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Company of Heroes 2 has added a number of new elements to its gameplay. One of them is the Winter. This is more of a map-type than strictly speaking a mechanic, but one leads to the other. As stated in our Company of Heroes 2 Basics Guide, Winter maps tend to offer new challenges. You have to maintain certain lanes between the front and your base. You need to take into account local buildings, frozen lakes and fires. The battles become not only about tactical superiority but also attrition. Infantry is mainly affected by the winter but tanks too cannot feel perfectly safe from its “charm”.

This Guide is meant to be a mi of both useful information as well as fiction. I wrote it in a style of a World War 2 manual, though I did not base this small work on any actual manual. It contains both accurate in-game information, historical facts and fluff. It might be hard to tell which information will be most useful to you, in the game, but if you played at least one game of Company of Heroes 2 then you would know perfectly well which of this information is game-related.

My other Guide, written in a similar style but on a slightly different topic, is a Panther tank report, where I include, again in-game related information as well as historical facts. Here again it’s not meant to be a fully accurate, historically, but something you might enjoy reading, if you enjoy short fiction. I plan on writing more of these, but not just “Documents” but other bits and pieces as well. Stay tuned!

I am due to provide credit for the book and sheet background design, however I could not find the site I downloaded them from, but once I do the links to their sites will be stated here.

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