Company of Heroes 2: The Basics Guide

Resources and Base/Unit Building

There are three types of Resources. Manpower, Ammunition and Fuel. Manpower is used for almost everything, such as Building, Recruitment and Upgrades. The only exception are some abilities, except for off-map call-ins (such as the T-34/85). Ammunition is typically used for two things, Upgrades and Abilities (both Commander and Unit abilities). I did not see it used on any unit recruitment (and none of the artillery units need Ammo to fire). Fuel is the blood of any army, for numerous reasons. On the most basic level it is needed to construct Base Structures. Without Base Structures you cannot unlock more unit types. In the case of the Germans Fuel is needed not only for Base Structures, but also HQ Upgrades needed for these new buildings. Vehicles are also something that needs fuel, and tanks need an awful lot of it. There is, normally, no such thing as too much fuel. Manpower can also suffer a short supply if you have too quickly expanded or rebuilt your force.

Unlike in Company of Heroes 1 your troops can “Cap” a point (including Victory Locations) simply by standing near them. Infantry can do this freely, or even “block” a capture, if units from opposite sides stand within the same point. Tanks cannot Capture points (unless they have an ability allowing this). Curiously enough, infantry inside a half-track can capture points, from inside the half-track.

Company of Heroes 2

The Tactical Map allows you to get a good glimpse at where are the different resources. Circles are Manpower (here, not shown on the Tactical Map), Ammo is Ammo and Fuel Cans are Fuel. Manpower points can be upgraded to also produce Fuel and Ammo, through your Engineers/Pioneers.

The Germans use a “Linear “Progression in the Unlocking of their forces. They have four Stages of their force’s progression. During the first stage you can have basic infantry (Pioneers, Grenadiers, HMGs and Mortars). During the later stages you unlock more units, but it is not until the third and fourth stage that you actually gain access to tanks. The good news is that you do NOT have to build every structure that you unlock. Let us assume that you Upgraded your HQ fully. You do not need all the buildings in order to recruit a Panther, just the fourth and final one. In general I do not recommend skipping over “unit groups”, since you never know when you might need a seemingly weaker unit.

The Russians follow a “Two Tiered” Model. Initially you can build two “Infantry” buildings. Once you build any one of them you unlock the Tank and Support Tents, so you can, for example, Build a Specialist Rifles Tent, and then a Tank Tent. Unlike the Germans though, the Soviets have an easier time progressing to heavier units, even if recruiting them will still cost you an awful lot of fuel at an early game.

As such, you could say that the Russians are more flexible, since the Germans have to progress through all the possible stages to unlock their better vehicles and units, but that is not necessarily the case. Germans have access to very solid counters very early on in the game. Combined with your Commander’s Special Abilities the balance does not seem tipped in either side’s favor too much.

Company of Heroes 2

A Medical Point currently held by the enemy. You can see three Medics standing around the point. You do not have to kill the Medics to capture the point, just send a squad to stand on the point.

Recently I also encountered two new types of “Points” that may be captured, Watchtowers and Medical Points. Watchtowers, when captured, provide a wide field of vision of a portion of the battlefield around them. Medical Points when captured spawn a number of Medics allowing them to heal troops in the area who are out of combat. So far I found these on the City 17 Winter Map, and I found that having a Medical Point can really ease the pressure off your resources, be it on the attack or defense.

Battlefield Construction

You can construct a number of simple battlefield structures, using your Pioneers, Combat Engineers, Conscripts or Grenadiers. The Germans have the Bunker, which is EXTREMELY versatile. It may be upgraded to use an HMG, you can turn it into Medical Bunker, healing all nearby units, or into a Command Outpost, allowing your Squads to Reinforce at the front (you cannot use it to call-in new units however). These bunkers are not nearly as solid as those in Company of Heroes 1. Far from it. Molotovs and flamethrowers will have a surprisingly easy time taking them out, as well as any infantry hiding within them. While the cost of building a bunker is relatively low its upgrade cost is high, so guard your bunkers! Do not build them in dangerous locations.

The Soviets, in turn, have Sandbag Walls. These act as “Green Cover” (the best type of cover) and due to their length and thickness you could use them to block off bridges or thin passages, in swamps. The Soviets lack something akin to the bunker. They cannot create forward “outposts” like the Germans, so you might have a hard time maintaining your force at the front.

Company of Heroes 2

A Series of sandbag walls built by Soviet Conscripts. These will restrict enemy troop movement, but infantry can still climb over them, or move between the “cracks”.

Both sides have access to different types of Mines. It would be hard for me the generalize them, especially since each Commander can add more Mine types, but in general, you have Anti-Tank and Anti-Infantry Mines. Anti-Tank mines are typically VERY dangerous for light vehicles, such as half-tracks. Tanks will be damaged, but not destroyed as easily. Still, if you want to stop an assault very early on, Mines are the answer. Both the Germans and Soviets can combine their defensive structures, and thus using Bunkers/Sandbag walls for their infantry to hide in/behind, and then use mines up front to stop any foolish charge.

Unlike in the previous Company of Heroes game here you are unable to fortify, in any way, civilian structures. They can act as cover from enemy fire and the cold, but you CANNOT upgrade them into anything akin to the Barracks from Company of Heroes 1. Furthermore, based on my experience thus far, these building are extremely easy to take out with artillery fire, flamethrowers and even simple Molotovs. Any infantry inside will be “cooked”, leaving the building almost intact. However, too much fire can cause the structure, to literally, light up. This will result in a huge bonfire, turning the structure into rubble. It’s a pretty sight, but not too practical, especially on winter maps (unless you want to deny the enemy cover).

Bridges make an appearance again, but unlike in Company of Heroes 1 ordinary mortars are now capable of destroying them (that is, if we do count the small wooden bridges). Wooden bridges, just like in Company of Heroes 1, can be rebuilt using Combat Engineers and Pioneers. Be wary of Demolition Charges or enemy artillery that could take out your entire force with a single barrage. Not every single bridge can be destroyed, but bridges that can be destroyed will have a health bar you can observe while holding your mouse over them.


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