Company of Heroes 2: The Germans

Company of Heroes 2

Flakpanzers and Panzer IVs overruning our base completely.

Flakpanzer – I am certain you still remember the Armored Car? Now imagine you took an Anti-Aircraft gun, put it on a Panzer IV and deploy it. The Flakpanzer shares the toughness of the Panzer IV, and uses a powerful anti-aircraft gun, that will not only absolutely annihilate infantry but also take out lightly armored targets with extreme ease. However, because it lacks a more powerful gun it cannot deal with enemy tanks. It’s sides and rear are still vulnerable to anti-tank weapons. In summary it is a very good anti-infantry support weapon with a highly mobile force. It may be used on the defensive role, but an HMG might be more useful, because it can pin enemy squads.

Company of Heroes 2

A Panzerwerfer. While it might have an MG top gunner do not expect it to hold any ground on its own.

Panzerwerfer – I would like to insert a very long sigh here. The German Rocket Artillery, in terms of damage per hit, is as powerful as the Katyusha. HOWEVER, the Katyusha, when ordered to fire at a position, will fire three Salvos. The Panzerwerfer will fire only once. In that sense a single Katyusha can heavily damage an enemy position, while the Panzerwerfer will only “scratch the surface”. Do not be mistaken. Rocket Artillery, when it hits enemy tanks directly, can even destroy them. Lighter Vehicles will have a hard time surviving a direct salvo. As such, the Panzerwerfer, while inferior to the Katyusha in terms of “Salvo Length” can still target enemy concentrations and take them out.

The Panzerwerfer, despite looking armored, is in fact very weak. Even a mass of rifles and machine guns could destroy it, not mentioning tanks or anti-tank guns. Keep them safely away from the front line, and move them often to avoid enemy counter-artillery fire.

Company of Heroes 2

The mighty Panther. It’s front sloped armor poses a true challenge to most Anti-Tank weapons.

Panther – It is tempting to say that the Panther is the most powerful Medium Tank in the game. Sometimes it might even be considered a Heavy Tank.This is something the Soviets lack, and the Germans can brag about, a meaningful Medium Tank. However, the Panther is one of the most expensive core units in the game. It’s loss will cost you heavily in manpower, but it may absolutely empty out your fuel reserves. As such, you must be VERY careful with your Panther. It is not a tank that can go into battle on its own, since a ZiS-3 or Su-85 could easily ambush and take it out, in conjunction with a Guards unit that would Button it.

I could even argue that the Panther is, primarily, a tank meant for tank warfare. While it also has three machine guns its main gun appears to be better suited against armored targets than infantry. Despite having a very solid front it lacks in side and rear armor, so you MUST secure your flanks when using your Panther, and you must be aware of T-34s. Think about it this way, a T-34, that costs around half of what the Panther does, can smash into your panther (using Ramming Speed) and disable not only your Main Gun but also engine. Your super expensive and powerful tank just became a sitting duck. Thus, in an open battle, three Panthers will lose to six T-34s, if you do not protect yourself from their Ramming Speed Ability. Even SU-85s could destroy your Panthers, if you do not pay careful attention to your surroundings.

Company of Heroes 2

A Brumbar about to teach a squad of Guardsmen what humility means. Take note of the captured SU-85 right next to it.

Brumbar – Somebody got a bit bored, took a massiv armored body and put a gigantic gun on it, you have the Brumbar. The Brumbar is one of the least used support tanks in the game, because it has very limited usefulness. The Brumbar was created to get rid of structures. Unless a map has a lot of buildings that can be fortified, or if the Soviets create highly static positions, the Brumbar does not become overly useful. You can use it against masses of Infantry and Tanks, but it is also a very expensive tank, and you might be better off buying a few Paks, a Panzer IV or Panther, instead of the Brumbar. However, if the enemy is careless, and charges at the Brumbar en-mass with Infantry (as Russians tend to do) the Brumbar could take out a few enemy soldiers with each shot. Still, in order to make it worth its money it would have to kill a decent number of enemy troops, considering it costs a whooping 180 Fuel.


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