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RTS Games and Realism. On tanks and turning plains into Swiss Cheese.

RTS games (Real-Time Strategy games) are a genre which enjoys the word “Realism”. There are numerous RTS games which try to portray their own version of realism. Realistic vehicle damage, realistic terrain destruction, realistic models, and so on. Recently, when I prowled through Steam, my eyes stopped on Wargame: European Escalation. I am a fan of different RTS games so I decided to read the description, check the info that was granted about the game and inevitably “Realism” appeared once again. After watching the intros and in-game materials I was more than sceptical whether “Realism” appears at all, or is it, as Fanatyk put it, cinematographic realism, or in other words, “Looks good on film, but it’s not what it would look like in real life.”. In this article I would wish to talk about the different elements that have appeared in certain RTS games , which are considered realistic, but which do not appear in every single “Realistic” (or so some claim) RTS game.

Steam alternatives – price comparison

Steam train

Steam, with over 40 million registered accounts, is the locomotive of the games industry train. But is it the best choice for gamers? (© Charles&Clint)

Steam is a wonderful creation. You buy a game, download it without leaving your room and play it. After a while, you delete it and get a new one instead. But you’ve still got it, somewhere in the cloud.

For me, this is the whole point! Freedom! I travel a lot (for the past couple of years I move between different countries at least 3 times a year), and the games are always with me. I love Civilization IV, bought a DVD shortly after release. But at some point I have lost it, and bought another one on Steam. No more worries, it’s always there, whenever I have access to half-decent internet. Sure, there are lots of drawbacks – long downloads, not being able to re-sell games or borrow them to a friend. But let’s not dwell on this.

The question I am asking today is: Are steam prices competitive? How do they compare to other similar platforms (yes, Steam is not the only one of its kind!) and to, say, amazon? You still get it without leaving home – and mind you, that Amazon also has downloadable versions of many games.

Terraria Beginner’s Guide, Part 4 – Expanding your horizons.

This guide is the fourth part of our Terraria guide (read more).

Terraria logo

You beat the Eye of Cthulhu! You must feel awesome now. You got some new nifty weapons, perhaps even maxed out on your armour and obtained some very powerful magical items. What now? We go further than we ever went before. We leave the (relative) safety of our home, and the familiar regions and go into the vast unknown! In this episode of the Terraria guide, let us talk about the new different areas you might fall upon in your travels, and what treasures and dangers await you.

Hey, look at my wealth! – Why being Scrooge McDuck is not such a great idea. – Part 2

Reserves federal bank

If it’s all fake, why pay the storage costs? But sure feds know they SHOULD have some reserves

In part 1 I have explained, why it is generally a bad idea to store a lot of resources. I have also touched the subject of why do we have to store some of the resources. Today, I will go into a bit more detail into that – how big my reserves should be?

This article is a part of our series “Gamers, get your suits on!” on application of management skills and common sense in computer games. You can find the rest of articles here (including part 1 of this article)

Let’s start with a bit of science. Deciding how much we should store and why we do it is called “Inventory Management” in the business world. There are 3 basic reasons for keeping reserves: 

Terraria Beginner’s Guide, Part 3 – Fighting giant eyeballs.

This guide is the third part of our Terraria guide (read more).

This week, in our Terraria Guide series we will be looking at fighting your first Boss. Although I will state how I beat my bosses there are also other methods, and slight variations. It’s really down to how skilled you are and what gear you managed to scavenge or make. Let us begin, how to defeat the Eye of Cthulhu?

Eye of Cthulhu appears!

Give the Eye of Cthulhu a red eye!

A Touching Story, or what makes a good leader?

Recently when I prowled through the news, one article on the Escapist caught my attention. The story told of a young english boy, from England by the sounds of it, who managed to turn the tide slightly in the eyes of the author. The player, nicknamed by the author Pip, managed to rally a small group of players, and lead a flawless drop-in on a sniper nest in Moder Warfare 4. What the author notices is how accurate Pip was in his calculations and observations, as well as how “commanding” (if I may use the term) his voice was. When I read the whole article, realising how today FPS games are indeed often littered with a lot of “Individuals” rather than teams, I wondered how many such hidden leaders are about, and  more importantly, what makes people listen to them.


Most Strategy games have Leaders/Officers/Heroes. They lead troops, providing them with buffs or some other benefits. Real life leaders might not work in the same way, but their influence can be felt on those around them.

World of Tanks Patch 7.1, French Tanks review.

The moment french tanks were released I expected one of two things. Either everybody would think they are “OP”, or that they are utter failures. Surprisingly enough, both “arguments” came up, though which specific french tanks were considered “OP” and which not is still under harsh debate. Although I read all the news and info about these tanks that other users were providing the common user with, I decided to run my own tests, and get my own taste of french armour.

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French B1

Vive la France!

Terraria Beginner’s Guide, Part 2- Venture, into the darkness!

This guide is the second part of our Terraria guide (read more).

It has been  a long while, but here we are. The next part of our Terraria Guide. In the previous part we ended our day with exploring the local area, building our house, and happily locking away our load into chests we found, or created. Today, we should focus on something key to surviving, and prospering in Terraria, ores.

You can find most common ores in the surface. Copper, Iron, and sometimes Silver and Gold, have from time to time very small desposits where you start from. If you entered some of the caves or caverns littered around the map you would find some of the deposits within arm’s reach. But the surface is not where the big stuff is. You have to venture down! In order to succeed in your lengthy trip you need a healthy supply of three things. Wood, for platforms, torches and glowing sticks. At first, having 99 platforms will seem like a lot, but trust me, once you start digging down you will find the number insufficient.

A chaotic looking mineshaft.

It might look like a complete mess, but take note that with such a spread of platforms, I can get anywhere I want with ease. In addition, torches tell me where I have explored, or where I have I headed. It's order in chaos.