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Wargame: European Escalation – Basic Game Guide

Wargame: European Escalation is an interesting blend of World in Conflict and R.U.S.E. It is an RTS game where you play as either a NATO or Warsaw PACT Commander and play either a singleplayer campaign, Skirmish or Online game with other Commanders. Unlike in a lot of RTS games you do not construct your own base, and you only deploy the units you researched beforehand. To get a fuller explanation of what Wargame: European Escalation is about I wrote this Guide that will hopefully grant you all the insight you need, on the basic level at least. It will not be a full Guide, describing all the possible units and combinations, but allow you to build your own force and understand the victory conditions and controls within the game.

Wargame: European Escalation

Will you be ready?

Don’t Starve – A First Impression

When exploring Steam you often stumble on that one game that catches your attention. You look at it for a long while, and even though it looks interesting you think to yourself, “But there are so many other titles to look at!”. That was the case with me and Don’t Starve. It was almost like a Tango, where we would keep passing each other on the different Sales, but my wallet would order me to look elsewhere. The game was not expensive, and the fact that you got two for the price of one should had rang some bells, but it did not, not until recently. A friend gifted it to me when I showed him a Live Stream of the game, and I planned on making a shared purchase. So, Merry Christmas Everybody! Well, maybe except for poor Wilson. A few things immediately surprised me about Don’t Starve. First of all, it’s overall size. There are many different games about, when I see a game on Steam however I have to check what I will have to throw away from my Disk this time around to accommodate the new purchase. Don’t Starve took up only 240 MBs. Project Zomboid also took under 200 MBs. What is my point? Both Don’t Starve and Project Zomboid while being “Small Games” on the Disk offer gigantic worlds, with plenty of content. Another important point, they both look good. Project Zomboid in its own gruesome way, but Don’t Starve is absolutely Gorgeous. What more is there to Don’t Starve? Let’s give it a crack.

For your information, this First Impression was released in December 2012, so it does not include all the awesome new stuff that were added to the game since then (such as Winter, more objects, more characters, more monsters, and a final “Victory” objective). So, if you are under a positive impression after reading this article multiple it by either 1.5 or 2, to get a good idea of how fun Don’t Starve is. I finished writing a “Survivor’s Journal” where I write about my recent attempt at Don’t Starve.

Don't Starve

When you think it is safe…

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “America! F*** Yeah!”

When asked to review Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, I was tempted to copy and paste from my last FPS review. I still would’ve done if my editor didn’t read through my work to make sure I don’t plagiarize myself—damn journalistic integrity. But after a night (or at least the four hours that I was conscious until the meds kicked in) with a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which shall henceforth be called CODBO2 because it’s a name longer than the flippin’ game, proved to me that Activision is making some tentative progress. It’s at a snail’s pace admittedly, but it’s still there.

To bring you up to speed, you play in the near future as David Mason, a Navy SEAL in a world where America is beset by terrorists and hostile nations at all fronts and has only stalwart men from the right, good, and Godly Christian heartland to defend it and bring freedom to the farthest reaches of the map—often by means of carpet-bombing.

Why?! Why did you free my family!?!

Run! Incoming freedom!

The Christmas Spirit Arrives to World of Tanks

Hello tankers, you might recall how last Christmas World of Tanks celebrated with all the different bonuses and free gifts? This year will be no different. This time around however we are not looking at just “a thing”. The entire Christmas period is spread out over a period of time, and every few days you may expect something different! The full list of details is available on the World of Tanks announcement, but if you cannot force yourself to click, then scroll down for the details.

World of Tanks

King Arthur II: The Procrastinator’s Survival Guide

Yes, I started playing King Arthur II when it was released in Jaunary 2012. No, it didn’t take me that long to finish it. Maybe, I could be a bit lazy in getting something written about it. Probably, it was because King Arthur II presents such an enigma wrapped inside a riddle rolled inside a burrito.

King Arthur 2

Balor is touted as a one-eyed monster in the game. After seeing the picture, I can only say that it’s flagrant false advertising.

Deadly Premonition: The Janus of Games

I thought since Halloween is now way past the yardarm—and I’ll be damned if server issues are gonna stop me from celebrating my favorite holiday—that I’d take a moment to whip out an old favorite and give everyone a good, close look. But since doing that last year got me arrested for indecent exposure, I figure I’ll just do a game review instead. And who better to give us a glimpse of the intensely Irish look at All Hallow’s Eve, which the Celts called Samhain, than the Japanese?

What may seem, and indeed is, a comical statement contains certain hidden truths, much like the holiday itself. Though kiddified, Anglicized, and Christianized over the years, Samhain was originally a harvest festival. The darker half of the year came thanks to what was seen as a door to the Otherworld swinging the other way. Spirits from this world could cross over and vice versa. Anyone who has felt the cold wind on their neck on a dark October evening knows there’s something to this, regardless of how much we don’t wish to admit it.

Michael Myers, eat your heart out.

All you need to hear is the clatter of leaves driven along the wind and you’re back.

It’s a Player’s Market

Being a child of the eighties, the concept of video games evokes a very clear mental image. Either you went to an arcade with a pocket full of quarters or you were lucky enough to have a console that you played in front of the TV whenever no one else was home (There was only just the one TV, and the rest of the household had priority over you and your “silly toys”). In both cases a substantial sum of money would be expected to change hands. $60 for a new cartridge or CD has been the standard. And if you didn’t like it, your money was already in someone else’s pocket.

Player's Market

Lifecycle of an MMORPG

The history of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Games) dates back to 1997 with Ultima Online. MMORPGs didn’t reach mainstream culture until 2004 with the release of World of Warcraft. The expansive nature of it, the wealth of activities with which players can amuse themselves, and the quality of its execution made it an unprecedented phenomenon. In 2007, its worldwide subscriptions peaked at twelve million players. Then interest began to wane until the release of the newest expansion Mists of Pandaria.

Though its lifespan has been greater than any MMORPG to date, even a powerhouse like World of Warcraft succumbs to the pitfalls and inherent faults that an MMORPG can present. It too will die one day. In order to preserve future MMORPGs, it is vital that game developers and gamers alike understand how an MMORPG gains strength and how it loses it. And while I cannot account for all the variances between MMORPGS, I have attempted to present you with what knowledge half a lifetime of experience can give in this arena.

007 Legends: Existential Ennui, Shaken AND Stirred

For nigh five decades someone in an immaculate tuxedo has been taking in the grandeur of a world-class casino and, with a tip of his vodka martini to sex on legs, said, “Bond. James Bond.”

The iconically debonair secret agent was crafted by Ian Flemming, a WWII commando, Naval Intelligence Officer, and the closest thing to a double-oh spy to ever be declassified by MI5. In true style, Bond’s formulaic big budget films have kept on coming with swanky clothes, top-shelf booze, hot cars, hotter women, egotistical supervillains, murderous minibosses, and convoluted plots for world domination long after the franchise’s creator was declared KIA.

Longtime gamers will recall Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, one of the precursors to the modern first-person shooter. With its attempts at three-dimensional modeling, evolving storylines, optional mission objectives, wealth of firearms, co-op play, and the first multiplayer deathmatches available for consoles, it and the Bond franchise as a whole are soft spots for those of us who remember our roots.

Player Two: He made me watch!!!

It’s important to have mementos of various benchmarks. As with games, so with every other aspect of life.

WarZ Survival Guide

If you heard of DayZ then you most likely heard of WarZ (and vice versa). Both are great Zombie Survival MMOs (though there is an ever raging discussion as to which one is better). Rather than try to be the judge of that, I would like to focus on something different, in this case, WarZ itself. Like in any zombie survival game, survival in this specific blend of the Zombie Apocalypse will not be as easy as you might wish. Unlike in some other Zombie Survival Games, humans (other players) will pose an even greater threat than the zombies. Combined with your ever present hunger, thirst, and of course the zombies themselves, how do you survive in WarZ? Well, there might be many guides and videos about it, but if you came here, that means that you need a different point of view on the topic, or you feel like reading something a bit longer and conclusive. Well, here you are!


Where do all the DayZ and WarZ Bambis go?