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Zombie Panic: Source might be an FPS but it is not an easy game. On one hand, you can pick up weapons and ammo at random, killing a few zombies on the way. On the other, winning is an entirely different story. We have a guide on surviving ZP:S here but if you are looking for a quick read, below is a list of forty tips from me and Fanatyk. We are still both very active in ZP:S so we might meet each other online some time. If what you read here is not enough, check the guide.

Good hunting!

40 Zombie Panic: Source tips

  1. Pistols are great, if you use plenty of them. Carrying 2 or more allows you to change weapon instead of reloading, since it is faster. This makes pistols almost as deadly, as rifles, and you can find lots of ammo on most maps. They are also light, therefore you can run faster. 5 glocks means you have 85 bullets at your disposal, without reloading. BTW, dropping a gun is even faster.
  2. If you see a zombie, the zombie can see you. What does that mean? It will bring its friends. Stay hidden to maximize your odds.
  3. Often it is pointless to carry close combat weapons. You can find them often if you need them, and if it comes to close quarters, you are probably dead anyway. Why burden yourself?
  4. Sun Tzu said: “Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.”. Eventually you will have to take the fight to the zombies, during Survival rounds, or when the barricades have to be fixed.
  5. Sun Tzu also said: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Remember that as a zombie, give survivors some of your love!
  6. Do not die! Every dead survivors means one more zombie. Gather weapons, find some allies and cover each other’s backs.
  7. Do not go do down easily. Your barricade might be down, your friends dead, but never rage quit. Take as many of the zombies as you can with you. Your sacrifice could mean the difference between Victory and Defeat, for the survivors.
  8. Share your weapons! Better alive with an empty pistol, than dead with shotgun, rifle and plenty of grenades.
  9. Although building a barricade is a good idea to slow the zombies down, it is a huge waste of resources to leave it unmanned. If there is nobody to reinforce a barricade, or to stop the zombies from destroying it, there is really no point in constructing it.
  10. Save ammo. Don’t shoot, when you won’t be able to kill.
  11. If you can’t find ammo for your gun, pick up whatever you can. You can exchange it later, hidden behind some barricade.
  12. Aim for the head. An ordinary pistol can kill a zombie with about six or seven shots to the head. Otherwise, you might have to waste a whole clip on the zombie’s body.
  13. Rifles aren’t that good. They are heavy, you run out of ammo fast and it is hard to come by. They are good mainly in close quarters. Save your rifle ammo for such occasions, let the shotgun, magnum and pistol guys do the job whenever you can afford it.
  14. Sometimes, being on the move is better, than barricading yourself in. There are a few factors that make this possible. Light and open space being the two major ones. If there is plenty of light you will have no problem spotting the zombies. If it’s a vast open space, zombies will have nowhere to hide.
  15. If you are playing zpo_harvest, and fall down from the barn, hide in the shadow on the roof of the house. Getting back inside is going to be dangerous, but you might survive there.
  16. In zpo_biotec it is sometimes better to wait, as the survivor, near the doors leading to the basement. Once the key is found you can rush to the generator switch, before the zombies stop you, or ambush you. That is, if the other survivors went for the keys.
  17. Think, when using explosives/grenades! Destroying your own barricades is the dumbest thing you can do – and I see a lot of people doing just that.
  18. Grenades, although destructive, are difficult weapons to use. Practice with them when you can. Do not worry if you get your first throws wrong, or if the grenade flies in the completely wrong direction
  19. Use explosive barrels wisely. Both as a survivor and as a zombie. Remember, that as a zombie you can use it to damage barricades.
  20. As a zombie, remember the IED can be moved. Punch it, and it will move gently forward, or you can push it. Do this, in case the survivors blocked a key passage for your advance.
  21. Can’t get somewhere? Try to move nearby objects to make it easier. You can even move cars
  22. Barricading doors is better, than their frames. If the door opens inwards, put the planks on top of it instead of doing it after the door is destroyed. This way, zombies can’t jump on top of it and insta-destroy your barricades.
  23. Most maps have hidden stores of ammo or weapons. The only way to discover them as a survivor or zombie, is to look for them!
  24. Remember that shotguns, rifles and pistols all share their respective ammo types. You do not need separate types of ammo for your MP5 or AK-47.
  25. Some wooden boxes contain ammo or weapons. Learn to recognize them. Too many people ignore them.
  26. A team of survivors is impossible to defeat in a single charge, it is a fortress which has to be hit, over and over. But if you are faced with a single survivor, who has plenty of weapons and ammo, charge in a group. Even if he kills some of you, he will not have enough ammo in his chamber for all of you.
  27. Don’t run into zombie spawn. You may be having a killing spree, but your bloodlust will get you killed eventually.
  28. Sometimes, if you are close to a zombie spawn on objective map, let the zombie live for a while instead of killing it on sight. The fewer times you kill it, the less ammo you waste.
  29. Save your good guns (shotguns, rifles, magnum) for dangerous situations. If 6 survivors are shooting a zombie from a distance, use a pistol. Why waste the good stuff? Plus, if something happens, your good stuff is locked & loaded.
  30. As a zombie, don’t always rush. If you are close and all your companions-in-undeath dead, try to hide close to survivors. Charge, when the next wave comes in, and become the huggiest surprise they can get!
  31. If you want to talk about everything, go to some internet chat. Voice communication in ZP:S can be used for greater good, than playing your favourite music.
  32. Your flashlight is both your blessing and curse. It allows you to see, but also gives your position away. Due to the Source Engine not being fully realistic, even though you are hiding underground or inside a house, your flashlight could shine beyond the wall, giving away your position.
  33. If everybody around is using flashlights, you don’t really have to waste your own batteries.
  34. As a zombie, if you suddenly see a flashlight around the corner, wait there. When the survivor appears you will at least give him a heart attack.
  35. On some servers, a Med Kit or Pills can cure the infection. Check the server settings to know if it’s possible.
  36. When all else fails, Panic. Take whichever weapon still has ammo, or your close combat weapon, and press P. Although zombies might be right on your tail, grab a weapon on the run and shoot them down. Alternatively, go to whichever spot you think still has survivors. If they are kind, they will let you in.
  37. During very long rounds ammo might respawn. This is not a rule, but remember where specific ammo/health pack spawns were. You might find a surprise there at some point.
  38. Most of the time, there is no Friendly Fire. If in doubt what is running toward you, fire first, ask questions later.
  39. A well-timed double barrel (right button) head shot from the winchester kills instantly. But watch out for Whitey!
  40. Even without a headshot (or from a greater distance), a couple more pistol bullets should solve the problem in front of you.#

Alex “WriterX” Bielski & Fanatyk


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    Close combat weapons are better because there is less noise. Thats why you “burden yourself”

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