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Project Zomboid is going Green(light)!

If you like zombie games then you would love Project Zomboid. Not only does it indeed have zombies, but also evil survivors, hunger/health/thirst system, possible mental depression, cooking but also it’s a giant sandbox with optional Story Campaigns. Although it cannot be a fully realistic Zombie Survival Simulator it is one of the most demanding games that you could face. You gather supplies, stay low, evade zombies, and try to survive in this strange and hostile environment. With its isometric view and pleasant yes not too demanding graphics many can enjoy this game without the need for Super Computers. There was, sadly, a problem with this title, for some. You could only get this game through a number of ways, which required plenty of extra registration online, on different sites.

Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight

Happiness is a Warm Mod

If game developers have a brain fart, take it upon yourself to clear the air!

Since in the distant future they’ve lost the technology necessary to manufacture duct tape, if you have ever played Doom 3 without a mod you know you spend a lot of your time bumping into things in the dark. But spend five minutes downloading a free program and BOOM, flashlight duct-taped to your weapons!

Mods for PC games have been popular for some time. A quick definition of a mod would be any program which when run alters one or more aspects of gameplay. It’s no surprise then to know that mods are freely available for download and use online. The surprise would be in that there is now in excess of one million mods in existence.

Why are there so many? The means of learning that are complicated but the answer is simple.

Mods contribute to happiness.

World of Tanks: Generals Announced

Here I was, driving through Malinovka in my Tiger I when my radioman informed me of World of Tanks: Generals. I was so perplexed that by mistake I ran myself into the bog and sunk. It was one of those news I did not expect or hear of before, and upon checking the Announcement site I was intrigued by the idea, yet somewhat worried at the same time.

World of Tanks: Generals

Some Art from the game. Must be for a Defense Bonus card.

PAYDAY: The Heist – Basic Game Guide

PAYDAY: The Heist feels like Left 4 Dead, but with a more criminal view. You and your three companions set out on Heists to get ridiculously rich, while mowing through cops, taking hostages and completing your objectives. Each of the heists will have changeable variables, some of which you can influence through your actions, offering great replayability, especially if you want the Heist to to be completed flawlessly. The problem with PAYDAY: The Heist is a lack of tutorial, which could result in a lot of confusion for somebody who just started playing the game, or thinking about buying it. The game is not that complicated, and I hope to explain everything about it in this Guide. You will  up and robbing people in no time!

Looking for our Payday 2 Guide? It’s here.

PAYDAY: The Heist

They are most certainly not clowning around.

World of Tanks version 8.0 Teaser Trailer revealed

It has not been a week since our last news about a video and discussion on Patch 8.0 for World of Tanks and we already have a teaser trailer! What is so special about it? It showcases the physics. To me that is a priceless experience. Those tanks speeding down slopes, hopping on small “bumps”, smashing into each other in mid-air, and being forced to their side? This is a new level of World of Tanks I was not familiar with. Whether this dream will meet reality we have yet to see, but I have high hopes for version 8.0, and I hope I will not be disappointed.

Youtube: The Next Gaming Trendsetter

There are numerous ways to discover “underground” or perhaps mildly underrated games throughout the web–many sites are available for potential players to find their next pixellated adventure. In addition to the wonderful vastness of the internet, social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are frequented by hundreds upon hundreds, acting as the perfect hotspot for the next forthcoming title.

What I’ve found in the past month is that youtube has become rather popular in the videogame department, filled with diverse offerings of videos to please a universal gaming community. I, curious enough, stumbled upon a game I wasn’t too familiar with, a terrifying, though insanely plain staple most people now recognize immediately: Slender. It may be hard to believe, but, after watching Pewdiepie’s dramatic playthrough some four weeks ago, who can deny the amount of popularity the game has garnered? Should this sudden recognition be attributed to youtube and those who lay its creative foundation? I’d say yes!

Meme of the mysterious creature Slenderman

Slenderman has his own meme?

First glimpse at World of Tanks version 8.0

A lot of games aim at wonderful visuals. When I look at Skyrim I see a beautiful, breath taking environment, even when almost everything wants to kill you. Other games, such as Fallout, Gothic and many, many others provided a great experience, because of the detailed worlds you traveled through. Granted, a beautiful world did not always cover up poor gameplay, a lacking story and other problems. We all can agree though, that we do not mind enjoying an awe inspiring  virtual world, rather than closing our eyes at every turn. Now it is time for World of Tanks to follow this path. With the upcoming version 8.0 a lot of the maps will be changed, to better give off the feeling of a “living” world, rather than just a battlefield.

World of Tanks 7.5 is here!

World of Tanks 7.5, according to the most recent News Post, is to be released to the public at 10:00 GMT (12:00 CEST), Today (1st August). It will include the infamous Tier X Mediums and Tank Destroyers (Jagd-Panz E-100, Object 268, AMX-50 Foch (155), T110E3, T110E4, E-50 Ausf M, T62-A, M48A1) and a new Light Tank (ELC AMX). Why are they infamous? Many fear they will throw balance into a deep pit and bury it. The current Tier IX Mediums and Tank Destroyers were often extremely harsh to lower Tiers, so meeting a Tier X TD could bring to life the sensation of constantly being “One-Shot-Killed”. On the other hand, I have my belief, and hopes, that just like with any other tank present on the battlefield, these too will have their weak spots which the players will be free to exploit, under the right circumstances.

World of Tanks

They are coming…