Cooking with Pierre – Grilled Cheese Sandwich in PZ Video

When life gives you Gouda and Bread, you usually go to a store and buy some ham. A cheese sandwich? That seems a little plain. Do not be worried though! We can spice things up a bit, and sizzle the generic cheese sandwich on a frying pan to produce a Grilled Cheese Sandwich… In Project Zomboid.

Making the Cheese Sandwich is very simple. All you have to do is combine Bread and Cheese. If this is not enough you can then combine the Cheese Sandwich with a Frying Pan and Butter in order to make a Uncooked Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

In the current version (0.2.0R) the Cheese Sandwich burns up faster, when cooking, than a zombie in Napalm, so I do not recommend cooking it just yet. Once they have a reasonable cooking time though, they will most likely be worth your time. If the Uncooked version of the meal reduces hunger by 100, then the cooked version should reduce a total of 200. Overall, an excellent and easy to make meal. What else can you make with all that bread? On the other hand, Cheese and Butter have other uses, so this meal is situational.

I just wish I could add some meat to that sandwich…

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