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Dungeonland is a style of game I did not play before. Not in the sense of Dungeon Crawlers, but overall style. It is colorful, funny, silly, “simple” yet at the same time it can be very complex. One look at any screenshot from the game and you realise that among the different games where dungeons were dark, mysterious and unforgiving you end up with something that follows the same idea, but looks entirely different. It was not until I played the game with John that it became apparent that the style of gameplay was similar (if not exactly the same) to what we had in The Gauntlet. Before we go into the details let me just say that in the Dungeon Crawler Genre Dungeonland certainly adds a breeze of fresh air, not only with its aesthetics, but also the Dungeon Maestro Mode. While I might be spoiling the ending for you I consider this one of the most intriguing games I have played thus far.


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What is Dungeonland?

In Dungeonland you play as a Hero (with two other heroes) who come to Dungeonland, an amusement park for heroes created by the Evil Dungeon Maestro. On one hand, an amusement park where you have an opportunity to get filthy rich is a wonderful idea! On the other, you will get chopped, impaled, burned, “barfed upon”, frozen, stomped and squashed by a giant chicken. It’s not an easy piece of pie, and I mean so literally. When you decide to play on one of the three Adventure Maps you can only start the game from a Hard Difficulty Setting. You can only adjust it higher from there, and then add (if you want to) three Optional Challenges, that will make things even harder for you. You can play on lower difficulty settings in the Dungeon Maestro Mode, where up to three human players play against a human Dungeon Maestro. From the Heroes things look exactly the same. The Dungeon Maestro on the other hand plays a bit like a game of Magic the Gathering. You draw a number of cards at a start of a map section, and you have a limited supply of Mana. Each card costs a certain amount of Mana and has a specific effect. It could be a spell (summoning an explosive food item, for example) or a Creature Spell (where you can spawn almost any type of critter that appears in the game). When you use up your cards, or you run out of Mana you will steadily draw new cards and your Mana will regenerate. However, if the Heroes pass into a new Stage Section (pass through a checkpoint) your Mana and hand will regenerate. The fun part in Dungeon Maestro mode is that money you earn in either Adventure or DM mode can be spent on anything. You can use it to improve your DM Deck, or to upgrade your heroes.

On that note, Heroes, just like Dungeon Maestro Decks are surprisingly complex. Depending on your play style, group and “plan” for that specific trip you can prepare your Hero in any way you like. Each Hero hero Class has a unique Special Ability (there are nine in total for now), a potion slot (where you can put in pretty much any potion type) and two “Perk” Slots. These Perks, combined with your ability and Potions can create incredible Combos. Even the basic Warrior Vanguard Class is an incredible “tank” class. His starting potion creates an invulnerability bubble, which also makes all enemies focus on him. Using it I would force all the monster mobs to gather around me, and as my bubble faded I would use my Ability that created an AoE (Area of Effect) attack, stunning all the enemies around me and damaging them at the same time. He also had two perks, one which healed the whole party whenever he pulled off a Critical Hit, and he could also Revive his friends quicker.


After each Stage you can review your statistics. And yes, my warrior is armed with a Chicken Leg.


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