Company of Heroes 2: The Germans

Company of Heroes 2

A Damaged Half-Track awaiting repairs. You can clearly see both MG gunners.

Halftrack- The German Half-track may be upgraded to use two very deadly flamethrowers. These flamethrowers work independently of each other, so if the Half-track will have numerous units on both of its sides it can attack different units, in both directions. However, anti-tank weapons can quickly take out a half-track, so it should be used as a support vehicle, in this role, rather than form the spearhead of the attack.

In its basic, unupgraded, form the Half-track can transport two Infantry Units, and is equipped with two Machine guns, one on the front and one on the back. It is not the most powerful Anti-Infantry weapon, but because it can transport units safely and reinforce them (like base structures or Command Outposts) it could be an essential addition to your front line force. It’s lack of a strong weapon and armor should be taken to heart however, so do not waste your resources by throwing your Half-tracks alone into the fight.

Company of Heroes 2

Panzer Grenadiers attempting to push back a mass of Soviet Infantry, with an HMG supporting.

Panzer Grenadiers – Panzer Grenadiers are an improvement to the Grenadier, in a number of ways. They may be equipped with Panzerschrecks, making them very deadly Tank Hunters (if expensive). Their Bundled Grenade can absolutely murder Soviet Infantry, and their Assault Rifles, when used up close, can shred most Soviet Infantry very quickly. However, unlike Grenadiers, Panzer Grenadiers cannot construct bunkers or Fires, so they are better used in an offensive, rather than defensive role. At the same time Panzer Grenadiers are more expensive, so you have to be careful when sending them to the front alone.

Use Panzer Grenadiers to overwhelm enemy positions, together with tanks or other supporting units. They can deal with enemy Tank Hunters quickly, allowing your tanks to push forward. The Panzerschrecks when used by two squads, can force any enemy tank to rethink its advance, although much heavier tanks (like the KV-8 or IS-2) might be much less impressed.

Company of Heroes 2

A Stug III on a Winter Map. Note the Top Gunner, who was added to the Stug through an upgrade.

Stug III – This is your only Core Tank Hunter. It is cheap but only half-decent. The Pak 40 can do more damage than the Stug III, however, the Stug has Anti-Infantry capabilities and it can deal mildly well with enemy lighter tanks and vehicles. It can even engage enemy T-34s, but make sure that you do so from the flank, and never the front. In a 1 vs 1 situation the Stug III will normally lose to a T-34.

It is a mobile Tank Hunter, and as such it becomes useful when on the attack. On the defense it lacks the true firepower of the Pak 40. While it is cheaper than the Panzer IV it is not nearly as good. You should by no means consider it an equal to the SU-85 or even the SU-76. Although the SU-76 has less armor it can be used as an artillery gun, so the Stug III can at best be used as a support vehicle to a bigger attack, most likely unable to lead an attack of its own.

Company of Heroes 2

A veteran Panzer IV with Side and Turret Skirts. These will allow the Panzer IV to survive more shots (though I am not certain whether they increase Armor or Health or both).

Panzer IV – The Panzer IV is your “main” Battle Tank. Of course, the Panther is superior to the Panzer IV, but in terms of ease of production and access the Panzer IV will be your main choice of Tank, especially when you prefer quantity over quality (although it is not such a high drop in quality). The Panzer IV, with an upgraded Turret, will have a total of three Machine guns and a mildly powerful main gun. The Panzer IV with its mix of different types of firepower performs very well against most Soviet forces, with the clear exception of the ZiS-3 and SU-85, which can pierce its front hull easily.

The Panzer IV is mildly tough, especially from the front. It’s sides and rear are weak, and any anti-tank weapon can abuse the Panzer IV from these directions. The only exception are the Guards, whose Anti-Tank Rifles will chip away only bits of its hull. It’s main gun is effective both against Armor and Infantry. Heavy tanks will be more resistant to the Panzer IV, but the SU-85 and T-34 both may be defeated by a well controlled Panzer IV.

The Panzer IV best works in groups. Having anywhere between three and five Panzer Ivs will pose a serious threat to any Soviet force. This is of course a huge investment, but if you manage to Vet and maintain your tanks they will become very formidable weapons. After Vet 2 Panzer Ivs will be granted Armored Skirts, and by Vet 3 I observed that even an SU-85 attacking the Panzer IV from the front cannot win.


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