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Top 10 Most Marketable Video Game Trailers

Marketing is an art, in that it’s the practice of getting someone to pay attention to your ad and motivate them to buy whatever you’re selling while making them forget that they’re being intruded on and told to go out and buy something. How is that goal best achieved? Entertainment. Video game trailers are a carefully calculated mix of story, music, action, and implication of an even greater experience to be had. Their goal is to excite you, motivating you to anticipate a game’s release so you go out and buy it. And they’re so effective at this task that prospective buyers actually look up trailers in order to motivate themselves. So let’s look at ten of the best examples of skillful marketing in video game trailers.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare vs War of the Roses

So, you are divided between Chivalry Medieval Warfare and War of the Roses? I understand, it is not an easy choice. Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses and in this article we will compare the two games. I will not tell you outright which one is better or worse, as I found both games to be entertaining in their own ways. It is all really a question of what you are after from your games, and if you need help deciding read on!

War of the Roses

Even though they look like Agathians these are in fact Men at Arms from War of the Roses.

WriterX’s Strategy Academy Announcement

Recently I came to a number of realizations. Strategy appears in many different forms, in many different Video Games. Recently there have been more and more RTS/FPS hybrids, that allow for one or a few people to command a battlefield, while the men below fight against other men.Victory is won by the men down below, but it is planned by the officers, leaders and commanders. I plan on collecting all of my articles on War and Strategy and grouping it all up into a single “Academy” page where you will be free to read-up on topics or ideas that you might find useful.

Strategy Academy

Strategy and Tactics.

Middle of Nowhere – Teaser Trailer

Some time ago I wrote about Middle of Nowhere, an upcoming Horror Survival game that has that Silent Hill feel. A few days ago the first Teaser Trailer was released, showing a bit of the gameplay mechanics, the monsters and the environments. While it is clear that the game is still a work in progress, and on the side of the graphics there is still a need for a lot of polish, I am glad we can take this short glimpse into Middle of Nowhere.

In case you did not read our previous article, or you can’t be bothered with clicking the link, Middle of Nowhere is about Issac, Emily’s father. Emily has been suffering a series of strange nightmares, and has often been found sleep walking, away from the house. In an attempt to find a doctor who could help Emily, Issac drives with her in search of a doctor. They crash, and when Issac awakens he finds Emily missing and he is forced to search the strange world of Middle of Nowhere to find her.

As myself and others have noticed, the game does have a certain Silent Hill feel to it. How far will the developers go with sustaining this, and what will the gameplay be like is yet to be seen. My personal hope is en par of something like Silent Hill, where combat, while present, will not be the focus of the game, and instead it will be the puzzles, evasion and the HORROR that will pull on our strings.

There will be an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Middle of Nowhere, so stay tuned on news about that If you want to learn more about Middle of Nowhere check out their site.

Now, sit back and relax. It is time for the trailer. Do not be prepared for any super-duper CGI. This is some very early gameplay footage (I did find the music to be very good though, there is more of it on their site).

Natural Selection 2: 10 Commander Tips

A position of command is a position of great responsibility. Unless you do not really care for your position that is… That might lead to disaster, sooner or later. Your skills and abilities in Natural Selection 2, as the commander, are the difference between victory and defeat. If you played NS2 long enough you would realise that without a good, competent commander nobody on your team will have any fun, because you will be squashed around every corner. Of course, into account we also have to take the abilities of the individual “soldiers”, but Marines with assault rifles cannot defeat a fully expanded hive, no matter how skilled they are.

The purpose of this guide is to provide some useful tips when playing as either the Alien or Marines commander. Some of these tips apply to both sides, though they differ in usefulness. If this is what you are after, read on! If you need more details on any of the aliens, abilities or marines, check out the Natural Selection 2 Wiki.

Frozen Hearth – Some Good, Some Bad

This is a game I was meant to review ages ago, but because of issues I have been having with it I had a mismatch of emotions. Frozen Hearth is an RTS game, with a unique take on your General’s/Hero’s special abilities. As you fight you gain experience points that you can then spend on different abilities and attributes. It’s what we had in Warcraft 3, but more complex. The story of the campaign is interesting but it was mainly the campaign that held me back, together with graphical issues, and below I will explain it all.

Frozen Hearth

It might not look pretty, but games do not have to look good in order to be enjoyable.

Top 10 Most Heroic Racks of Gaming

That’s right, today’s puff piece is about breasts (aka. Racks), and probably about the heroines attached to them if we have time. It’s not enough in video gaming to have a silent role and sport spectacular chesticular protuberances to make a female character that’s entertaining enough for all audiences to enjoy while still catering to the prepubescent teen in most of us. I’m talking about main characters; those integral to the story who don’t fall into the wilting lily category that are good for nothing but being princesses in need of rescue. I’m talking about the buxom cast-iron bitches who can kick ass, take names, and look damn good doing it. So, without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet and get down to brass tacks and mixed metaphors.

Middle of Nowhere – Upcoming Indie Game

So, Middle of Nowhere. The title does not suggest much, does it? I decided to check it out regardless, and I was rather intrigued by what was offered, with my usual dose of skepticism. Middle of Nowhere is a Horror Survival Game, set in the world of “Nowhere”. While so far there are no gameplay videos, we have an opportunity to listen to the soundtrack, read up on the background of the characters and the game itself, and study the different screenshots to see what will await us.

Middle of Nowhere

I would not call it overly inviting… But it still better than staying outside, no?

Ghost Recon: Online – Class Guide

Ghost Recon: Online has only three classes. It might not seem like much, but with each class you have a decent choice in equipment, allowing you to customize your “Ghost” in any way you like.  In this guide we will discuss the different classes in Ghost Recon: Online, their strengths and weaknesses. We will also look over their Devices and potential strategies. Hopefully with this guide you will learn that every class can multi-task, in a number of ways.

The Simple Guide To Dueling In Different Games

This is not really a “Combat Guide”. I am writing this up for people interested in Dueling in games such as Mount and Blade or War of the Roses. These games tend to have special game modes or server where you are meant to Duel. It’s a method of practicing between each other, and in the case of War of the Roses gaining experience and coins as well. The purpose of this guide is to introduce you to the common etiquette of Dueling on most servers, so that you won’t do something that might be kick-able or ban-able.


“En garde!”