Company of Heroes 2: The Soviets

Company of Heroes 2

A Penal Battalion with a Flamethrower, ready to be used against the Fascists!

Penal Battalion – First and foremost, the Penal Battalion is more expensive than the Conscripts. I did not notice that that translates in any way how well they fight, but they certainly have access to some very dangerous weapons, both against Infantry and tanks. Penal Battalions can use Flamethrowers, making them deadly against any Infantry Squad, and Satchel Charges, that can be used to empty buildings, destroy base structures or destroy/damage tanks. How do they compare to Conscripts? We could say that the Penal Battalion is to Conscripts is what the Panzer Grenadiers are to Grenadiers. The Penal Battalion is simply a “One up” from Conscripts, but they are unable to build any structures or fires, making them useful attack/support troops, but Conscripts might still be needed.

Because of their higher price you have to be somewhat mindful of sending the Penal Battalion to their deaths (ironic, I know), since bringing them back to full strength will cost you a bit. They also lack the Oorah ability, so you will have to watch out for enemy HMGs pinning them down before they can burn them out of hiding.

Company of Heroes 2

The crew of a Maxim Machine gun, covering a point.

Maxim – The Soviet Machine Gun is inferior to the MG-42, but it gets the job done. Since it has a five troop escort it can survive for longer, and return more fire, however, it is not as good at Pinning down the enemy. One of the most intriguing elements of the Maxim is how quickly it can deploy and re-deploy. The MG-42 needs a few seconds to pack up or setup, while the Maxim can do the same much quicker. As such, the Maxim can better evade artillery fire or fast moving enemy units, and even if it suffers some losses it can still return to base.

While not strong you can use it all the same against enemy Infantry and light Vehicles, just like the MG-42. Hiding it in structures might be the best idea, since all of its six men will be safe then, while in the open it might be hard to guarantee all of the men proper cover.

Company of Heroes 2

Spamming Mortars often does wonders, that is until the enemy finds a way to reach them, or they manage to evade them.

Mortar – The Soviet Mortar, unlike the German Mortar, can fire accurately, that is its special ability. In terms of firepower, range and accuracy I did not see any significant difference between the German and Soviet mortars. Both appear to be as deadly, and often the greater loss of soldiers from direct Mortar hits comes from the possible reason that Soviet soldiers have simply less health. The soviet mortar can act as proper support against enemy Infantry, together with a Maxim, but it may also be used to bomb enemy Light Vehicles and Weapon Teams. Since the Soviet Mortar also has a six man crew it can escape from a sticky situation far better than the German Mortar.

Company of Heroes 3

A Zis-3 Crew overlooking a Victory Point.

Zis-3 – The Zis-3 is a very practical gun. Not only is it good against German Medium Tanks and Light Tanks but it can perform double duty as an improvised artillery gun. Its range is limited to its default anti-tank range but its artillery shells can still damage infantry and light vehicles very effectively. So when you have two Zis-3 guns one could fire at enemy tanks while the other fires at the enemy infantry. It is hard for me to judge whether the Pak 40 is superior to the Zis-3, since both guns perform very well against enemy tanks. However, just like in the case of the Maxim and Mortar, the Zis-3 also has a six man crew, so it can survive for much longer than the Pak 40.


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