, Bat Chatillon 25t
  • Credit revenue and repair cost rebalanced for some tanks
  • Reworked Match-Making for the majority of vehicles. Now players won’t normally see vehicles of more than two tiers difference to the tier of his/her own vehicle.
  • All experience from elite Ferdinand transferred to Jagdtiger
  • Rebalanced tier II and III tank destroyers
  • After analysing statistical results, we have made some changes:
    • Rebalanced (mainly nerfed) some parameters of the French TD’s and SPG’s added in version 7.4.
    • Rebalanced (mainly buffed) some parameters of the second USSR Heavy Tank line: Т-150, КV-3, КV-4, SТ-1, IS-4.
    • Rebalanced (mainly buffed) some parameters of Tier 10 German Heavy Tanks: E-100 and Maus.
  • Due to the introduction of tier X Medium tanks, the following tier IX vehicles have been rebalanced: E-50, M46 Patton, Т-54.
  • Fixed icon of the AMX 105 AM French SPG.
  • Fixed the name and parameters for the top suspension of the Lorraine 155 51 French SPG.
  • Reworked ‘ZigZag’ camouflage pattern on M18 Hellcat USA TD.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to buy а M24 Chaffee stock engine after selling it.
  • Fixed some errors in the visual models of the following vehicles: AMX AC Mle 1948, ARL 44, IS-8.
  • Changed IS-8 armouring.
  • Fixed errors in armouring of AMX 50 Foch TD.
  • Fixed name of Somua Sau 40 TD.
  • Rebalanced some Soviet medium tanks and tank destroyers:
    • Т-28: F-30 gun removed, tank rebalanced
    • Т-34-85: 100mm D10T gun removed, 85mm D5T-85BM gun improved, V-54K engine added.
    • Т-43: 100mm D10T gun removed, 85mm D5T-85BM gun improved, V-54K engine added.
    • КV-13 rebalanced
    • SU-85: 107mm ZiS-6S gun removed, 85mm D-5S-85BM added, tank rebalanced.
  • Reworked mechanics for shell-shock crew damage with high-explosive rounds
  • Now a hit to an internal module will still deal damage even if the armour wasn’t penetrated.
  • Fixed the ‘We hit them hard’ voice replay when setting an enemy tank on fire.
  • Fixed a bug causing game crash when leaving battle to garage
  • Added support for Vivox voice chat service.
  • Fixed the density of some bushes.  This influences camouflage level.
  • Fixed the WoT symbol not appearing on the white banner in ‘Encounter’ battle mode.
  • Fixed some rare cases of training room chat not being removed once the room is dismissed.
  • Added and reworked some battle hints.
  • Fixed the login screen not displaying correctly when quickly pressing enter after the client loads.
  • Reworked hint pop-up text on buttons in replays;
  • Added option to restore converted XP to the original vehicle by clicking on the vehicle checkbox in the XP exchange window.
  • Fixed the display of damaged modules when watching an ally vehicle in ‘postmortem’ mode.
  • Fixed suspension repair option when using ‘Ctrl + LMB’ click on the image.
  • Fixed a disparity between the actual state of the scrolling buttons and their display in ‘carousel’ of chat channels.
  • Fixed storage of the platoon window in garage.
  • Made some additions to the battle hint window which pops-up when pressing ‘F1′ in battle.
  • Fixed the shortened names of tanks in the battle loading screen.
  • Fixed the position of vehicle icons in historical description.
  • Added a notification for when Premium Account compensation has been made due to server maintenance.
  • Slightly changed mini-map icon colours.
  • Fixed the description and conditions for obtaining Fadin’s medal.
  • Fixed some errors in chat filter.
  • Fixed the display of durability marker over tanks with all crew wounded.
  • Fixed the functionality of ‘Attention to the sector X’ with max-scaled mini-map.
  • Fixed the pop-up hint for mastery badges.
  • Fixed the change of marker colours when toggling ‘alternative colour scheme’ on and off.
  • Fixed the functionality of alternative colour scheme in training rooms.
  • Fixed the description for ‘Ace Tanker’ mastery badge.
  • Fixed the description of some crew skills and perks.
  • Fixed some errors in the interface training.
  • Fixed some places where it is possible to get ‘stuck’ on ‘Wide Park’ map.
  • Added ‘planes in the sky’ environment effect to ‘Airfield’ map.

See you on the battlefield!

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

Key to Heaven: The Land of Marovia Relaunches After Hiatus

Key to Heaven: The Land of Marovia (K2H) is a small-scale, two-dimensional massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It was developed and published by K2H Productions, a one-man Swedish independent, with help from a few collaborators. Operations resumed in May after a server crash caused a six-month long stoppage. Said server has since been relocated in hopes of improved stability.

A safe haven for new players.

Marovia beckons once again

There exists a family of computer game engines built using the defunct Visual Basic 6 programming language. Of the many available engines, K2H Productions specifically employs MSE1 (Mirage Source Engine Build-1), an outdated build modified to suit the needs of the developer. Brief hands-on time revealed little about the story line, only that events take place during the Middle Ages. Custom-made sprites are paired with original audio composed by a musician under the alias of Grant. Expect the learning curve to be minimal as gameplay seems similar to mainstream MMORPGs.

Although free of charge, players may opt for a yearlong paid membership–or purchase features separately–which includes stat point reallocation, cosmetic goodies, access to an exclusive VIP forum section, and a special sub-domain for your guild.

In its current state, the game is considered complete. Incremental updates based on feedback from the community will be implemented as time goes on. As such, suggestions are not only encouraged, but welcome. The latest addition was the introduction of a new inventory system.

A successor is in the works with an emphasis on PVP (player-vs-player) and crafting. According to the official website, visuals of K2H2 (production title) will be more isometric than its predecessor. No release date has been determined.

Source: K2H Productions

Heroes and Generals – Come Out and Play Video

Hello Commanders and Soldiers! The Reto-Moto Team has released a new Heroes and Generals trailer today, and to be honest, I absolutely love it! Among the actors you will not only see your average “Joe” and “Hans” (among the “Computer Soldiers), but also a rich selection of developers and Community members, all taking part in heated combat. It is an interesting idea, because you have to use a bit of your imagination to cover up the lack of uniforms and weapons, yet it all comes together nicely, including the hilarious “Hellcat Destruction” scene or the final scene (I shall not spoil it for you).

Heroes and Generals

“Let’s get to work.”

Heroes and Generals – “Bradley” Video

Heroes and Generals is going into a new build of its Beta testing. New content has been added since the beginning of the Beta, including changes to the Town Map, balancing to the Weapons and Modifications, etc. One of the key changes is the addition of the Rifleman for any starting player. This is important for anybody who did not play the game yet, and might buy the wrong Class. The Video below includes all of this information, and more. Explanations about the Modifications might prove highly useful to anybody who is curious about them.

In our Pre-Beta Preview article we offer you some of the juicy details about the game itself, including both the “General” and “Hero” perspectives.