Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 – Teaser Trailer

In case you had any doubts whether Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator, Scott Cawthon, was working on the third installment of what was considered one of the scariest games of 2014 then there is now at least some official proof of it. A teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 was released, showing a fragment of the new security room and what we may guess is the Golden Freddy, in a rather terrifying form.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – What is it?

In case you are not familiar with Five Nights at Freddy’s allow us to give you a quick recap. So far in the previous two games you played a Security guard who was to watch over a Pizza Restaurant named Freddy Fazzber’s Pizzeria. You had the night watch (midnight till morning) and all would be fine if not for the fact that the animatrons that during the day entertain the customers come to life and walk around the building. That wouldn’t be as bad as it sounds, except for some reason they do not like your face, really. If they find you, and you do not keep them at bay they will stuff you into an empty suit filled with wires and gods know what else.

So you have to use your reflexes, knowledge of the game, the animatron’s patterns and your own cold blood to ensure your survival. Between the first and second game the mechanics of the game changed ever so slightly. In the first game (which in the game’s timelines happens after Five Nights at Freddy’s 2) you had a camera system and two doors you could lock to keep the beasts at bay. You had limited power, so checking the cameras, keeping the doors locked or turning on the lights used up your power. Once power ran out it was game over.

The in the second installment your security room had no doors. You were armed with your security monitor, a flashlight and an animatron mask, which you would have to put on to fool some of the animatrons coming your way. The game had a few positive quirks of its own but most importantly it added much more to the story than the first game, in a number of ways.

This is a game where you do not move around. You are bound to your security room and you only have a few tools to keep yourself safe. So, no guns, running, jumping or beating up the animatrons. This alternative style of gameplay, original to myself as I did not see any other game use anything similar, can really scare you. The noises that surround you during your watch, the twitching animatrons upon your screen and limited resources all add up to making this a very good example of a horror survival game.

The teaser trailer may be short, and there is not that much information about Five Nights and Freddy’s 3 but now that we know it’s coming you can try and play the previous two games, check the wiki for the full story within the game and prepare yourself for the next watch. Enjoy!

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