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Student of Psychology, he was identified as a Nut-Job even before he started the course. Having done some small work as a Modder for a number of titles, and worked as a Game Designer part-time, Alex now writes in third person. As Co-Owner and Editor of he aims high, while being armed only with a sling. In the future, he hopes to become a fully qualified Newspaper Editor, and purchase Google.

Team Fortress 2 – Expiration Date

Valve never ceases to surprise me with their shenanigans, and this time they hit a jackpot, at least with my funny bone. Expiration Date is a short film that was released on the 17th of June 2014, featuring all of Red Team. The Plot is simple, Red Team return from a successful mission and while resting the Engineer and Medic make a shocking discovery. Apparently the teleporters they used to this point caused massive tumors (this conclusion coming from what happened to bread that was teleported) and that the team had only three days left to live. In between this is a another plot of the Scout trying to ask out Miss Pauling for a date (the Administrator’s assistant) but will he succeed? Who knows?

Team Fortress 2

What does bread have to do with teleporters?

The Gambling Games of Video Games

While different Video Games might include their own versions of popular gambling games as well as the original “core” versions, with slight modifications, we can see a number of different gambling games, or forms of risk taking, that are most commonly found through numerous titles. We have discussed in previous articles the reason why gambling appear in video games, and we did offer a few examples of their general utility, in relation to the story and the gameplay mechanic as a whole. In this article we will take a quick glance at the different most popular Gambling Games and mechanics that we typically find in Video Games.

Far Cry 3

Texas Hold’em. One of the most popular Card Games in the world and in Video Games.

FTL: Faster Than Light – Advanced Edition Mini-Guide

The FTL Advanced Mode unlocks new equipment, systems, race and ships. In this guide we will discuss some of these new changes so that you can see what manner of new possibilities you have when it comes to your FTL Games, in Advanced Mode. Personally I found these new additions to expand the possibilities of your ship, even if sometimes obtaining the necessary bits and pieces can be expensive or time consuming. This guide will be devided into a number of sections, focusing primarily on the new Systems, the Lanius Race, the new player ship and the new weapons at your disposal. If you are looking for a guide focused on the core, vanilla game please follow this link to our general FTL Guide.


The Mantis Cruiser Type C is a bit difficult to use. It lacks any offensive weapons, and instead comes with two types of bombs that are meant to stun enemies and hinder their movement. It is a very difficult ship to use at first.

Kenshi – Preview

What I personally like about new Studios is that they want to be-dazzle the audience with something new. In the case of Kenshi what allured me was a mildly big world, with an interesting combat mechanic, and the option to either go Solo, become a “Band” or create your own Outpost or Town. While it’s still not quite there (plenty of bugs, some crashes, and that general feeling of “There could yet be more!”) I found it enthralling for a number of reasons, and here you will learn what they are.


Kenshi’s map is sizeable, and one of the most impressive technical feats in the game is that you can jump from one end of the map to the other with very short loading times.

Skallagrim – A Channel About Blades

Once in a while you may find something intriguing on Youtube. Those may be Gameplay Videos, Trailers, Musical channels or perhaps whole movies or television series. Fact of the matter is, when you find one good video you will follow it to its channel and then see what else the creator has to offer. I do not remember how exactly I found Skallagrim but I am glad I did.

Skallagrim is a channel primarily about different blades. It’s not just a show-and-tell channel, filled with unpacking videos, or a series of rants or commentaries about why certain sword are better than others. What hooked me about Skallagrim is how he tackles different topics, in regards to sword-fighting (and not only). While you will find there videos relating to weapon laws, fighting techniques and also commentaries on different (very strange at times) swords Skallagrim also touches on topics that very much relate to Video Games.


That is, most likely, not a kitchen knife.

NEO Scavenger – Ten Beginner Tips

NEO Scavenger is a mildly demanding Roguelike. A lot of things can go wrong, your initial selection of skills, traits and even what equipment you take or leave all influence how long you will survive for. The purpose of this guide is to offer your ten tips to ease you into the game, especially if you are playing NEO Scavenger for the first time. If you want to give NEO Scavenger a go you can find a free Demo at the Blue Bottle Games site. This Demo will allow you to sample a good portion of the game, especially its “randomness”.

NEO Scavenger

Sitting in my camp, surrounded by deer and ruined buildings. That was the calmest moment during that playthrough.

Pixel Piracy – Beginner’s Guide

So, you just bought Pixel Piracy and do not know how to accomplish anything? Need a few tips, hints or general advice? Worry not! Here I will aim at providing as much help as possible to anybody who is just starting their pirate career! I had problems myself, especially with some of the game’s functions, such as opening chests or looting ships, but now that all of that is cleared out of the way I can help you, or at least set you on the right course!

Plenty of images incoming!

Pixel Piracy

Sudden explosions, fires, starvation and more! Ain’t it grand to be a pirate?

The Game of Risk

Risk is something present in a lot of Video Games. The way it appears may differ. We might be speaking of putting all of your in-game savings on the line in a questionable gambling mini-game, or attempting to act “beyond the call of duty” in a mission, in order to either win more, or simply for the satisfaction of “winning”. Risk-taking has been tackled in a number of ways. Some people may take too high a risk constantly (these might be excitement seekers) or those who never take any risks, in order to preserve their status quo. This of course translates into Video Games as well, since almost every single game will force some type of choice. Now, in my eyes creating a challenge (by choosing a higher difficulty rating) is not the same as taking a risk. Risk usually means that something can be lost. Let us go more in-depth.


Operation Barbarossa was a huge risk taken by Hitler, in order to per-emptively strike at the Soviet Union and knock it out of the war. A lot of Hitler’s early military campaigns carried with themselves a lot of risk.

League of Legends: Top Ten Most Annoying Champs

League of Legends has a wide selection of different champions that you may purchase, or you may end up playing against. Among all those champions will be those you will learn to love, and hate, with a passion. This list of our own Top Ten List of the most annoying League of Legends champions. Now, to make it absolutely clear, these champions will be annoying through their abilities, not simply due to their visuals or name. At the same time, only because a champion could be annoying does not mean that the player you might end up facing will know how to be “annoying”. In order for you to understand what I mean by “annoying” each champion I speak of will have an explanation of his spot on the list.

So, let us begin!

League of Legends

One of the great Legends… Where will he be on the list?

10 Prison Architect Beginner Tips

Prison Architect was an adventure for me, and for my guards, and lastly for my prisoners. I cannot count how many riots I had to suppress, how difficult it was for me to manage even a small prison, and during some games how to make a profit. All of that is behind me, especially since I had to do a bit of troubleshooting of my own, when I was faced with a number of unknown or strange problems. This short Tips List aims at providing answers to many different questions regarding Prison Architect, and I hope that in the process you will have a much easier time playing this game.