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There are many types of soup. Each of us will prefer something different. Chicken Soup, Tomato Soup, Turnip Soup, Garlic Soup, etc. When you end up fighting zombies in Project Zomboid, and resources are scarce, you eat what you get. This does not mean you should eat anything! One of the best ways to use up nearly rotten resources is by making yourself some delicious SOUP!

You can make canned soup, but it’s the most basic Soup type available to you. If you have a Free Pot, fill it with water and add random ingredients. Depending on how many ingredients you add you will make a tastier and more interesting soup for your survivor. Not every ingredient is suitable for soup making, so experiment!

Some suggestions: All meats can be used as soup ingredients (Steak, Chicken and Salmon). Vegetables can also be used for soup. Butter and Flour may also be added, if you lack anything else. The end result always stays the same, so it is not important which ingredients you add. Yes, this does mean you could make a Steak Salmon Chicken Stew. No, I have no idea what that tastes like.

You can also split your soup into bowls by “combining” the Soup Pot with Four Empty Bowls, but currently this will “consume” the Pot. Do this only if you have a huge surplus of pots. It should be noted that soup placed into bowls will, overall, lower your hunger, boredom and unhappiness further, than the Pot alone. You only have to ask yourself the question is it worthy of sacrificing the Metal Pot for this?

Take note, if you make a soup out of three ingredients it will fill up over 200 hunger. This means that somebody who is starving will be overflowing with food in an instant. Good for emergencies, and also proper “Soup Bowl” material.

If you have plenty of foods about to rot, or have an excess of flower and butter, you might as well use some of it on Soups. By making a Soup you can extend the life of something that otherwise would rot within the next 24 hours. Compared to all the other meals, it also appears to be the simplest. After all, you need only a Pot, Water and as many ingredients as you want.

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