Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

It’s safe to say that if Ubisoft was intent on making a cybernetic-in your face, raunchy, violent yet strangely humorous game, they have succeeded with Blood Dragon.
I acknowledge wholeheartedly that if blood, guts and gore combined with fantasy are not your thing it is perhaps best to steer away from this game and stick to more light hearted entertainment such as exciting slots games found at BookofRaspiel.de. But if you want unadulterated 80’s VHS style entertainment Blood Dragon is a winner.

Discover colors never meant to be seen without a black light.

Paraphrasing Psy: “80’s VHS style”

Blood Dragon is pretty much only really related to Far Cry 3 in name and in gaming engine but aside from that everything has been changed. New enemies, new graphics and a new storyline all make Blood Dragon vastly different, and it can be hard to tell that you are actually playing on the same map and using the same engine as Far Cry 3.

The game is set in a visually stunning, futuristic 2007 and the premise seems to be based on the fact that in the 80s people thought that by the next millennium cars would fly, cyborgs would rule the world and aliens would attack at any minute. Your character in Blood Dragon is a cyborg-human who is trying to save the human race from an evil dictator who is somewhat, predictably trying to take over the world.

The retro future of the game rocks, but overall its let down somewhat by the missions. All the missions seem to be very much stock fodder from the era, with avoiding being eaten by a Blood Dragon, infiltrating a base or blowing up weapons of mass destruction a prevalent theme. Storyline wise it’s incomparable to Far Cry 3 but you do get to use some of the more exciting vehicles from the main game to complete your quests.

The humour in Blood Dragon is intentionally cheesy and whilst the game manages to pull off a serious side it seems Ubisoft was hell bent on portraying a total parody of 1980s sci-fi films. The voice acting is rather average but the soundtrack is pretty awesome and could come straight out of a stereotypical 80’s film.

Overall, in comparison to its big brother Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may be a little lacking in game play, but its great theme makes it mind blowingly appealing and will get you hooked-fast.

Pros:Hilarious parody,
Fun action,
Multiple ways of handling a given situation
Cons:Basically just Far Cry 3 with a different face,
Blood dragons are more trouble than they’re worth
Game producer's website:Ubisoft
Official website:Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
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