From Zero to Hero. Upcoming WoT 7.2 Patch Skills and Perks.

World of tanks logoInformation about the upcoming World of Tanks new Skills and Perks system was revealed yesterday. When I first heard of new Skills and Perks being introduced into the game I wondered, “What will they be? How will they affect balance?”. As it stands now, you knew what to expect from a tank, just by looking at it. There were only three skills which provided an edge, but did not throw the favour to either team. What will happen now?UPDATE: The release date for the patch is set. Check HERE for details.

When I looked at the list, my first thought was “Groovy”. “Now, when I invest enough time into my tank, I could make a Tiger Ace!” thought I, and yes, the new skills and perks appear to be incredibly useful. Each class (Driver, Commander, etc.) has his own set of skills and perks to choose from. The Commander, for example, will be able to increase the view range of his tank with the “Eagle Eye” skill, or give the player information on where is the enemy tank damaged, with the Expert Perk. The Driver will allow your tanks to move more easily over terrain (or quicker), as well as minimise the chance of a fire in your tank, as well as improve your ramming. The Gunner improves your overall gun performance, including accuracy, causing critical damage to the enemy or detecting the enemy. The Loader has three highly useful perks, one to increase your ammo rack durability, another which gives you a chance to instantly change the ammo type you use, and the third, which increases your reload speed, when your tank is badly damaged. The Radio Operator will increase your detection range, radio range, friendly radio range and… even when your tank explodes, provide your allies with local “information” for a short while. There is also a joint “Brothers in arms” perk, which grants a bonus to all your crewmen, however, if one of them dies, the perk stops working.

To clarify quickly what is the difference between Perks and Skills. Skills start giving you a bonus from the start. Perks only give you a bonus if they are fully trained (100%). Some perks and skills have specific requirements in order to work, so be sure to read up on them, before deciding what to pick.

Furthermore, there will be a new system, allowing you to queue in which order will skills and perks be trained in. If you forget to pick a skill or perk for you crew members their “xp” will be stored separately, so that once you pick a skill, all the experience will be transferred to it.

There will be an option for players to “soft reset” their crew xp, free of charge, once the patch is introduced. Later on, you will be able to reset your crew xp via three different options. The free option gives you back 80% of the crew xp, credit paid option 90% and gold option 100%.

I do not know about you, but I am certainly waiting for patch 7.2 with great anticipation. So many ways to improve your tank… what will be next? Of course, the question remains; Will balance be ruined by these new perks and skills? Some of these perks and skills are situational. There is still a question of how will these skills and perks cooperate with your tank upgrades. For example, if your tank has the maximum 500 m view range with a scope, will the Eagle Eye skill expand that further? Will there be any real benefit to maxing out further your crew’s skills? We shall find out soon!

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