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Middle of Nowhere – Teaser Trailer

Some time ago I wrote about Middle of Nowhere, an upcoming Horror Survival game that has that Silent Hill feel. A few days ago the first Teaser Trailer was released, showing a bit of the gameplay mechanics, the monsters and the environments. While it is clear that the game is still a work in progress, and on the side of the graphics there is still a need for a lot of polish, I am glad we can take this short glimpse into Middle of Nowhere.

In case you did not read our previous article, or you can’t be bothered with clicking the link, Middle of Nowhere is about Issac, Emily’s father. Emily has been suffering a series of strange nightmares, and has often been found sleep walking, away from the house. In an attempt to find a doctor who could help Emily, Issac drives with her in search of a doctor. They crash, and when Issac awakens he finds Emily missing and he is forced to search the strange world of Middle of Nowhere to find her.

As myself and others have noticed, the game does have a certain Silent Hill feel to it. How far will the developers go with sustaining this, and what will the gameplay be like is yet to be seen. My personal hope is en par of something like Silent Hill, where combat, while present, will not be the focus of the game, and instead it will be the puzzles, evasion and the HORROR that will pull on our strings.

There will be an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Middle of Nowhere, so stay tuned on news about that If you want to learn more about Middle of Nowhere check out their site.

Now, sit back and relax. It is time for the trailer. Do not be prepared for any super-duper CGI. This is some very early gameplay footage (I did find the music to be very good though, there is more of it on their site).

Natural Selection 2: 10 Commander Tips

A position of command is a position of great responsibility. Unless you do not really care for your position that is… That might lead to disaster, sooner or later. Your skills and abilities in Natural Selection 2, as the commander, are the difference between victory and defeat. If you played NS2 long enough you would realise that without a good, competent commander nobody on your team will have any fun, because you will be squashed around every corner. Of course, into account we also have to take the abilities of the individual “soldiers”, but Marines with assault rifles cannot defeat a fully expanded hive, no matter how skilled they are.

The purpose of this guide is to provide some useful tips when playing as either the Alien or Marines commander. Some of these tips apply to both sides, though they differ in usefulness. If this is what you are after, read on! If you need more details on any of the aliens, abilities or marines, check out the Natural Selection 2 Wiki.

Middle of Nowhere – Upcoming Indie Game

So, Middle of Nowhere. The title does not suggest much, does it? I decided to check it out regardless, and I was rather intrigued by what was offered, with my usual dose of skepticism. Middle of Nowhere is a Horror Survival Game, set in the world of “Nowhere”. While so far there are no gameplay videos, we have an opportunity to listen to the soundtrack, read up on the background of the characters and the game itself, and study the different screenshots to see what will await us.

Middle of Nowhere

I would not call it overly inviting… But it still better than staying outside, no?

Ghost Recon: Online – Class Guide

Ghost Recon: Online has only three classes. It might not seem like much, but with each class you have a decent choice in equipment, allowing you to customize your “Ghost” in any way you like.  In this guide we will discuss the different classes in Ghost Recon: Online, their strengths and weaknesses. We will also look over their Devices and potential strategies. Hopefully with this guide you will learn that every class can multi-task, in a number of ways.

The Simple Guide To Dueling In Different Games

This is not really a “Combat Guide”. I am writing this up for people interested in Dueling in games such as Mount and Blade or War of the Roses. These games tend to have special game modes or server where you are meant to Duel. It’s a method of practicing between each other, and in the case of War of the Roses gaining experience and coins as well. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the common etiquette of Dueling on most servers, so that you won’t do something that might be kick-able or ban-able.


“En garde!”

Viscera Cleanup Detail – I’m a Space Janitor!

Sitting in my room, with no way of cooling myself, makes me dream of distant places, far far away from the scorching sun. In an attempt to escape the summer lull I headed into space. As it turns out trying to fly even to the next planet costs an arm and a leg so after being stranded on Mars I got a job offer as a Space Janitor. I thought it can’t be anything too difficult, I thought I will just have to do the usual mopping and cleaning… how wrong I was. Welcome to Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I might not know better, but that must had been one hell of a freak accident.

Ghost Recon: Online Preview

There is a time when a Strategy fan, like me, will reach out to a more “FPS” tactics game. Since I am still in the mood for reviewing/previewing Free to Play games I decided to give Ghost Recon: Online a go. I never payed much attention to the series. Not because I do not like FPS/Tactics games but because I have a bit of a problem with “Tom Clancy”. There are countless “Tom Clancy” brand games, and not just FPSs. There was at least one Strategy game and a Flight Sim. It sort of reminded me of the Modern Warfare franchise, and I could really care less who and why I am killing this time.

So here we have it, Ghost Recon: Online. What is it about? How does it compare to other Free to Play Games? Let’s find out!

Ghost Recon: Online

“Lock ‘n Load gents.” – From left to Right: Recon, Assault and Specialist.

Ghost Recon: Online – What is it about?

Ghost Recon: Online is about… Special Forces fighting against other Special Forces, in what appears to be Russia, with a Middle Eastern undertone. Our guys are brighter than the dark enemy guys, but we both play as the good guys. The game uses the America’s Army “trick” of making the opposing team always look like the enemy.

There are three classes to choose from, the Assault, Specialist and Recon. You would think that’s highly limited and I would agree. Each class has two main weapons to choose from and a side arm. Each class also has two Devices and Team Support “Buffs”. So, into battle you will take only one of each… but it’s surprisingly deep, for so little content.

The Recon can use a cloak or Oracle, essentially limited range “X-Ray” glasses, that ping enemy positions. Now, if you played Planetside 2 a few months ago you would had heard a lot of criticism regarding the Infiltrator class. The Infiltrator had a cloak and Sniper Rifle, and he could hack terminals. However, he had VERY limited usefulness. People wanted for him to use SMGs, or have more to choose from, so that he could be more useful. Well, Ghost Recon: Online does something Planetside 2 should had. The Recon can have the a fore mentioned Cloak and Oracle, and in terms of weapons he can use an SMG or sniper rifle. Normally the SMG goes with the cloak and the Oracle with the Sniper rifle, but you can experiment. The Recon class can be used in brutal close combat, or as a distant sniper. He always has as little health, but that always comes into the equation. A sneaky Recon can wreck havoc on the enemy.

Ghost Recon: Online

Normally a game will not look this organized, although you might see very similar scenes as you play.

The Specialist at first reminded me of an Engineer. He can use either a Shotgun or LMG (Light Machine Gun) and has the Blackout or Aegis shield. Blackout, when used, causes a small “Ion” storm in the local area, and any enemy player in that area will lose his HUD and will be defenseless for a short while. Think of it as an introduction to an attack, where you make the enemy defenseless. The Aegis shield create a “bubble” around the Specialist, blocking pretty much any and all shots. This means that people behind the Bubble are also safe, and your own men can fire through it. However, grenades can pass through the Aegis bubble, and if an enemy walks “through” the bubble (gets very close) he can kill the Specialist.

The Assault has an Assault Rifle and shotgun (just like the specialist). His Devices are the HEAT and Blitz. HEAT creates a radioactive “wave” in the direction that it is pointing. This causes damage to enemy looking toward the HEAT, and makes it impossible for them to fire. Friendlies, as far as I can tell, are not effected by this. The Blitz is a deployable shield, that allows the Assault to charge forward and knock out the enemy with his shield. The shield acts as front protection (when active) but when inactive it protects your back (from shots and grenades).

You can begin to see how these three classes, with their different setups, can work together. A Recon uses an Oracle to locate enemy troops, the Assault then pins them down with the HEAT, while his squad advances, and just before they jump over the barricades the Specialist could cause a Blackout, giving your team a brief advantage at the start of combat. The Squad Benefit devices also differ in usefulness, so you might be a Specialist that resupplies ammo or speeds up the energy recharge on himself and his allies.

There are different maps, and while we could say that all of them are relatively small they offer enough space to flank and outsmart the enemy, in multiple ways. Usually the teams are not big enough to cover every direction fully, so a slightly tougher push, with the use of devices can benefit either team.

Ghost Recon: Online

Oracle in action, note the highlighted enemy silhouettes. Your entire team can see them as well.

As far as I can tell, all game modes are about capturing points. There are a few variations of this. For example, there is a single point, and the team that holds it when the timer expires wins. Then there is a pretty standard “Conquer” mode, where there are five points, and the team that captures all, or holds the majority, wins. Then there is an Attack/Defense game mode, where teams take turns defending three points from the enemy team.

The overall victory is calculated based on the results from two or three rounds. So while one team might win by holding three out of five points in the first round, the other team might then capture four points in the second round and win overall.

What happens next? Well, there is an economy in the game. Each battle (won or lost) gives XP and RP. RP is used to purchase weapons, armor and “Mods”, for your classes. As you level up with your classes you will unlock more weapons, but they cost an arm and a leg. It is tempting to say that you do not need new weapons but sometimes it is necessary. For example, you start the game with a pump-action shotgun, while already at level 5 you can purchase an automatic one. You can also purchase the a fore mentioned Mods, that can be installed on your armor, for example, giving you certain bonuses. These Mods are not game breaking, at least not when I played the game, but they might give you that small edge over your enemies.

There is also a qualification system, that gives you achievements points. I have no idea what those are for, other than telling your enemies “Oh hey, you got killed by somebody who has more qualification points! Eat that!”. I complete them as a sort of “training regimen”. I practice with the different weapons, and when I finish mastering one qualification for a weapon I then jump to the next one.

What of Premium?

Premium currency in Ghost Recon: Online feels optional. It is mainly used for buying cooler hats/helmets, and it may be used to speed up the buying of higher level weapons or gear. It may also be used to obtain “Supply Crates” with random gear. As far as I can tell, in terms of “balance”, somebody who chooses not to use Premium can obtain the same gear as somebody who does. So you will not be that much far off in the arms race, especially if you want to focus on just one specific class (I do recommend trying all of them first though).

Yay or Nay?

I will put it this way, I was very surprised with Ghost Recon: Online. It is very well thought out, with in-game voice chat, Fireteams, and optional challenges for Solo and Fireteam play. Each Class feels useful in some way and teamwork pays off. The problem is that it might be hard to work together effectively, since people will not always communicate, so your best friend is self awareness.

I would say that one of the best additions is the “Firing Range”, where you can test out any weapon in the store, with different attachments, on “Mannequins” with basic health values. You can practice moving to and from cover, etc. even while the game is still looking for a Match or Server.

The main issue I had was other people… but that is something that always seems to happen between me and FPS games.

You can find more information on Ghost Recon: Online on their official site. There you can also view a number of videos explaining the different Devices the three classes unlock.

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

Metro: Last Light (The Light of Humanity)

What is humanity? A lot of people would say hope, that whatsoever evils occur and however far mankind strays from its morals, its principles, and the spirit of its own rules, there is always that ever-distant hope that drives us on. True, humanity thrives on hope, and where no hope is to be found, it can begin to founder. Unless you’re Russian.

Rising Storm: The Brief Infantry Guide

While Rising Storm is still in Beta (at the time of finishing this Guide it was fully released) I decided to take the opportunity and write about the different classes and weapons present in Rising Storm. In case you are not familiar with Rising Storm, it’s a game set in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. It was created by Tripwire Interactive, the same Developer who made Red Orchestra 1 and 2. As you might expect, a lot of the mechanics from Red Orchestra 2 are present in Rising Storm. A few weapons are different, and a bit of fluff was added here and there but if you played Red Orchestra then you know, more or less, what to expect from this title.

In this Guide we will focus on the Infantry Classes, as there are no tanks to speak of. While you might be used to highly similar “Classes” in Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Now with Added Cyber)

Imagine the distant future of the year 2007. The second Vietnam War has ended with a scorched earth policy. America has nuked Canada to end the war, and now the cleanup has begun. The post-war economy is boom-bust. Why use a VHS when a disc can hold twice as much data? Why send a letter when an e-mail can make its way halfway across the world in less than 30 minutes? Why recruit soldiers when you can just resurrect the ones who died in the field?