Four Company of Heroes Mods you must play.

Europe in Ruins: Reinforcements

If you ever thought what would “real” battles look like, more or less, EiR:R is the answer. Your do not build bases, instead you plan your force in the game client, and deploy your battalions as you planned them. You win by knocking out the enemy. The more of the map you control the more units you can deploy from your pool. With time your units and you gain experience. Experienced units get improved stats, abilities and “perks”, but they can die. Your commander abilities are connected to the Faction and Doctrine you chose. This also influences your choice of units. You cannot have all the possible abilities, so be smart about your choices.

The maps in EiR:R are huge. Playing a 4 vs 4 game is an incredible experience, but it is mandatory to use some form of communication between players in order to win. Although the mod offers plenty of fun there are problems with running it sometimes. Steam gamers might have a harder time “restarting” it, but contacting a veteran member or admin will resolve the hassle. If this is your thing, click here.

Modern Combat

Enough of World War 2? Modern Combat is an answer. The mod (currently) focuses on US forces facing the PLA (China). The maps are smaller than in all the previously mentioned mods, but the experience is satisfying. Both sides of the conflict have their strengths and weaknesses, manipulated by specific doctrines. I found a personal liking for the US Air Doctrine, which allows me to call in squads via choppers together with mechanized support. The gameplay feels a bit simplified, with only two factions to choose from. On the other hand, I found the game enjoyable every time. The AI is surprisingly good with their new weapons, and the recently added No-Pop Limit game mode is fun, even if lacking in maps to exploit it.

Modern Combat is not a realistic portrayal of modern combat. If you were after realism you will be disappointed. This is a mod which allows you to watch with glee as your Militia, supported by Medium tanks, smashes into US infantry. A mod, where you will turn a massive Chinese assault into a slaughter with well placed Anti-Tank infantry. It is a great mod, one which should not escape your notice. Their community might seem small, but finding a few friends to play with should not be hard. For details, check this site.

Honorary Mention: Zombie Mod

Although not yet released, I am keeping an eye closely on this Mod. As you can imagine Zombie Mod is about Humans vs Zombies. So far the updates have shown plenty of work going into the design of the Survivor factions, which only makes me tremble with anticipation what will the zombies have at their disposal. By watching the announcement videos you can discover how much work is being put into every detail. If this will not rival Eastern Front upon release, I do not know what will! There are some old “mini-versions” of the game which you can download.

For details about this mod and future announcements click here.

Zombie Mod

There is no “I”, during a zombie apocalypse. There is teamwork, or zombie chow.

There are more mods for Company of Heroes, some of which are still being worked on. Not all of them are good, the ones I mentioned here are the ones I had personal experience with. Considering how old Company of Heroes is, I find it incredible there is still such a dedicated community surrounding it. Enjoy and untill next time.

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  1. Skyrilla says:

    You forgot The Great War 1918… it’s pretty awesome.

    • WriterX says:

      Did not have a chance to play it. Though in regards to the 1st World War I had some awesome time playing the Great War Mod for Napoleon: Total War. The battles might not be 100% authentic but the mod is surprisingly balanced and well thought out.

  2. mrmeas says:

    is there a way to combine such mods? Would be awsome to have new factions and better graphics at the same time!

  3. Pat2365 says:

    You guys need the new African battle mode for Blitzkrieg mod! it just awesome!

  4. Dino says:

    Afrika 43 add-on for Blitzkrieg mod is insanely great! They added an North African battle mode.

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