Don’t Starve: A Survivor’s Journal

I decided to give Don’t Starve a crack, after a longer pause, to see just how much has changed since my last game (the date of this playthrough would be the 23rd of April, 2013). To do that I decided to start a new game and see how long I can survive, noting down key events that happened to me, throughout. Some things were similar, I found, but it felt like an entirely new experience on different levels. More items, the Winter, drying (and perishable) food… … Walruses, and even a more “Physical” Magic element… including Madness. Compared to what I had about four months ago this felt like Don’t Starve 2.0, and I am glad the game has evolved so much. Although I only made it to day 23 in this playthrough I rather enjoyed it! What, in the end, was my downfall is lack of knowledge of the game (as it currently is) and a complete lack of preparations for the Winter. If you want a lengthy story on me attempting (and failing) to survive, read on! Just so you know, I played on “Default” world Settings, and with Wilson. The substantial lack of images was caused by my software deciding it does not want to cooperate… so I only include the screenies that I had.

Don't Starve

That is more or less how I felt throughout this playthrough.

Day One

Looked around for Flint, Twigs and Grass, plenty of all three around. My scouting and searching also provided me with a lot of food, and I even found an odd skeleton in the middle of nowhere. Made myself some improvised Grass Armor (hope I will not actually need it), basic tools (Axe and Pickaxe) and setup camp. Noticed for the first time the “Intelligence” (or Sanity) bar. It went down by twenty points over the course of the night so I am starting to wonder how to replenish it. Food was just enough to keep me full.

Day Two

Checked what I can build and craft. While the selection was highly limited I figured I could try finding enough Flowers to make the Garland, it might help replenish my sanity. As it turned out picking flowers recovers that as well! So I spent a good portion of the day exploring my surroundings and gathering flowers. While I did not gather enough flowers for the garland I did find plenty of food, so for at least the next few days I should have enough to keep me fit. I also found a body with a pickaxe… how curious… To my horror it started raining during the night, and in order to save wooden logs I chucked in as many twigs as I could to keep my fire alight. It stopped raining just before sunrise.

Day Three

Made a Garland, and as I thought, it allows me to recover a bit of sanity over time. I continued exploring and (finally) found a Pig Village. I setup permanent camp there, built a campfire and science engine. Eager to see what I could produce now I discovered that the research system no longer operates on “Research Points”. Instead you walk up to the Science Machine and if you have enough materials to build a prototype you may craft it (after you make a prototype you can craft the item away from the machine). Thus I made a Shovel, Backpack and a Razor. The Pig Men were not exactly friendly but I did not have time to introduce myself as the night was approaching (before settling down for the night I desecrated a grave, finding a Red Gem). I spent the night turning the mushrooms I gathered into cooked shrooms. Thankfully I did not die from this experiment. Also, found another dead body, with Twigs and Grass Armor. It seems the skeletons are the bodies of those who are much less fortunate than me.

Don't Starve

Day 4: My small camp…

Day Four

The day seemed uneventful, although I focused a lot of my time on researching as many crafting materials as possible. Managed to make some Planks and Cut Stone, thus being able to make myself my first Chest! I stored some of my less useful junk there and then as night approached decided to turn all of my food items into cooked foods. What I observed is that Red and Green Mushrooms are opposites of each other. Cooked Red Mushrooms decrease sanity but improve health, while Green Mushrooms decrease health but increase sanity. I wonder what can I make out of them? Another thing that caught my attention are the different “Sciency” things, that let me check the temperature and precipitation levels. In other words (or as far as I can guess) when will Winter approach, and what is the likelihood of rain.

Day Five

Went on an expedition to get more food and supplies. Plenty of both. Found Nitrine… another element I have no idea what I can do with, yet. Built a Sign, placed it in my camp… For no reason. I began to realise that in order to progress and survive I would need the alchemy engine. This means I need to obtain Gold, lots of gold. At the same time I feel I should start my first farm. I plan on visiting the Field nearby, gather some poop, chop down some trees and start my first farm.


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