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A single HMG managed to stall an entire Infantry advance. It did not stop the SU-85 but it is earning my team enough time to gather a quick counter to this attack.

Enemy Artillery and “Spam” Tactics

It is likely that eventually the enemy will use Katyushas and/or Spam Tactics of Infantry or Tanks. Infantry is mildly easy to counter, if you have at least one HMG and mortars. Katyushas are lightly armored, and as such you could send a Panzer IV, Panzer Grenadier Squad or an Armored Car behind enemy lines to hunt down the Katyushas. Katyushas cost a lot of resources, so taking them out will put a huge dent in the enemy economy and force, so even sacrificing a cheaper unit to destroy them would be a huge benefit to you.

The greatest challenge you can face is when the enemy spams Armored vehicles, such as T-34s or SU-85s. The SU-85 is especially dangerous due to its firepower, but it lacks a proper weapon against Infantry. Part of the solution could be to use Panzergrenadiers with Panzerschrecks, but this is very expensive. Pak 40s are less expensive, however they are slow, and could be overrun.

The best way to stop an enemy “Spam” is to conserve your force from the beginning. If you have at least two tanks you could use them in conjunction with a Pak 40 and Panzer Grenadiers. Even a larger number of Stug IIIs could prove useful, if they manage to flank the enemy. However, if you have it, Heavy Artillery, Special Abilities or Rocket Artillery would be, sometimes, the simplest solution. One of the most effective Special Abilities against a Spam Tactic is Sector Artillery. Sector Artillery is the most effective of these because for just 200 Ammo the enemy entering the sector will be bombed mercilessly, until they leave or are dead. I even saw an IS-2 get taken out by Sector Artillery alone, so imagine what will happen to much lighter T-34s and Infantry. If you do not have access to artillery or Sector Artillery you only have Rocket Artillery. Since the German Rocket Artillery is somewhat limited in its usefulness you can still use it when the enemy concentrates their force in a single area, or if they attack your own troops, and do not drive over them. In such cases, when the enemy Infantry and tanks are closely compacted any form of artillery could win the day in a single well placed Salvo.

If you lack Artillery entirely it would be best to use a combination Paks and Panzergrenadiers, but if you are losing a lot of resources/units quickly then it could be End Game. Speaking of which…

Maintaining Your Force

Your army is not just a bunch of “throw-away” units. Every single unit is worth an arm and a leg to your economy, so sacrificing ANY unit is a waste of these resources. Infantry should be pulled back as soon as they suffer 50% damage. Tanks should not be used if the odds are clearly stacked against them. You do not always have to retreat to base. Building a series of Medical Bunkers and Command Outposts will allow your Infantry to heal and reinforce closer to the front. Tanks will need Pioneers however, and I found that you need at least two Pioneer squads to efficiently repair Panzer IVs and Panthers.

Every unit is worth a “bag of gold”, but sometimes you cannot simply retreat, such as when you have a Pak 40 in position. Thankfully, a Veteran Grenadier Squad or Panzer Grenadiers, can use Med Packs on all friendly squads. This costs a bit of ammo, but if you have friendly squads, unable to move away, then you could spend the small amount of ammo to keep them in top shape.

The biggest issue you could have are hard counter, such as Sniper Teams taking out your Mortars, HMGs or ATGs. It is hard to be prepared for every occasion, but if you have some resources left in reserve you should use them when the enemy is clearly using a unit you have no counter for (such as snipers).

Fuel Is Your Blood

Fuel is your number one essential resource. As such you should reinforce every neutral resource point to provide you with more fuel. Ammo might also be in short supply, but if you conserve your troops, and slowly build up your force, having numerous counters to enemy units, your ammo consumption will quickly drop, and you will have a huge ammo reserve. Fuel is used rapidly on ordering tanks, building base structures and upgrading your HQ, so having all the fuel you can is a priority. As such, if you have the 200 manpower to spare, upgrade a neutral point. Granted, you have to prioritize points which are behind your front line. Do not upgrade points you are unable to fully protect or you will lose the 200 manpower investment.

Do Not Rely On Elites

Do you build an Elefant, or a few Panzer IVs? Or maybe Stug IIIs? Here is the scoop, if you invest EVERYTHING into a single unit you are playing the game wrong. Single units do not win the battle, ever. Your priceless Elefant or Tiger could be rammed by a single T-34 and then destroyed by Anti-Tank guns. Your Panzer Grenadiers with Panzerschrecks could be “flamed” by flamethrowers, because they had no support. To rely only on “Top” units without the necessary “meat” behind them means you will lose the Elite and have absolutely nothing left. In the case of the Germans you have many methods of countering Tanks and Infantry, and a lot of them less expensive than the Elefant or Panther. While they might be less efficient you will not feel heart broken over losing a Panzer IV compared to how you would feel is you lost a Panther or Tiger.

Last Few Words

This Guide contains a lot of information, I know, and this is just for the Germans. The Soviets will have an equally impressive Guide, but it might take a bit more time for me to finish it. While you want you could check out our other Guides to Company of Heroes 2. This Guide here might be changed over time, but I hope you will find it useful all the same.

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