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Hacker Evolution Duality Review

When I found Hacker Evolution Duality on my desk(top) my first thought was, “Modern Uplink?”. Uplink is a Video Game where you start as a member of the Uplink corporation. Imagine a company that acts as a hub for people in need of hackers. You are an aspiring hacker and you begin with a Windows 95 Computer (well, not really, but it is crappy), a bit of cash and a whole world to “rob”. Before you reach the top you will be at the bottom. And by bottom I mean some dirty mud pit, with just two forks to climb your way out of there. Uplink is a fun game, a challenging game. It takes a lot of thought and preparation. You have to connect to a target server through different other servers, get past passwords, firewalls and proxies, gather, delete or change some data then get out. Depending on who you ended up facing you might have to delete any traces of your presence. What is so fun about Uplink? It feels like you are part of this strange corporation.

Hacker Evolution Duality

The symbol is ever present, but it is never explained.

Resident Evil 6: All These Years and Still Rotting

Your pulse is pounding, sweat chilled on burning skin that still prickles from the branches and brambles. It was just a few seconds ago, but your head is miles away. Your mind is trying to protect you from the things you’ve seen, from the snarling of dogs and screaming of the victims that were once your friends and comrades-in-arms.

The emergency call. Your downed chopper. The mad dash through the woods.

The old mansion seemed a godsent protection from the hellhounds. But now the door has slammed shut, snapping off the pandemonium behind you as if someone flipped a switch. And you’re starting to wonder if the dogs weren’t preferable. The foyer is empty. Your calls seem sucked away into the void. No help is coming.

All other doors locked, you check the dining hall. A crackling fire in the hearth at the far end adds a random counterpoint to the monotony of an ancient grandfather clock slicing fine the seconds of your life. A knot of anxiety forms in your gut. The house is dead, but you can feel presences all around. You pace down the length of the old mahogany dining table spanning the room, your flak-heavy tread muffled by years of dust covering the marble tiles.

You redouble your cold, clammy grip on your Beretta at the realization that the crackling fire is covering an all too familiar noise: the guttural crunch and squelching of something feeding. It’s just beyond the high-backed chair heading the table.

A pool of steaming red comes into site as you advance. You take a moment to steel your nerve. You swallow the acid scorching its way up your throat. Then you spin past the chair, gun braced, expecting one of those damned dogs.

And what you behold is a sight that has changed video gaming since 1996.

Sleeping Dogs: Let Lie Too Long?

The problem with reviewing a game like Sleeping Dogs is that it tries to recreate the world in miniature, making the review tantamount to the same. It runs, it jumps, it shoots, it races, it gambles, it invests, it investigates, but it is not defined by any one of these things. How do you review something that does a little bit of everything but not enough to be classified by it?

As sarcastically as possible, of course. And with a lot of pigeonholing.

Max Payne 3: Out of Rehab and Off the Wagon

Once, he’d toppled criminal empires with nothing but a gutful of bile and a burning need for vengeance. Fire had coursed through his veins. Time had slowed at his command. Death had poured forth from his hands on artfully rendered spirals.

But he’s older. He’d found love and lost it. Twice. Now he’s just a drunk with a pain pill problem. He can’t move his bowels if he throws them off the roof of his dingy Hoboken tenement.

Through the haze of an eight-year long bender, a thought had bubbled through his curdling brain more times than he could count (if he bothered to give a damn) and more times than he could remember (if he didn’t scorch through neurons like a douchebag through hair gel). He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew why he hadn’t used his trusty nine-millimeter to paint a Cobain rainbow against whatever wall his corpse slid down.

That reason? Sequel.

Max Payne 3

Definition of noir: Being suicidally depressed about landing a gig as a high-profile bodyguard to the rich, indolent, and promiscuous

How Dark Souls Revolutionizes Death

It took me a while to bolster up my strength to take on the game renowned for an unbelievable amount of difficulty, Dark Souls. After my experience with its challenging predecessor, Demon’s Souls, I was more than hesitant to pick up Bandai’s next installment of the epic saga. I ignored the onset of fear as I stared at the ominous figure on the front of the box just before I started my descent into darkness by purchasing it


You gotta pay the toll to get through. How much does it cost? Oh…I don’t know. Just give me everything you have and let’s call it a day.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a Short but Solid Adventure Game

The Amazing Spider-Man movie was released recently in theaters and left everybody impressed with its brilliant cast and focus on the comic book tale. The movie broke box office records in the process. The video game however, is yet to achieve the same level of success.

The Amazing Spider-Man

“It’s a man! It’s a Plane! … Oh wait, it’s Spider Man.”

The Magic of Pripyat – What did S.T.A.L.K.E.R. do right?

The Steam Sale did not evade my attention. I was hunting for some good bargains, but for some reason none of the big titles caught my attention, or my wallet for that matter. Then, I noticed that S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat was on Sale, and at a ridiculously low price as well. I was a fan of Shadow of Chernobyl, as well as Clear Sky (until it went missing from my room, with an entire suitcase), so I saw it as a logical next-step to buy the latest title of the series. What is so special about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series? For me, it was the freedom. Freedom combined with incredible scenery, strange flora and fauna, and an almost genuine feeling of being an artifact scavenger in a very hostile world. In Shadow of Chernobyl the graphics were not beautiful, yet sufficient. The selection of weapons, especially later on in the game, was rich enough for anybody to find something suiting their style.

After installing Call of Pripyat, and launching it, I was struck by somewhat mediocre looking terrain, so I immediately downloaded the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Mod. This Mod added a lot of fixes and some additional content, creating much more satisfying gameplay, at least in Shadow of Chernobyl. I was not certain what to expect from Call of Pripyat at the time. What is it, that eventually made me fall into a trance with Call of Pripyat, until I felt I finished the game? Read on.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

Pripyat. No longer a prime location for family trips. Unless you like mutants, deadly anomalies and even worse weather than what you can find in England.

Ten Magicka Tips to survive about fifteen seconds longer

You played Magicka, or plan on buying it? You want to read up a few useful tips to get your bearings around the game, or to help you with your own gaming methods? Look no further. Magicka might be a colorful and funny game but it is also challenging. As you progress to the final stages of the Campaign you will find the need to be a very skilled wizard. Before you get that far though you must learn a few basics which will help you cope in this strange and dangerous world.


Let’s be honest. Wizards were never good with swords.

Primal Carnage – “Pyro” and “Headbutt Dino” Video

We have some new footage from Primal Carnage. This time we get a glimpse at two different classes/characters, one for the Mercs and one for the Dinos. First we will have an opportunity to see the Pyromaniac, who uses grenades and an awesome Flamethrower-Chainsaw. How come nobody ever thought of combining the Chainsaw with a Flamethrower? I can see such a weapon both in Fallout and Team Fortress (for the Pyro), yet nobody thought it up before! The second character/class is what I call the “Headbutt Dino” (Carnotaurus). I call it the Headbutt Dino for one simple reason. It headbutts everything. In the video you will see it headbutt its way through Mercs with incredible ease.  Its first proper appearance in the video made me laugh, because it rammed into a tightly packed group of survivors, making them fly off in different directions, as if it was a bowling track.

War of the Roses Pre-Beta Sign Up!

Did you ever feel like grabbing a claymore and cleaving your friends, in a friendly manner, in half? Perhaps you wanted to remind Knights why riding on horseback does not save them from a bolt to the head? Maybe you just want to experience some intense medieval combat, using all manner of weapons and techniques to defeat your opponents in style? This, and much more in War of the Roses! While we wait for the full release, why not try signing up for the Beta and help in ironing out the game?

War of the Roses

“I see the Beta approaching.”