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In Darkest Dungeon there are many different Heroes at your disposal, coming from all manner of backgrounds and specialties. They will enter the darkest corners of the Darkest Dungeon, kill, loot, defeat all manner of monstrosities (and most likely die in the process). While they will have their ups they are bound to have their downs as well, and the purpose of this Guide is to introduce you to the different Heroes that will be at your disposal, and how to best utilize them. Consider it a quick reference guide for all of the brave men and women who will be at your disposal.

This Guide will be updated as Darkest Dungeon progresses through its builds.

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Darkest Dungeon - Arbalest

The Arbalest, her weapon is just as deadly as it looks (but a bit more practical).

Arbalest – Snipe From Afar

The Arbalest is one of the few heroes who is best in the back, and should stay there. The only hero who specializes in ranged combat. While you might think that she is best only on the attack (firing endless bolts upon her enemies) she has a number of other very useful skills, namely the Rallying Flare. The Rallying Flare allows you to clear Marks on your characters, which against some enemies and bosses can make your life much easier. She also has access to a healing ability that allows her to help out in saving or healing friendly heroes. She can Mark Targets, and as such can work with other champions benefiting from Marked enemies, such as the Bounty Hunter. Her Bola’s are the only ability that may be used to target enemies in the 1st and 2nd position with any sort of reliability, but it does knock them back.

Thanks to her sniping and choice of abilities she can take out key enemies while sitting on the far end of the party (4th position) thus allowing other melee oriented heroes to remain at the front. She is one of the few champions who can take an active combat role, while being in the 4th position (The Houndsman being another). While the Arbalest is useful she does create a problem when it comes to organizing your party. Normally you would send your most delicate or support oriented Heroes as far back as possible. With the Arbalest present they might have to be in the 3rd Position, or the Arbalest has to be closer to enemy.

Her only major weakness would be that she cannot deal with enemies in the 1st position all too well (her Blindfire ability can miss the target and hit another enemy, and hero Bolas do not do that much damage), so you always need one or two melee heroes to hold the front.

In addition, if your Arbalest lacks the Bolas ability and she is, for whatever reason, dragged to the 1st or 2nd position she may prove to be of little practical use in the fight, and she will have to move back, as quickly as possible.

With no Dodge to speak of (on earlier levels), and low Speed, you may sometimes find that the Arbalest will be the last to fire and move when push comes to shove. This may be a problem when you want to take out enemies in the back (such as enemy casters) who are bound to strike before she can fire. With other heroes who might reduce the speed of enemies the Arbalest might still not strike first but at least she will not strike last. In some cases she could be used to strike at Stunned enemies, or used to finish off badly wounded foes.

Overall the Arbalest is not a bad choice of a Champion for any Quest. Together with a Vestal in 3rd Position and two melee classes in 1st and 2nd she may provide the much needed damage from afar, while also offering useful medical aid during Camping or even during a battle.

Pros: Very Good 4th Position Hero, Powerful Ranged Attacks, Useful Misc. Abilities. Healing.

Cons: Bad in 1st Position, No Melee Attacks, Poor Speed, No Blight, Bleeding or Stun Offensive Abilities.

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