Challenging Traditional Gender Roles in Online Gambling

Among the first titles purchased with my own money as a boy was Vegas Dream for the NES. As you might expect by the name, it was a gambling game, starting you out with seven-hundred dollars and making available four different casino games. It was fun, but once I’d earned enough money the thrill of it abated, and it went on my shelf where it still sits. Funny that with the release of every new game console there have been gambling games produced for them which, while entertaining, didn’t sell very well.Vegas Dream

And then Facebook became popular, and that all changed. Visit Facebook and you’ll find hundreds of variations of online poker, blackjack, keno, slot machines, and a plethora of other glitzy Vegas knockoffs. And millions of people log on each day to play Texas Holdem poker online, or any other variation you’d care to name. Why suddenly so popular? What is the allure of a poker download that wasn’t there just a few years ago?


In truth, the market was always there; it just wasn’t being appealed to. Turns out according to sociological studies that, despite the mental image of a bunch of guys sitting around a card table in a smoky room playing poker, it’s women who gamble more. However, the right circumstances had not previously been met for women to feel that they could gamble comfortably. I mean, it’s not often that we see women signing up for poker freerolls on a professional level.

That’s because male gamblers see themselves as professional while female gamblers see themselves as casual. If you walk into a casino and look around, you’ll notice the men sitting around the blackjack, poker, and roulette tables. Women will be at the slot machines or playing keno most often. This is because to be at a poker table you must interact with other players and the dealer, know the rules inside and out, and be assertive with your betting. It is a more aggressive atmosphere which does not lend itself to the average female mindset. For that reason, a woman will typically prefer an atmosphere in which she does not have to interact with other people directly and need not necessarily know all the rules of the game to be able to have a good time, making online poker venues such as ideal.


Video game consoles have since their inception been more popular among males due in large part to the solitary nature of game play. But social media is predominantly female. And that serves as the gateway to more dedicated sites in which one can play online poker for real stakes, or any number of other games for that matter. Thus has a new and very large market been tapped, taking the online gambling industry from a multimillion dollar enterprise in the early 2000s to a multibillion dollar cash cow by 2005

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