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War Thunder: I Love This Game

Another day, another Free to Play MMO… Although is this technically an MMO? Hard to tell. War Thunder is what one could call “World of Tanks”, but with Planes instead of tanks. Both War Thunder and War of Warplanes were announced more or less at the same time and I had the pleasure of playing both games. Now, I know it will be very hard not to compare World of Warplanes and War Thunder, especially since both are in their respective Betas. While I enjoyed World of Warplanes I enjoy War Thunder much more and in this article I will tell you why.

War Thunder

Somebody is about to get a nasty surprise…

Neverwinter: Undead, Rats, Orcs…

In my mad “Free MMO” spree this time I would like to talk about Neverwinter. The name Neverwinter is that of a city in the world of Faerun, in the Forgotten Realms setting. The Pen and Paper game, Dungeons and Dragons, is what people typically see when playing any game set in this universe (Dungeons and Dragons Online was set in a different setting). I am the “old-fashioned” fan of the 3rd and 3.5 Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, while Neverwinter is set in the 4th Edition. My first reaction when playing a mage in Neverwinter was that they deliberately made the Wizard more action oriented. Turns out, at least so my friends told me, this is what a 4th Edition Mage is meant to be… But before I spill the beans, let’s talk a bit about Neverwinter first.


Spoiler: You kill this guy, very, very early on.

The Developer of Homesick Needs Your Help

UPDATE: The Campaign page was closed down due to the campaign being “High Risk” (according to IndieGoGo). While I am trying to keep tabs on the whole situation there are as of yet not enough facts to post a full conclusive update.

With so much happening on the internet it is hard to keep track of everything happening around you. In this case only today did I discover the story of Chloe, the Developer of Homesick. I did not hear of Homesick or of Chloe until I decided to check the news on Project Zomboid. Turns out that Chloe, an active member of the Indie community has had a serious Car Accident. While the doctors managed to patch her up and get her walking and moving again the procedure was not flawless. A piece of metal shrapnel is still stuck in her and it is causing serious poisoning. The campaign she started on Indiegogo was frozen when a lot of very skeptical people asked for an analysis of the campaign, whether it was a scam or not. After a few days the results of this investigation proved that the Campaign was genuine. A message from Chloe may be watched below.

The Developers of Project Zomboid and Thomas was alone organised a small campaign to donate to the campaign and help Chloe recover. Today (5th of April 2013) already a third of the money was gathered for the whole campaign so with a month still left I strongly believe that the campaign will be a success. However, if you can help out, do so. The sooner Chloe gets the money she needs the better. So if you have a bit of spare change, or are willing to help out a bit more follow the links below to the different sites providing information and campaigns to help you keep on track.

Spread the news if you can, it is the least one could ask for.

Project Zomboid Campaign (posted on the 3rd of April 2013)

Indiegogo Campaign Page

More in-depth article from Indie Statik

The Homesick Indiestone Forum Topic

Thank you.

Alex “WriterX” Bielski

The Christmas Spirit Arrives to World of Tanks

Hello tankers, you might recall how last Christmas World of Tanks celebrated with all the different bonuses and free gifts? This year will be no different. This time around however we are not looking at just “a thing”. The entire Christmas period is spread out over a period of time, and every few days you may expect something different! The full list of details is available on the World of Tanks announcement, but if you cannot force yourself to click, then scroll down for the details.

World of Tanks

Slender: The Eight Pages versus Haunt. Who will win? Slenderman or Slenderman?

Horror is a concept which is difficult to define even among those who have written or presented horror their entire lives. John Carpenter said there are two types of horror stories. In one, a group of people are sitting around a campfire at night. A wiseman looks up from the flames and explains to them all that there is a great beast in the wilds. To survive, to be safe, they must best it. In the other, that same group of people are sitting at that same campfire. That same wiseman looks up from the flames and explains to them all that there is a great beast within themselves. To survive, to be safe, they must look within and best it.

Clive Barker also has two horror stories. In the first, the monster which everyone fears is alone. This is an objective universe which man rules, and that one monster is the aberration, the deviation from the status quo. It must be destroyed for man to re-establish supremacy over his domain. In the second horror story, the monster is a gateway. In discovering it, learning about it in detail, we learn that the world is not as it seems. What we know about the world is the merest fraction of a truth which extends into the darkness forever, and as we learn more we are pulled into that darkness. This is subjective horror.


Objective horror says this guy is all you get. Subjective horror says he’s not the first and certainly won’t be the last. His world is coming with him.

The Flash Game You Can’t Afford To Miss! – Ib

I’m not too fond of flash games–many lack the basic necessities that eventually will congeal into a hearty experience, the most prevalent being character development, storyline, and creativity.  Often times my high expectations fall so very short after playing through a level or two, and I, usually, quit barely half-way into the vexing journey. This time I was surprised with a pleasant tale, one magically told of a girl lost within the confines of a fantastical art gallery.

A lass, none other than our protagonist, Ib, graces the gloomy opening screen; however, the mood isn’t so much damper as it is eerie and hauntingly beautiful, due much in part to the background music. This inaugural tune sets the standard for the remainder of the game’s soundtrack indefinitely.

Without revealing too much right off the bat, this young lady stumbles into another, bizarre world via the exhibits on display, only to find herself alone, frightened, and completely helpless to the guile of the creatures and objects around her. Think of it like Night at the Museum, except, well, the wandering sculptures vie for your blood and the odd paintings have a knack for spitting at you. Yes! Just like that!

World of Tanks: Generals Announced

Here I was, driving through Malinovka in my Tiger I when my radioman informed me of World of Tanks: Generals. I was so perplexed that by mistake I ran myself into the bog and sunk. It was one of those news I did not expect or hear of before, and upon checking the Announcement site I was intrigued by the idea, yet somewhat worried at the same time.

World of Tanks: Generals

Some Art from the game. Must be for a Defense Bonus card.

First glimpse at World of Tanks version 8.0

A lot of games aim at wonderful visuals. When I look at Skyrim I see a beautiful, breath taking environment, even when almost everything wants to kill you. Other games, such as Fallout, Gothic and many, many others provided a great experience, because of the detailed worlds you traveled through. Granted, a beautiful world did not always cover up poor gameplay, a lacking story and other problems. We all can agree though, that we do not mind enjoying an awe inspiring  virtual world, rather than closing our eyes at every turn. Now it is time for World of Tanks to follow this path. With the upcoming version 8.0 a lot of the maps will be changed, to better give off the feeling of a “living” world, rather than just a battlefield.

World of Tanks 7.5 is here!

World of Tanks 7.5, according to the most recent News Post, is to be released to the public at 10:00 GMT (12:00 CEST), Today (1st August). It will include the infamous Tier X Mediums and Tank Destroyers (Jagd-Panz E-100, Object 268, AMX-50 Foch (155), T110E3, T110E4, E-50 Ausf M, T62-A, M48A1) and a new Light Tank (ELC AMX). Why are they infamous? Many fear they will throw balance into a deep pit and bury it. The current Tier IX Mediums and Tank Destroyers were often extremely harsh to lower Tiers, so meeting a Tier X TD could bring to life the sensation of constantly being “One-Shot-Killed”. On the other hand, I have my belief, and hopes, that just like with any other tank present on the battlefield, these too will have their weak spots which the players will be free to exploit, under the right circumstances.

World of Tanks

They are coming…

Slender Review – Don’t look at him!

The Slender Man was created by internet users, back in 2009 (according to most precise sources). A strange human like apparition, of a tall slender man, wearing a black suit and bearing absolutely no face. In the created mythos he appears randomly, but does not move, merely stands in place. It is one of those “ghosts” that the more you try to learn about, the less you want to know. I learned of the Slender Man when I heard of a game inspired by him, called Slender. After a long time I decided to attempt and beat the game. It turned out, the game beat me.


Game Title