Crusader Kings 2: The Republic – 10 Handy Tips

7. Feuds - Just like in Romeo and Juliette you will always end up in a fight between two families. It is hard to realise why they squabble but they do, and always will. While the effects of this war may be felt on both sides rarely will either side have a solid upper hand. Sometimes, during rare events, can you conclude a Feud, but another one will always spring up, with another family. You should treat Feuds as a distraction, more than an actual threat. However, if you feel like focusing on your “Grand Enemy”, by all means. Just do not get too carried away, that costs money.

8. Mercenaries - War costs money, nowhere is this more apparent than in a Republic. Even if you had Retainers, a fully upgraded Mansion and a few cities you are by no means a super-power. You will always need Mercenaries, but if you played your cards right, carry enough cash and have a substantial income you can hire countless mercenaries to conclude a conflict with a bigger nation, to your benefit. Sometimes an enemy will use a moment of your weakness when you have less money and attempt to Embargo or Invade you. Always keep some money in the bank, especially if you are aware of your enemy’s plans. On one occasion I lost a war tragically when I ended up in debt and THEN my House Head became the President. All the mercenaries his predecessor hired joined the enemy and the war was lost in an instant. Even if you have a high income, keep a small reserve.

9. Family Matters - Unlike in other Noble Families you will not have as much a problem keeping an eye on everybody. Alliances with Nobles are not as common, and your Sons and relatives will marry off to lesser Merchants from time to time, giving you a bit of extra money. There is one essential point, you NEED sons (or male relatives). A woman cannot act as your Family’s Head, ever. If you must, kill your old wife, marry a young woman, and breed some brave men to become your future leaders. It is both heartless and cruel, but unless you want to lose it’s your only choice. You cannot adopt anybody into your family so you need a blood bond. Take note that if your daughter married a Noble her sons will not count as candidates. The male side of your family needs to produce some sons (I know what you are thinking but it’s just a game).

10. MOAR MONEY! - Here is a useful thing to know when you worry that you do not have enough cash to sustain your Empire. Your relatives and children, from time to time, will earn money on their own. If they end up being hired by the Republic’s ruler or yourself they will have a steady income throughout your rule. I sometimes jumped from happiness when I saw my treasury boosted by a thousand coin total because the new Family Head held such a monetary reserve. Give your family jobs to do and once they come next in line their money will pass onto you. I did not decipher when do they earn money on their own or not but some of them do so naturally. You can always look how much money a family member has by checking their character screen.

I hope you found these tips useful. While perhaps this is not everything you should know about the game it should help you keep a steady course in your future games. Here is one last freebie, if you want to play in a Republic from a start, but not as the ruling family click one of the Vassal portraits. That way you will be able to play as a lesser Family, or just a family that has a cooler sounding name. Some families will have a greater advantage than others, such as a starting port or city, so experiment a bit!

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  1. Doux Sebeticus says:

    I think you overlooked a major aspect of the republic, that is Trade Practices tech upgrades in Econ tech. While you are the head of your republic you accumulate econ tech points which you can use to upgrade Trade Practices. These upgrades will expand your trade post limit significantly. Being the head of the republic is therefore important. I also send my spymaster to Rome to research tech. Doing this you can increase you trade post limit relatively quickly. At the moment I have 17 posts, the next largest patrician in my republic has 6 and all others have 2 or 3.

  2. Solitus says:

    My favorite republic tactic so far has been to start as a tribal ruler in a capital duchy with large holding slots (Ireland, Scotland, Lithuania) Form the kingdom as a tribe, and keep raiding everyone around the map until you have upgraded all your holdings and also built a massive reserve of gold (2k is good). This will be tricky and involve lots of reconquest wars, but that is fine…you’re a tribe. You will also want at least trade practices 3 in order to not have a penalty to trade post limit.

    Once these conditions are met, you are almost ready to form the republic. You will want to wait till your next heir (preferably a young 16 year old strong genius). At the start of his reign, take the seduction focus and sleep with EVERY woman in your realm you can find. If you produce a daughter with no good traits? denounce her. If you produce a son of any sort? Legitimize him. Your trade post limit is boosted by unlanded male heirs in your capital.

    Under this tactic I formed The Most Serene Republic of Pictland, and started of with a 34 trade post limit, which I was able to immediately build all all around the coast of Scotland and down the English coast. No other Patrician family can afford to build any trade posts because I own all the cheap spots :D

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