Company of Heroes 2: The Soviets

Company of Heroes 2

Two Soviet Sniper Squads. The Nemesis of any MG-42, Mortar or Pak 40.

Snipers – One of the most annoying units in the universe, if you play as the Germans. Soviet Snipers come in pairs, which means that they are twice efficient, and they could take out German Weapon Crews in an instant. Since the Germans have very small squads even ordinary Infantry and Snipers will not feel safe. Soviet Snipers can also use flares to reveal small portions of the map, so they may be used to guide Soviet Artillery or to reveal hidden Infantry to fire upon.

While they might not be as accurate as the German Sniper they have a better chance of survival (one sniper dies the other can still flee) and because there is two of them no German infantry can feel safe. However, just like the German sniper, Soviet snipers are very squishy. A German Armored Car can use its 2 cm cannon to quickly dispatch Snipers, so be wary of fast moving German Vehicles or Panzer Grenadiers, who would very gladly kill your snipers.

Company of Heroes 2

Scout Car with a sniper squad loaded.

M3A1 Scout Car – The M3A1 is what we might call the “Mini Half-Track”. It is capable of transporting a single squad, that can also fire from within the half-track. One common tactic is to load either a Penal Battalion or Combat Engineers with Flamethrowers and use the Scout Car as an Infantry hunter. By default the Scout Car is armed with two MGs, one at the front and one at the rear. Thanks to its speed it can quickly drive around the map, transporting troops or ambushing enemy Infantry.

The main weakness of the Scout Car is its limited armor and health. A Pak 40 or Panzer Grenadiers would have no problems with dealing with the Scout Car. However, getting either one of those units takes time, so during the “Early Game” you can build a Scout Car and use it, together with Engineers or Conscripts, to ambush enemy units near key locations.

Company of Heroes 2

A size comparison (and looks) of the M3A1 and the two M5 variants.

M5 Half-Track – The M5 Half-Track is in every respect like the German Half-Track. The main difference is that it lacks a rear gunner, having only one MG. However, any troops transported by the Half-Track can fire from it, so when there is a squad or two inside of it, it can be more efficient and deadly than the standard German Half-Track. This Half-Track may also be used to reinforce troops, and seeing as the Soviets lack something similar to the German Command Outpost, the M5 might be considered one of the most important units at the front.

It may be upgraded to use an Anti-Aircraft gun. Not only will it be deadlier against Infantry but perhaps most importantly it can Suppress enemy Infantry. Unlike the German Flakpanzer, the M5 AA can assist an early attack by pinning down enemy troops, and even protect Soviet forces from German Planes. However, it is just as fragile as the basic M5, so keep it away from enemy Anti-Tank guns and Tank Hunters.

Company of Heroes 2

A T-70 acting as a spotter for infantry and local tanks/tank hunter/anti-tank guns.

T-70 – The T-70 is a Light Tank. As such, (and as you might imagine) it has a very small gun, but “Ok” Armor and mobility, at least against early German units. Later on, when the Panzer IV and Pak 40 make an appearance the T-70 becomes obsolete, or so you might think. While the T-70 has a weaker gun than Medium tanks it can still act as adequate support for Infantry, against HMGs and Mortars. Furthermore, it may be used to capture control points, but perhaps most importantly, it has Recon. Recon makes the T-70 immobile, but it expands local visibility. What this means is that you could work along Zis-3 guns to spot enemy tanks/infantry, or simply to keep an eye on distant map areas, where you might lack any defenses.

As such, later in the game you might use a T-70 to act as a spotter for your Anti-Tank Guns and Tank Hunters. While it will extend the vision up front it will also increase awareness around your flanks, so you will be able to react to an enemy flanking move sooner rather than later. While it is no match for the Panther or Panzer IV you can still use it to hunt enemy infantry.


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