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How to be an efficient gamer?

The Guild 2

The Guild 2 is all about process optimization. One of the most important issues here is minimizing the distance travelled by yourk work-in-progress goods. You want your farms close to your mills! The same goes for production in the Settlers series!

How to become an efficient gamer?

In every game there are some processes. You start at A, go through various steps and arrive at B. Between these two states is a “blackbox” – you know, where you are, you know where you want to get, but the real question is:  “How to get there?”. What I would add is: “How to get there efficiently?” We want to optimize these steps – and hopefully simplify them as well. Where does it lead us? Into the realm of process optimization. What does it make you? An efficient gamer.

This article is a part of our series “Gamers, get your suits on!” on application of management skills and common sense in computer games. You can find the rest of articles here.

World of Tanks Patch 7.2 Qualification Badges

A few brief words about a new piece of info on Patch 7.2 which was released on Friday. After Patch 7.2 is introduced we will be able to obtain Qualification Badges. Remember how you earned medals and heroic status for achievements during  battle? Qualification Badges are a way for you to say with pride “I was awesome in my tank”.

Too Many Medals

The future of World of Tanks?

When to start a war? The Grand Strategy perspective.

Most games expect you to conquer somebody in order to win. You might be divided into teams, or in the grander game of politics you can gain allies to defeat a bigger opponent. Whatever the case, when you want to start a war there are always a few factors which make such a move a good or a bad idea. In this article I want to mention a few things that you should watch out for, when considering an open conflict. Although these points might not apply to every single game, some of them might come up.

World Domination

World Domination. One war at a time.

Public Test #2 for World of Tanks Patch 7.2

For all those who were late for the first Public Test, announced a new Public Test kicking off for Patch 7.2 for World of Tanks. You will have access to the different features and changes mentioned here. On top of that, you will get a nice 15,000 gold bonus to test the game with! There is a catch, if you registered after the 2nd of March you cannot join the Public Test.

World of tanks

"I see it! It's just over the next hill!"

Project Zomboid Cooking Guide (?!)

Hello Survivors!

Ever felt like cooking something? Maybe a omelette? Duck in sweet sauce? Cooked Crab? Tough luck, this is the zombie apocalypse, in Project Zomboid. You will be lucky if you find a half-eaten ham sandwich. How to cope in this culinary hostile world? Watch our video! (Disclaimer: This is not a proper cooking guide. Buy a book for that.)

World of Tanks Patch 7.2 Preview

World of Tanks is a free MMO, where we get to play as a number of different tanks from around the world. Set in World War 2 you can play as the US, German, French and Soviet tanks. You start off as “low-level” tanks and as you gain more experience and credits you research upgrades for your tank, buy them and steadily progress to higher levels. Having a choice between different tank types anybody can find a play-style which suits them best. Soon, big changes will come to this title. Patch 7.2.

M18 Hellcat World War 2

M18 Hellcat. Most certainly not a cat, from hell.

World of Tanks Patch 7.2 Preview Video

Hello Tank Drivers!

Today we have a Preview video of the 7.2 World of Tanks Patch. Take note, that the final content of the patch can differ to what is shown in the video. If you want to read up some details on the patch check out our articles on the Economic changes as well as the new Perks and Skills system. On wednesday we will have an extensive Preview article, so stay tuned! Or rather, check back soon!

Changes to the War Economy in WoT 7.2 Patch

M103 Tank

M103 Tank - one of the things you will be able to spend your money on

More details on the World of Tanks 7.2 Patch have been revealed to the public. This time, information regarding changes to the economy. Those who played the game from the beginning would know that at later tiers the game gets “grindy”. The small trickle of credits and experience was always a bit of an annoyance, when you calculated on a day-by-day basis how many more battles would you need to fully upgrade your tank. The changes that will be introduced to WoT with the newest patch might change the “Grind” into a “Mini-Grind”.

On spending, googols and inflation in games

So what the heck is that gaming inflation about?

Googol - a number (10^{100}). According to current knowledge, the number of particles in the universe is much less than that. The trademark “google” was derived from this number to reflect the amount of data google was supposed to index.

Inflation in germany - burning money

This picture, taken in Germany after WW I, is quite similar to what happens in most of games. At some point, you simply do not care for something you would consider a fortune at the beginning

This article is a part of our series “Gamers, get your suits on!” on application of management skills and common sense in computer games. You can find the rest of the articles here.

RPG games

You start a new game, say: Skyrim. You have something like 100 gold pieces, a rusty dagger, and a rugged pair of pants. Your gear is worth much less, than what you can gather in a typical garden. You see all those mediocre armors and weapons, costing 100 times more than everything you have, wondering how much the really good stuff costs. And you start losing hope.

Sci-Fi ideas that are starting to get old.

Do you remember the first time you watched Alien? It was a terrifying experience for myself. The Thing was another movie which pulled my stress cord to the breaking point. Then, there were Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) movies with less horror elements and more action, such as Independence Day. When I experienced Sci-Fi for the first time, I was astonished, but did not give much thought toward the reasoning behind the movies. You do not focus on the logic or realism in a movie, you simply want to enjoy it, let your emotions take over you.

Doom 3

At that moment Paul realised he has to stop making long dramatic pauses, or he will keep triggering ambushes.