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The Game of Risk

Risk is something present in a lot of Video Games. The way it appears may differ. We might be speaking of putting all of your in-game savings on the line in a questionable gambling mini-game, or attempting to act “beyond the call of duty” in a mission, in order to either win more, or simply for the satisfaction of “winning”. Risk-taking has been tackled in a number of ways. Some people may take too high a risk constantly (these might be excitement seekers) or those who never take any risks, in order to preserve their status quo. This of course translates into Video Games as well, since almost every single game will force some type of choice. Now, in my eyes creating a challenge (by choosing a higher difficulty rating) is not the same as taking a risk. Risk usually means that something can be lost. Let us go more in-depth.


Operation Barbarossa was a huge risk taken by Hitler, in order to per-emptively strike at the Soviet Union and knock it out of the war. A lot of Hitler’s early military campaigns carried with themselves a lot of risk.

Top 10 Failures in Nintendo History

There are some days when the words will just not come. I stare at the empty page, a yawning void looking back into the soul of me, and I’m tormented by the loss of my muse. That’s when determination sets in, the training that tells me I cannot allow myself to write only on days when the words sing and I must trudge on regardless. On those days, any old thing typed down will do, just so long as I don’t allow myself to stop.

League of Legends: Top Ten Most Annoying Champs

League of Legends has a wide selection of different champions that you may purchase, or you may end up playing against. Among all those champions will be those you will learn to love, and hate, with a passion. This list of our own Top Ten List of the most annoying League of Legends champions. Now, to make it absolutely clear, these champions will be annoying through their abilities, not simply due to their visuals or name. At the same time, only because a champion could be annoying does not mean that the player you might end up facing will know how to be “annoying”. In order for you to understand what I mean by “annoying” each champion I speak of will have an explanation of his spot on the list.

So, let us begin!

League of Legends

One of the great Legends… Where will he be on the list?