First glimpse at World of Tanks version 8.0

A lot of games aim at wonderful visuals. When I look at Skyrim I see a beautiful, breath taking environment, even when almost everything wants to kill you. Other games, such as Fallout, Gothic and many, many others provided a great experience, because of the detailed worlds you traveled through. Granted, a beautiful world did not always cover up poor gameplay, a lacking story and other problems. We all can agree though, that we do not mind enjoying an awe inspiring  virtual world, rather than closing our eyes at every turn. Now it is time for World of Tanks to follow this path. With the upcoming version 8.0 a lot of the maps will be changed, to better give off the feeling of a “living” world, rather than just a battlefield.

First glimpse at World of Tanks 8.0

Allow me to state here, that I do not own a Super Duper computer, but the way the game will look does offer people with superior hardware an opportunity to enjoy the game from a fuller graphical perspective, while everybody else will still benefit from improved efficiency. The released video gives us a small glimpse at the upcoming physics as well (I am so planning on throwing small tanks into rivers with my Tiger) and an understanding of what changes to expect on some of the maps. Thus far the developers plan on modifying only ten maps, but to be honest? It still seems like a big change. Furthermore, apparently the new rendering will increase FPS ratings for current and future players. Even very weak PCs should be able to run World of Tanks, without any problems, on lower settings.

Other than the modified maps and physics, according to the Development Page, we will also see more Soviet Tank Destroyers and a brand new British Premium tank (Matilda Black Prince). I do not mind that the Soviets are receiving more tanks, but I am wondering when will the British make a full appearance? I still have that one garage slot reserved for my Churchill.

Overall, I am glad that World of Tanks is constantly improving, not only in terms of expanding the current choice of tanks, but also graphically. In what direction will the game further develop? We have yet to see. Once news appear about the new Physics we will post up a Video here, for your leisure.

See you on the Battlefield!


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