Company of Heroes 2: The Germans

Company of Heroes 2

An MG-42 team waiting at base for a Blizzard to pass. If I had a half-track I could move them to the front safely.

MG-42 – The German HMG is a weapon to be reckoned with. A single burst will pin an enemy, and within two or three bursts an enemy will be unable to move away from its fire, forcing them to flee or endure its fire. The MG-42 can also use incendiary special rounds, which make it more deadly against lighter vehicles.

In general, the MG-42 is an essential defensive unit, capable of stalling an entire enemy advance. On the attack it can also be used to force enemy units to flee, or into hiding, allowing your own infantry to advance.

The greatest weakness of the MG-42 is its limited crew size. Two teams of Snipers, or even a single sniper team, can take out an MG-42 crew, if you do not pay any attention to it. Enemy artillery fire and tanks can also kill the crew before they have a chance to flee. Keeping the MG-42 in green cover will allow them to survive for much longer.

Company of Heroes 2

A German Mortar Team (after a won game) still looking behind them to check for flanking enemies.

Mortar – The German (and Soviet) Mortars have a very long range, and are capable of counter-artillery fire. The German Mortar is most effective against enemy weapon teams (HMGs, Anti-Tank Guns, Mortars) but they can also effectively deal with infantry in tight clusters. The Mortar best works together with an HMG, which will pin the enemy to the ground, making them an easier target for the mortar. Mortars may also be used against enemy vehicles but they do not excel in this role, and more often than not they will perform only accidental vehicle kills.

The German Mortar suffers the same problem the MG-42 faces, a very small crew. Snipers and light Soviet vehicles could ambush your Mortars, destroying them before they have a chance to flee. It might be safer to keep your mortars further back, since their range is long enough to still help your front line, but you must keep a wary eye on any fog of war, where enemy vehicles and infantry could be hiding.

Company of Heroes 2

German Sniper sneaking behind a mass of Soviet Infantry.

Sniper – The German Sniper is a single soldier, armed with an accurate and deadly rifle. The problem with the German Sniper is that he lacks the “firepower” of the Soviet Sniper Teams. This is because Soviet Snipers come in pairs. So, an accurate Soviet Sniper Team can take out a Mortar with two simultaneous shots, while a German sniper would need five. That does not mean that the German Sniper cannot help at the front. His long vision and accuracy can still help during a defense or attack, when an enemy could be hiding inside a building, or when you have to finish off an ATG for your tanks to roll through. The problem with the German Sniper is the high cost and limited “use”. An HMG that costs less could pin down an enemy squad, while a Sniper can at best hope to take out the whole enemy squad, which would take a long while.

However, the Sniper can also act as an early spotter for your team. While he is in cover he will be hidden from the enemy, unless they approach too close. So, you can use him to ambush enemy Mortars/Weapon Teams and as a “Scout” or “Spotter” for enemy defenses and attack groups. There might be far cheaper options however so use the Sniper as you see fit.

Company of Heroes 2

A Pak 40 positioned next to a captured Health Point.

Pak 40- The German Anti-Tank gun is highly effective against enemy Vehicles and Tanks. Based on personal experience I would say that the Pak 40 has the firepower of the Panzer IV, while lacking the mobility and protection. The small crew size makes it very vulnerable to flamethrowers, grenades, molotovs and even enemy tanks, that might flank it.

The Pak 40 should be deployed behind your front line, because of its long range, and best used on the enemy flanks. While it can deal with Soviet tanks from the front far heavier tanks, like the IS-2 and KV-8, could shrug off your fire. In turn, most Half-tracks and the T-70 will be very threatened by the Pak 40.

Company of Heroes 2

An Armored Car. While it does have limited usefulness it can still perform well when hunting Weapon Teams or Snipers.

Armored Car – This is the cheapest Vehicle at your disposal. The Armored Car is equipped, at first, with an MG and may be upgraded to have a 2cm cannon (this costs 70 ammo however). With the basic MG the Armored Car may be used on single enemy squads, and gun crews (even Anti-Tank Guns), as long as it can outrun their turning. The 2cm cannon, although expensive, can be used to more effectively deal with enemy infantry, but more important it may be used as a counter to early Soviet Half-track rushes, since the 2cm cannon can destroy them quickly. It can even destroy the SU-76, if it manages to circle it. The key to winning with the Armored Car is NOT getting hit.

The Armored Car does become obsolete very quickly however, because it lacks almost any armor, and a single ZiS-3 shot can take it out. As such the Armored Car should not be used once the Soviets deploy heavier vehicles or ZiS-3 guns, since you will waste ammo, fuel and manpower on a unit that cannot deal with late-game pressure.


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