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An Early Look at The Order: 1886

With the success of Playstation 3 exclusives such as Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us, Sony is developing a market strategy focusing on the creation of exclusive new intellectual properties in direct opposition to Microsoft’s tendency to utilize multi-platform sequels, and Nintendo’s predilection for the reproduction of intellectual properties from close to thirty years ago. And, since the Playstation 4 will soon be dropping opposite the Xbox One (with the Wii U sitting in the corner eating paste), gamers are owlishly watching to see which console (if any) is the smarter buy.

Top 10 Games to get into the Halloween Spirit

The unknown. It is both our greatest fear and the singlemost thing which galvanizes us, which holds our attention, and which inspires us to act. Why are we afraid? Because our imaginations present a million and one possibilities of a reality immeasurably worse than our own. Why are we still attracted to it? Because there still remains the hope that the unknown contains a reality better than the one we live in now, and humans are notoriously bad at reckoning the odds. Halloween, though westernized, Anglicized, and removed of its teeth, still remains a humbling reminder that the only reason the world is not more than we think it is is that we simply haven’t made that discovery yet. It creeps in at the corners of our perception, making us question our mundane world, and opening us to the chance, the most minute of chances, that there is something more out there which would change everything. That unique Halloween spirit is difficult to capture in its entirety, but aspects of it are visible in the following titles.

Top 10 Games to Help Fight the Winter Blues

It’s not uncommon for people to suffer from a little depression during the fall and winter. Maybe not bad enough to be clinically diagnosed, just a muted feeling that turns life down and makes everything seem like so much of a chore. Gamers have more reason to be depressed during winter than most. All the major titles drop by November and then there’s nothing to open on Christmas morning. Take into account the flagging economy and a lot of people don’t have the cash on hand to blow on new releases. But it’s not like a good gamer would throw himself into his family, focus on getting into the holiday spirit, and participating in community events to make connections and enjoy the warm glow of brotherhood. That requires you leave your room and *gasp* talk to people! So here are the top ten current gen titles to inject some warmth, cheer, and light into an otherwise drab, grim, grey, chest-high wall filled existence.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Down the Drain

I suppose there’s no harm in admitting I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan as a kid. I watched the cartoons, collected the action figures, had the PJs and bedclothes, went to see the movies, collected the comics, and of course I had to have the games when they released. As with anyone who played it, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES was a matter of finding workarounds and ways to game the system considering its difficulty level. The sequel was a little more the right tone, having been taken from the arcade version of the game.