Crusader Kings 2: The Republic – 10 Handy Tips

Being in the Merchant Trade is not easy. Somebody will try to kill you, or worse, they will want to steal your income. What can you do to stop this? How to stay on top? How to become a Monopoly? Sadly there is no full-proof method of “winning” in The Republic but there are ways of knowing your weapons, and how a lot of the game functions, so that you are not behind your AI opponents. While not a fully conclusive Guide these Ten Tips will attempt to be as thorough for you as possible, granting you much needed knowledge on the Republic DLC. If you are after our Review for this DLC follow this link. Otherwise, read on!

Crusader Kings 2

How to achieve Greatness? Success? Money? Suppose having a lot of boats is a start…

Crusader Kings 2: The Republic – 10 Tips

1. How do Mansions Work? – Your Mansion, as mentioned in the Review, is a land without a land. It is not tied down to a single province or piece of land. It cannot be conquered or destroyed. It will always be there for you. As such, if you ever fall on hard times and lose all your hard earned cash the Mansion could provide some of it back since they generate a very limited income, although they need to be far better upgraded to fill your coffers faster. Do not think a Mansion will substitute a series of Trade Ports. A mansion, even when fully upgraded, will not fund an army, far from it. It is an emergency system however, one which you should not disregard. While the Mansion may boost the abilities of your characters and generate income it can also provide you with a HUMONGOUS fleet and sizable army. What you might realise is that armies typically when Raised have the Technological level of the province they come from. What about Mansion armies? Everything depends on whether you have a City or Province anywhere. If you hold a single city your Mansion army will be raised according to that City’s Province Technology level. If not, your army will be raised according to the Republic’s “Home Province” (Capital). Take note that if you hold multiple Cities or Provinces your army will be raised in the province with the HIGHEST Technological level. As such, your Mansion Army can be a powerful force, if you control a City or Province with a high technological level.

2. Trade Ports – Trade Ports are your primary source of income. The trick to getting a high income comes from knowing how to use them, and their associated costs. A Trade Port will cost 150 coins by default. This amount changes according to two things: Distance to a Republic City or Province, and the Ruler’s disposition toward you. If you are building a Trade Port in the same Province your Republic has a city (or is the owner of the province) the cost will be 150. Then a certain amount is subtracted or added depending on whether a ruler likes or hates you. Once a Trade Port is built it will begin generating income, however, what is the best and worst scenarios for Trade Ports? What you normally want to do is to control all areas adjacent to a section of the sea. If you control all the Trade Port along a sea section and then fully upgrade the Ports and Enclaves in these locations you will generate the highest possible income. On top of that any Cities in the area under your control will also generate more income. If you hold a Monopoly in a region you will gain plenty of cash. However this income will drop if you expand your Garrison. On average a fully upgraded Trade Port will generate the most income, but it will also have the highest costs. Furthermore, a Trade Port located in another family’s Monopoly will not be as effective as it could be. Thus, if an area is too dominated by numerous rival families find a spot you can “colonize” for yourself and expand your ports in that area.

3. How to get rid of Enemy Monopolies – If you ended up as a “President” of your Republic you may ask the rulers of different nations to Embargo specific republics. What this results in is a war between the nation and you against the target republic. If The Ruler wins the enemy republic loses all of its Trade Ports that were built in his nation, the ruler gets plenty of coin, but any cities will remain intact. Furthermore an enemy Republic that lost an Embargo war will be unable to build any Trade Ports in a target nation for some time, giving you the chance to take over the market. Take note, this can happen to you as well. If you manage to win an Embargo war as a defender you will keep your ports and receive monetary compensation from the aggressor.

4. Cities – Cities are one of the most important things for your safe expansion in the world. If you hold a city you can construct Trade Ports cheaply around it. A fully developed City will provide you with more men for your armies. Unlike in other Noble Families you will not lose your Cities or lands within your Republic when you have multiple Male heirs because of Seniority Succession. Your lands will always remain united, which does mean that you might eventually need Vassals or a higher Intrigue to control more land. You can start wars with any nation, demanding their Cities. If you win, you get a city! Thus we move onto another important point…

5. Civil Wars - You would think that nobody can win during a war. Well, you are wrong. Republics can benefit highly from a Civil War. How else will you obtain much needed Cities if not through attacking a fractured nation, grabbing what you need, and then holding onto it even after the Civil War finished? As you might observe, from time to time, big nations, such as the Byzantine Empire, France and even some of the Islamic Nations to the South will have their own Civil Wars. Use these opportunities to target individual Lords that try to oppose their ruler (Dukes and Counts). This way you will be able to quickly defeat them and secure a location for your Trade Ports. However if you are too slow you might find the nation re-united and ready to take you on.

6. Friend or Foe? - A Republic might seem united, but each of the families have their own agenda. However, you can use rival families to your own advantage. For example, if you are quick, you can use the fact another family conquered a shore-line city and quickly build your own Trade Posts around it. The benefit of a shorter distance will still be there, and you will get the monetary benefit of a Monopoly. At the same time even though your Republic might have numerous Trade Ports along a coast that does not mean all the families benefit from it. If a single family controls a shore, then yes. However if multiple families share it, then no. Due to this you might find it beneficial to squabble over Trade Ports, petitioning the “President” for Trade Ports from other families. If you realise that the enemy has a weakened ruler he will not be capable of resisting the request. In turn, rival families might use the same weapons against you. Your Diplomacy, Intrigue and Stewardship is what you need to keep your Ports secure from intervention. Keep either of these sufficiently high (above ten at least).


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  1. Doux Sebeticus says:

    I think you overlooked a major aspect of the republic, that is Trade Practices tech upgrades in Econ tech. While you are the head of your republic you accumulate econ tech points which you can use to upgrade Trade Practices. These upgrades will expand your trade post limit significantly. Being the head of the republic is therefore important. I also send my spymaster to Rome to research tech. Doing this you can increase you trade post limit relatively quickly. At the moment I have 17 posts, the next largest patrician in my republic has 6 and all others have 2 or 3.

  2. Solitus says:

    My favorite republic tactic so far has been to start as a tribal ruler in a capital duchy with large holding slots (Ireland, Scotland, Lithuania) Form the kingdom as a tribe, and keep raiding everyone around the map until you have upgraded all your holdings and also built a massive reserve of gold (2k is good). This will be tricky and involve lots of reconquest wars, but that is fine…you’re a tribe. You will also want at least trade practices 3 in order to not have a penalty to trade post limit.

    Once these conditions are met, you are almost ready to form the republic. You will want to wait till your next heir (preferably a young 16 year old strong genius). At the start of his reign, take the seduction focus and sleep with EVERY woman in your realm you can find. If you produce a daughter with no good traits? denounce her. If you produce a son of any sort? Legitimize him. Your trade post limit is boosted by unlanded male heirs in your capital.

    Under this tactic I formed The Most Serene Republic of Pictland, and started of with a 34 trade post limit, which I was able to immediately build all all around the coast of Scotland and down the English coast. No other Patrician family can afford to build any trade posts because I own all the cheap spots :D

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