Changes to the War Economy in WoT 7.2 Patch

M103 Tank

M103 Tank - one of the things you will be able to spend your money on

More details on the World of Tanks 7.2 Patch have been revealed to the public. This time, information regarding changes to the economy. Those who played the game from the beginning would know that at later tiers the game gets “grindy”. The small trickle of credits and experience was always a bit of an annoyance, when you calculated on a day-by-day basis how many more battles would you need to fully upgrade your tank. The changes that will be introduced to WoT with the newest patch might change the “Grind” into a “Mini-Grind”.

Update: There is now a table showing the exact income changes per specific tank model on the main World of Tanks article here.

UPDATE #2: The release date for the patch is set. Check HERE for details.

One of the clearest changes will be Credit and Experience incomes for all tiers and tank types. This will be most heavily felt on the lowest tiers. Tier 1s will have almost double their current income, while even top-tier heavy tanks will feel a small surge. There was mention of a  number of tanks having an income drop, but no specific model was named.

At the same time, while participating in the Open Test, I noticed a decreased cost for research on some tank models. The overall combination of both an increased income and lower costs should make the experience of WoT much more enjoyable. You won’t have to sit for entire weeks to save up for the next tier. Certain modules and ammo types also suffered a price drop or increase. Having played mostly already Elite German tanks I cannot honestly say what is the situation for the French, Soviet or US tanks.

WoT is certainly going in the right direction. Even if these changes will not make the Tier 1 to 10 trip a breeze, it will certainly make it look less horrific. Combined with the other changes Patch 7.2 will add to the game, everybody’s experience will change. Whether to the better, or the worse, we are all bound to find out.

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