Four Company of Heroes Mods you must play.

Company of Heroes was, and still is, one of the most interesting RTS games I have played in a very long time. Not only did it include realistically acting infantry squads, but also grant a very “historical” experience. With the Expansions that followed the US and Wehrmacht were supplemented with the Commonwealth and Panzer Elite. Not only were there more campaigns to play through, but the multiplayer experience was enhanced. What followed was plenty of Modding to create your own “versions” of Company of Heroes. Sometimes sticking to the traditional WW2 experience, while other times trying something a bit different. Here is a list of four published Mods which you should absolutely try. There is one small surprise at the end.

Company of Heroes

In some circles Artillery spamming is a legitimate strategy.

A fair warning, all of these mods need either Opposing Fronts, or Tales of Valour expansions. If you have both, you are safe. Otherwise, you will have to check which mod needs which. At this point in time buying a bundle pack should not be expensive. If you did not try Company of Heroes, perhaps now is the time?

Company of Heroes Mods

Eastern Front

The most popular Company of Heroes Mod today. Adding the Soviet Union to the struggle on the side of the Allies, to face off against the Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite using T-34s and waves of infantry! Bombard your enemies with Katyusha barrages untill their bases become smothering ruins. With the optional “No Pop Limit” mode, there is no limit to the size of your army. The maps have impressive sizes, allowing for a match lasting a few hours. The Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite have also been tweaked, with more units added. The Ostheer, the new faction for the Axis, is also being worked on.

Being the most active community today, finding a game is not a problem. The automated download client will correctly install itself and work without a hitch, be it with the Steam version of the game or not. Although the scales appear to be tipped in favour of the Soviets, playing as them is not at all easy. Like mentioned before, the map choice is impressive, just like their sizes. There does appear to be a lack of transport vehicles for the Soviets, making quick movement on these maps very difficult.

Overall, an excellent, well thought out mod. Plenty of new carefully balanced content, and all future updates downloading as soon as you open the client. What more could you ask for? Click here for details.

Blitzkrieg Mod

If you were after realism, Blitzkrieg is the mod for you. Infantry fights can be over in an instant, with cover playing a major role. Damaging heavier vehicles requires careful planning. Balancing your forces during an attack or defense is much more demanding. The Doctrine trees have been completely reworked, making for incredible strategic choices from the very start of each round. The maps are as impressive as those in Eastern Front, allowing for lengthy and demanding games. The slightly reworked game mechanics allow you to expand your view beyond what the game normally offers. Overall? An excellent mod, if realism is what you are after.

Company of Heroes

A glance at the Luftwaffe (Panzer Elite) Doctrine Tree.

Every faction has been reworked, adding new units, including alternative “Special Units”, using the Reward tab. So far, I did not meet any other mod allowing so much new tactical and strategic thought. Although you have to download the updates yourself, the Auto-Installers make your life simple. For details, check here.


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  1. Skyrilla says:

    You forgot The Great War 1918… it’s pretty awesome.

    • WriterX says:

      Did not have a chance to play it. Though in regards to the 1st World War I had some awesome time playing the Great War Mod for Napoleon: Total War. The battles might not be 100% authentic but the mod is surprisingly balanced and well thought out.

  2. mrmeas says:

    is there a way to combine such mods? Would be awsome to have new factions and better graphics at the same time!

  3. Pat2365 says:

    You guys need the new African battle mode for Blitzkrieg mod! it just awesome!

  4. Dino says:

    Afrika 43 add-on for Blitzkrieg mod is insanely great! They added an North African battle mode.

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