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Warlock: Master of the Arcane Review

What is Warlock: Master of the Arcane? Whenever I heard of Turn-Based strategy games I thought Civilization, Heroes of Might and Magic or Chess. The Turn-Based Strategy market had plenty of different games. Some of them gained plenty of fame, other disappeared without a trace into the oblivion, which is time. We come back to the question, “What is Warlock: Master of the Arcane?” Is it a copy of Might and Magic? Perhaps something similar to Age of Wonders? When I sat down to it first I felt like a toddler making his first walking steps, clueless of what he is doing yet confident of success. In the end, I was very positively surprised.

Warlock: Master of the Arcane

"Epic Fireball of DOOM!"

Don’t Be An Elf: Racism in Video Games

Poor elves. They just prance around with their flower-crowns and wooden bows and do dances among the wild animals of the forest. They have pointy ears and usually live for quite a long time. Elves are wise, and even magical. Yet, for some reason, everyone hates them. Well, everyone who might ever be hanging out with elves, that is. Even I liked Gimli more than Legolas, but we can skip that conversation.

As of recently, video games have been including in-game racism for all sorts of different fantasy races. From Elves and Dwarves to Turians and Krogans, equal rights for Middle Earth and future-space minorities probably won’t be seen too soon. Developers today are looking for every angle they can think of to have you posting and talking about that one new controversial aspect of the storyline. From mass genocide and race wars to just general prejudice, game racists are the new hook.

World of Tanks Patch 7.4 Game Modes explained

Patch 7.4 holds plenty of promise, not only due to its upgraded French Tank-Tree but also two new game modes and a number of other Premium tanks. In this article I would wish to write about the two new upcoming game modes for Patch 7.4, both of which are currently being tested by the World of Tanks team. Despite their simple ideas I see that a new call for SPGs and tactical thinking will arise. Why? Read on.

World War 2

"And then, we shall attack... here." Source: WWII in Color

Fez: A Game Within A Game

As far as Inception analogies go, Fez is the closest thing games have to offer up in comparison to the Christopher Nolan film. At surface level, Fez is just a decent looking 2D platformer with some flashy “rotate-the-screen” mechanics thrown in. You jump around and collect cubes and eventually reach your end goal, which is basically just someone popping up and saying, “Alright, it’s all cool now, you’ve collected a bunch of cubes, GAME OVER!”


Doesn't look very complex, huh? Think again.

However, this little XBLA release is much, much more. Fez players have discovered hidden, unexplained puzzles within the game. From your basic secret door, to an entirely new alphabet that has to be found and applied in game to unlock new content. Yeah, an alphabet. No, not our alphabet, Fez’ own, special alphabet the that developers fabricated all on their lonesome. There is no tutorial explaining it, and there is no warning whatsoever of a secret alphabet to unlock another half of the game. Fez just throws these secrets out at random, with blatant disregard for a learning curve or any sense of flow. It is determined to create its own meta-game, and has undoubtedly done so.

Company of Heroes 2 Announced!

As I looked over the list of different World War 2 themed games that I had I could not make up my mind. I prowled through the internet looking for some note worthy news or games, and then it happened. Company of Heroes 2 was announced, and according to the promises on the main site it is meant to be a better and improved Company of Heroes, yet different.

Company of Heroes 2

Game Logo.

Primal Carnage: Man vs Dinosaur

Ever wanted to be part of Jurassic Park, after the Dinosaurs are loose? Ever wanted to run around hunting for a T-Rex, or flee from Velociraptors? Perhaps you wanted to be the dinosaurs and munch on some fast-food? Primal Carnage (by Luke Warm Media) offers just that. Play as either Humans or Dinosaurs in intense player versus player matches on climatic jungle maps. If you hold doubts whether this game will impress watch the video below. Your jaw will be somewhere on the floor, grab it before some lizard takes it.

Update: We have an extensive guide to Primal Carnage. Check it out if you need some help!

Twelve Sky 2 Starter Pack Giveaway!

Heard of Twelve Sky 2 and wanted to give it a go? You are in a bit of luck then. We have a plenty of starter packs to hands out. There is a catch however, and the rules will be explained below.

Edit: This Giveaway has already ended. :(

Twelve Sky 2 Giveaway

World of Tanks celebrates the end of World War 2 (in Europe)

In case you did not know, on the 7th of May 1945 what was left of the Third Reich signed an unconditional surrender treaty with the Allies. This marked the end of the war in Europe and set the playground for the Cold War. Let’s not dwell on history that much and instead focus on what is World of Tanks doing because of this?

World War 2

American and Red Army soldiers meeting at the Elbe in April 1945

The Psychology of Horror

When you go to the local cinema, or buy yourself a Horror Video game you aim at one of two things. Having a great laugh, because the attempt at “horror” will be pathetic, or become absolutely terrified. One would think that after watching a few dozen horror movies and having played all those Resident Evil games a person would be resistant to all the “tricks” horror offers. That is true, in part. Certain horror games use the same techniques over and over again, creating a predictable environment for the player. One of the most commonly pointed out “tricks” in Dead Space was the use of vents for Necromorphs to enter through. Dead Space had some horror elements, but in the end it turned out to be more of an action game than horror. Scary enemies and dark environments are not enough for a hardened horror veteran to roll over. You have to aim at the brain.

Twelve Sky 2 Launches New Server

Ever felt like becoming a Martial Artist, without the need to break your own legs and arms? Now is your chance. Twelve Sky 2 is about “you” in Ancient China, taking part in a massive MMO World with rich PvP content, and a Political system influenced by the players themselves. This game might not only give you a chance to try something new, but it is also follows a “light” Eastern style (expect ridiculous fashion choices).

TwelveSky 2

"Yeah... I think I will just go this way."