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Viscera Cleanup Detail – I’m a Space Janitor!

Sitting in my room, with no way of cooling myself, makes me dream of distant places, far far away from the scorching sun. In an attempt to escape the summer lull I headed into space. As it turns out trying to fly even to the next planet costs an arm and a leg so after being stranded on Mars I got a job offer as a Space Janitor. I thought it can’t be anything too difficult, I thought I will just have to do the usual mopping and cleaning… how wrong I was. Welcome to Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Viscera Cleanup Detail

I might not know better, but that must had been one hell of a freak accident.

Papers, Please – Immigration Officer Simulation

One of those days I will wake up and realise that there was an Indie game developed for every single job imaginable. This time around I would like to bring forth a game in which you are an Immigration Officer, of a Communist country called Arstotzka. Your job is to regulate who enters or does not enter, your wonderful country. Of course, this is more complicated than it sounds. People will attempt to enter through the use of forged documents. As time progresses you will be given more tools to regulate people entering the country. At first you will only have to examine their passports for correct information, then you will have to collect tickets, verify documents and you will even have an opportunity to catch terrorists, smugglers and criminals (if you read the news and pay careful attention to detail). The best part? It’s still in Beta, so we can expect much, much more from this title.

Papers, Please

An example of what you will be doing in the game. Due to a recent terrorist attack I have to “Scan” all the people from the nation of Kolechia. You can see her body scan hidden behind the rule book, entry permit on the left and passport on the right.

Cavalry – The Strategic and Tactical Perspective

The Cavalry comes in many forms. Depending on the Time/Era that we look we might observe that Cavalry was formed and used in different ways. In the Middle Ages it might had been formed out of Knights, thus heavily armored and well trained, while during the 1st World War Cavalry could be used for reconnaissance or quick flanking attacks. While the use of cavalry might had changed the tactics involved in their usage remained similar. In this article I try to discuss the usage of Cavalry and then translate it into Video Games, as many strategy games use Cavalry, in one form or another. While I will try to keep a broad perspective on the topic I doubt I will be discuss everything and as such I invite you, my dear readers, to explore these notions on your own.


In many Video Games the cavalry has a major impact on the course of any battle, if you know how to use it.

Paradox Now Sells Books On Amazon!

I was sitting in my office (well, alright, it’s just my room) and I received an e-mail about something most curious. Paradox has decided to sell books now, through Amazon! Some of the books are alternate histories (as is usually the case with most Paradox games) and there is even one story-guide, based around Crusader Kings 2. Now, these are all E-Books, meant for the Kindle, so before you rush off to buy any of them make sure you have got the hardware/software to read them. I did not have a chance to read them myself, so I cannot vouch for how good or bad they are but based on the quality of Paradox Video Games they might have a good hand in writing Alternate History books.

Below is more information, provide by Paradox, enjoy!

Paradox Books

Modern FPS Parodies – “You don’t own the DLC”

We enjoy laughing at modern, realistic, triple A FPS games. They are not terrible in terms of quality but we can agree that certain “elements” of these new FPS games damage rather than improve the industry. While I was trying to cool down in a tub filled with ice blocks I decided to collect a few of the parodies I have watched and enjoyed and decided to report them here, for your enjoyment.


“… My pants are on fire, aren’t they?”

10 Dwarf Fortress Beginner Tips – Part 1

You could say a lot of things about Dwarf Fortress, and not one of them would even mention the word “Easy”, other than “Easily crushed” or “Easily lost”. Dwarf Fortress is a learning experience, since you discover something a bit different each time you play. Sometime it is hard to learn, when you are not certain what you did wrong. This short Guide aims at shedding some light to the most common issues I had, which I managed to resolve. These will come from many different “areas” from Dwarf Fortress, but I hope each of you will find something for yourself.

Dwarf Fortress

“Dig… Dig… Dig…”

Can Survival Horror Work With Co-op?

I recall watching a review by Yahtzee Croshaw, where he mentioned that Survival Horror can no longer be Survival Horror once there is more than one person. The argument is sound. Survival Horror games tend to be about limited resources, where you are alone, without any help. Survival becomes a challenge, because on the “Solo” level you are already highly restricted. However, I think Yahtzee was wrong in one respect, most Survival Horror games are in fact “Action Horror”. They were not that challenging to begin with, in terms of the Survival Horror aspect. In that sense, the co-op was simply an addition to the game, so that people can play with each other, in a “Horror” setting they like.  I believe that in a properly designed Survival Horror game co-op might be more desired than going solo, and it can still be very challenging when playing with others.

Horror Survival

Even when in an Exo-Suit you cannot feel completely safe. I have to personally say that being inside one of these babies is one of the best “Alien” experiences I ever had. You are tough but you still need help from your infantry, to keep you fixed and operable.

Payday 2: Web Series Compilation

In case you never heard of it before, Payday (and Payday 2) is a game about four criminals performing a number of different Heists. The aim? Money. Everything does not always go according to plan, sometimes a few heads have to roll but from the point of view of the player it’s action packed and FUN! I was a fan of the first Payday. While each level could be similar small things could change each time. The position of the objectives, when and what cops show up. Sometimes you had some influence over how a missions would proceed. You could take the silent approach, or guns blazing. The game was surprisingly good, and with its leveling system you could design the equipment setup that most suited you.

Payday 2

… I just love those masks.

Top Ten PS1 Games to Revisit for the Summer

Released in 1995, the original PlayStation is certainly dated by today’s standards. You’re more likely to find it in yard sales than electronics shops. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The PlayStation hit the market before video game publishers had aggregated into major conglomerates, making for a wealth of individual developing groups, all of whom had the capacity to publish games for the PlayStation thanks to the fact that it was the first successful console to employ compact discs instead of chipsets. Previously the cartridge into which a game’s chipset was loaded had to be licensed by the console’s creator, creating a pinch point that prevented independent game developers from getting their games out to the average consumer. Perhaps then this is why we see so much creativity in Playstation titles, and while there is no doubt that everyone has their personal favorites, here are ten sure winners to get back to while we wait for the industry to release its line of Fall titles.

Top 10 Games to Revisit During the Summer Lull

Why is it summer break coincides with the annual dry spell from video game developers? The one time of your life that you’ll have tons of time on your hands, and no new games are being released. Well, it’s time to check the shelves for a few titles that you’ll happily come back to time and again. So sit in your darkened, air-conditioned house and enjoy these depictions of summer surf and turf.