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Project Zomboid – 10 Handy Tips

While we wait for the official release of a new Project Zomboid Patch we have to remember that the upcoming version will differ greatly from the previous one. Running Zombies, bigger maps, destructible windows, climbable obstacles, and much, much more. If you are new to Project Zomboid think of it as an extremely demanding Zombie Survival simulator, with Sickness, Food and Thirst being as much a danger as the zombies themselves. It is not just a hardcore game. It is more on the level of Dwarf Fortress where you will eventually lose, but instead of whining about it you keep trying until you are happy how you die the next time.

This Tips list will provide you with a basic idea on how to survive in Project Zomboid, but it is by no means an extensive Guide. Merely a check-list of things I consider to be the most important, on the basic level.

Project Zomboid

Any building can make an excellent hideout. In this case, the Pub/Restaurant has plenty of storage space, and absolutely no windows in the rear. If things do get bad I have numerous escape routes.

Cooking with Pierre – Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid Video

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk. That does not mean you should start eating unprepared junk food! Follow Pierre’s advice on surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, by cooking delicious meals. In this episode, Ramen Noodles in Project Zomboid.

Ramen Noodles are one of the food types you will find, from time to time. They are most often present in cabinets and desks, making a good “addition” to any loot you find. In their raw form they make very mediocre food, so instead of wasting your throat on dry noodles you could make yourself a warm soup (spices not included). All you have to do is find a bowl (plenty of those about), fill it up with water, put the noodles in (combine them) then heat the bowl. You have your instant Super Noodles, ready to put a smile on your face, and fill up your stomach.

Please note, the recording was done in Project Zomboid v. 0.2.0q. The graphics and variables might be different in future versions.

No More Room in Hell – 10 Tips to save your brains

Sometimes playing and perfecting one game means that playing any other game would be a walk in the park, instead of a new challenge. With zombie games this is rarely the case. A lot depends on the setting, game mechanics and your own abilities. You could be playing Left 4 Dead with fast paper zombies but also many dangerous special infected, or Zombie Panic with intelligent player zombies. No More Room in Hell might be using AI zombies, but this does not make them any less difficult to defeat, especially when you make a number of basic mistakes which shorten your life drastically.

This list of 10 Tips will hopefully help you fight off the undead during both Survival and Objective maps. Naturally, there is more to fighting Undead than just a 10 Tips list, and in the case of No More Room in Hell a whole lot of weapons to choose from. Why not check out our Weapon Guides?

No More Room in Hell

A stairwell full of zombies, against a Machete? They will need more zombies.

Heroes and Generals – “Bradley” Video

Heroes and Generals is going into a new build of its Beta testing. New content has been added since the beginning of the Beta, including changes to the Town Map, balancing to the Weapons and Modifications, etc. One of the key changes is the addition of the Rifleman for any starting player. This is important for anybody who did not play the game yet, and might buy the wrong Class. The Video below includes all of this information, and more. Explanations about the Modifications might prove highly useful to anybody who is curious about them.

In our Pre-Beta Preview article we offer you some of the juicy details about the game itself, including both the “General” and “Hero” perspectives.

World of Tanks Patch 7.5 Details

Greetings tankers! Our spies have dug up the early details on the upcoming Patch 7.5 from the Russian World of Tanks site. Despite my hopes we will not be seeing the British tanks just yet, although we will have: Maps, Tanks and Award/Medals. What exactly should we expect? Read on.

World of Tanks

The German answer to everything, even bigger guns.

No More Room in Hell: Everything Else Guide

In this part of our No More Room in Hell Guide we focus on the weapons and equipment that were not mentioned in the previous related Guides. We will look over the Flare Gun, Grenades, Ruger 10/22, Simonov SKS and the MP5A3. In this Guide I would also wish to explain how burning zombies works, and how do supply drops operate, both events being related to the Flare Gun (though not exclusively).

No More Room in Hell. Weapons – hard numbers.

Zombie ammunition

Tested on zombies – approved for human use!

WriterX has already covered the use of all the weapons in No More Room in Hell in terms of practice. But this time, we will do it my way – focus on numbers. Some of you asked for those, to get an objective benchmark of the performance of each type of weapon, so I spent a couple of hours testing each of them – and recording the results for you. I have also added some comments, where additional explanation was necessary, and one or two tips.

For melee weapons, this article includes a similar table, better suited to describe this type of weapons.

This article is a supplement to our series of No More Room in Hell guides.

Agent 47 is back, sort of.

One thing I have always enjoyed about the Hitman series is it’s meticulous nature. Some of the most  satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had involve watching Agent  47 take his sniper rifle out of his suit case put it together piece by piece execute a target and then return the weapon to the case in the same fashion. Agent 47 is back this November, and for those of us who can’t wait there is hope, and it comes in the form of sniping dudes.

No More Room in Hell. Close and Personal.

When all the guns fall silent, and there is no supply drop in sight, you take out whatever weapon you reserved yourself for an emergency, and cave in some skulls. Melee weapons are, by far, the most numerous weapon category in No More Room in Hell. You have a wide range of construction tools, as well as a few improvised weapons, with a “cream” of murder-inclined accessories. I warn ahead, this is going to be the longest guide about No More Room in Hell weapons, so I designed a handy Table summarizing all the weapons as briefly as possible, in case you are in a hurry.

This article is a part of our series of No More Room in Hell guides.

No More Room in Hell

In case one weapon doesn’t cut it, you have something to bash and chop your way through the undead hordes.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Public Test #2

Attention tankers! The new Public Test for Patch 7.4 is live. Starting today and lasting till the 12th of June. There will be slight differences between the 1st Public test and the current one. So if you feel like testing out the new vehicles, contributing to World of Tanks, or anything else for that matter, check the official announcement for installation details.

World of Tanks

Fine tuning the French tanks before their final release.