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In Darkest Dungeon there are many different Heroes at your disposal, coming from all manner of backgrounds and specialties. They will enter the darkest corners of the Darkest Dungeon, kill, loot, defeat all manner of monstrosities (and most likely die in the process). While they will have their ups they are bound to have their downs as well, and the purpose of this Guide is to introduce you to the different Heroes that will be at your disposal, and how to best utilize them. Consider it a quick reference guide for all of the brave men and women who will be at your disposal.

This Guide will be updated as Darkest Dungeon progresses through its builds.

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Darkest Dungeon

The Abomination, in both of its forms.

The Abomination- Beast in Disguise

A man who had the poor luck of being infected (or corrupted) by some unknown force. At a glance he looks like a madman wearing chains, with an “A” scar upon his forehead. While he looks seemingly harmless he is far from that, and he has many weapons at his disposal (mainly himself) to bring the pain to the Corruption.

In his human form the Abomination can heal himself, stun enemies who are on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th position, infect with Blight the enemies on the 2nd and 3rd position and, of course, transform into his beast form. As a human the Aberration can still do surprising amounts of damage to enemies who are not in the 1st position, and since he can stun or blight enemies he can help in a fight from the 3rd position on his team, giving plenty of room for other fighting classes on the 1nd and 2nd position.

In his Beast form the Abomination becomes akin to any other melee fighter, but can surpass most of them in terms of damage. In a boss fight, or when dealing with stronger enemies he might be your go-to hero to cause the real damage.

The issue with the Abomination is that when he transforms he causes stress to everybody in his party. While transformed he will also cause additional stress to himself, meaning that he could drive himself insane during a fight against enemies who cause a lot of stress. Allies do not get any more stress, after he transforms, but they will lose some stress when he transforms back.

Another MAJOR issue with the Abomination is that a number of other heroes will refuse to adventure with him in the party, including the Vestal who is the main healing hero in the game. Because of this a party with an Abomination might have a problem when heading to longer quests, as they will have no real way of healing themselves (something an Occultist can help with, due to his one healing ability).

A blessing and a curse at the same time is how the Abomination’s skills are unlocked. You have access to all of them at the start, which also means that if you want to keep your Abomination “Up to Date” you will have to upgrade all of them at the same time, which means a higher cost than with most heroes (especially if you specialize other heroes for specific tasks). You cannot be as choosy with the Abomination’s Abilities since he benefits from all of them equally.

An example of how you could use your Abomination is by initially deploying him in the 3rd position in your party. From there he can use his Chain, Bile and Self-Heal to attack enemies from afar and keep himself healthy and sane. When things get bad however, or if you need to use something with more damage you can transform your Abomination (this is a “Free” Action, which means you can still use another ability) and then Slam into an enemy, which makes the Abomination move a position forward, and thus putting the enemy within range of its other melee attacks. After the fight is finished the Abomination transforms back into its human form and you can reposition it further back.

Overall, the Abomination is an interesting Hero to use, with major weaknesses but also substantial strengths. If you need somebody to do a lot of damage he would be a good choice. In his human form he is still useful with his Bile attack and Stun attack. Some artifacts you find can reduce the stress caused by the Aberrations transformation, and some other artifacts will benefit its different stats, while not offering any real penalties. He is a good Hero to bring to Short or Medium Quests, and certain boss fights. Remember that other Classes can bring some healing abilities of their own to substitute the Vestal.

Pros: Great Damage as Beast, Stun and Bile Abilities as human. Self Healing.

Cons: Holy Heroes will not work with him. Causes Stress when transformed.

Best Position: Human – 3rd, Beast – 1st and 2nd

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