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Skyrim Mods You Should Try

Skyrim has so many different Mods for itself, one can get completely lost and confused as to which ones should be installed, and which ones abandoned and forgotten. While I might not be the most hard-core user of Skyrim Mods there has been an extensive list of them that I did use and that I would like to recommend.

The Mods come in different categories, those that you should consider essential and those that are optional (or enhance a specific type of gameplay). This list is still a work in progress. If you have suggestions of your own please post them in the comments!

5 Idle Games You Should Try

Usually when you engage in a Video Game you need a constant input. In Action games you keep clicking, in strategy games you keep strategizing and in puzzle games you keep thinking. What of Idle Games then? Why does a game that is all about not playing the game so fun? Sometimes it’s the design, other times it’s the idea alone that appeals to us. There are many different Idle Games, and while I cannot honestly tell you which one was the first, or which of them are the best I do have a few titles for you that you should try.


Idle Game - Cookie Clicker

Sometimes the world revolves around one massive cookie.

The Gambling Games of Video Games

While different Video Games might include their own versions of popular gambling games as well as the original “core” versions, with slight modifications, we can see a number of different gambling games, or forms of risk taking, that are most commonly found through numerous titles. We have discussed in previous articles the reason why gambling appear in video games, and we did offer a few examples of their general utility, in relation to the story and the gameplay mechanic as a whole. In this article we will take a quick glance at the different most popular Gambling Games and mechanics that we typically find in Video Games.

Far Cry 3

Texas Hold’em. One of the most popular Card Games in the world and in Video Games.

The Game of Risk

Risk is something present in a lot of Video Games. The way it appears may differ. We might be speaking of putting all of your in-game savings on the line in a questionable gambling mini-game, or attempting to act “beyond the call of duty” in a mission, in order to either win more, or simply for the satisfaction of “winning”. Risk-taking has been tackled in a number of ways. Some people may take too high a risk constantly (these might be excitement seekers) or those who never take any risks, in order to preserve their status quo. This of course translates into Video Games as well, since almost every single game will force some type of choice. Now, in my eyes creating a challenge (by choosing a higher difficulty rating) is not the same as taking a risk. Risk usually means that something can be lost. Let us go more in-depth.


Operation Barbarossa was a huge risk taken by Hitler, in order to per-emptively strike at the Soviet Union and knock it out of the war. A lot of Hitler’s early military campaigns carried with themselves a lot of risk.

League of Legends: Top Ten Most Annoying Champs

League of Legends has a wide selection of different champions that you may purchase, or you may end up playing against. Among all those champions will be those you will learn to love, and hate, with a passion. This list of our own Top Ten List of the most annoying League of Legends champions. Now, to make it absolutely clear, these champions will be annoying through their abilities, not simply due to their visuals or name. At the same time, only because a champion could be annoying does not mean that the player you might end up facing will know how to be “annoying”. In order for you to understand what I mean by “annoying” each champion I speak of will have an explanation of his spot on the list.

So, let us begin!

League of Legends

One of the great Legends… Where will he be on the list?

Fallen London – A Web Browser Story

Normally I do not focus much on writing about Web Browser games, because they follow certain schematics. There are the so called MMOs, strategy games and RPGs, all of which look more or less the same. Some of them will have something unique about them, but the really good “Web Browser” games move onto having their own clients… or they even end up on Steam. I know, being on Steam is not always a denominator of quality but it’s a form of distinction, I would say.

Recently I had a hunger for a Free to Play game. First I visited Steam but nothing with all the fancy 3D graphics caught my attention. So I typed in “Free to Play Games List” in Google and I found a site with a lengthy list of 50 different Free to Play games. I had a feeling I would find something there, so I started searching through the list! I scrolled through the pages, filled with different games, and found absolutely nothing I did not know of already, or that did not sound all that interesting. Then my eyes got stuck on Fallen London. Not only was the name intriguing but it was clearly one of the very few browser games on the list. Since its name and looks stood out the most I decided to give it a try, and I was in for a treat!

Fallen London

A quick look at my selection of stories in one of the regions of London, as well as some of my stats (to the left). It might not look too fancy but it’s surprisingly easy to use.

War Thunder – On Tanks

After seeing those tanks Screenshots for War Thunder I sat back and waited for further updates on tanks. Then came the second update with more tank screenies, but that felt like a Starbound update, meaning, “Nothing substantial, we are still working on it.” It was not until today that one of our readers (iamthelol) pointed out that there are already gameplay videos of tanks from War Thunder. How did this get past me? I stopped focusing on War Thunder, since there were many other things on my mind after the period of the past month. So if you too did not look into recent War Thunder news, here is the scoop.

Payday 2 – Beta Impressions

I enjoyed Payday 1. When I heard that Payday 2 is coming out my first thought was, “They can’t improve it. It’s impossible.”. It’s not that I did not hope we would receive a great sequel, I simply set my expectations very low, so that if the surprise turned out to be sour I would not be as disappointed. Guess what? I was not, in fact I am more than impressed, on many different levels. The graphics are improved, the difficulty is higher, more complexity, more rules, more customization, more everything. If I was ever to give an example of a good sequel Payday 2 would be one of the prime examples.

Payday 2

Gaze upon my mask of doom!

Chivalry Medieval Warfare vs War of the Roses

So, you are divided between Chivalry Medieval Warfare and War of the Roses? I understand, it is not an easy choice. Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses and in this article we will compare the two games. I will not tell you outright which one is better or worse, as I found both games to be entertaining in their own ways. It is all really a question of what you are after from your games, and if you need help deciding read on!

War of the Roses

Even though they look like Agathians these are in fact Men at Arms from War of the Roses.

WriterX’s Strategy Academy Announcement

Recently I came to a number of realizations. Strategy appears in many different forms, in many different Video Games. Recently there have been more and more RTS/FPS hybrids, that allow for one or a few people to command a battlefield, while the men below fight against other men.Victory is won by the men down below, but it is planned by the officers, leaders and commanders. I plan on collecting all of my articles on War and Strategy and grouping it all up into a single “Academy” page where you will be free to read-up on topics or ideas that you might find useful.

Strategy Academy

Strategy and Tactics.